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    The perfect online print and marketing platform

    Divvy will maximize your marketing efforts, increase franchise profitability and provide a hassle-free print, fulfillment and delivery process for all your franchises.

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    How Divvy Works

    We know you're busy and that keeping your branding and marketing consistent for all your business locations or franchises can be a mess. That's why we created Divvy.

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What does Divvy do?

Divvy’s online platform provides one place for franchisees to order all company marketing collateral and promotional items. In order to help you maintain that consistency, we fulfill and print all orders right from our headquarters, dedicating personal attention to each online order. Divvy’s roots go back as far as 1979, when Divvy’s parent company, Alexander’s began as a local copy shop and grew into a 45,000 sq. foot print and marketing company that serves customers and clients in more than 75 countries around the world. Alexander’s strives to bring the most innovative print and marketing solutions to their customers through unmatched value and expertise in the print and marketing industries.

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  • Protects

    The Divvy online platform helps you preserve and protect your most valuable asset, your brand.

  • Distributes

    Franchisees log in to customize, order, and pay for company-approved marketing collateral and promotional items. We take care of order production, fulfillment and delivery.

  • Analyzes

    Find out when your franchisees do their ordering and which tools they order. Print reports to help you manage various locations.

  • Supports

    Our Divvy team, available for customer support during business hours, offers personalized service and help regarding each individual order.

Made for franchises and multi-location businesses

Divvy helps you maintain your brand while increasing profitability and providing hassle-free print, fulfillment and delivery to your locations.

Meet our Team

Charlie Alexander

National Franchise Sales Director

Alexandrea Cook

Divvy Customer Service Representative

Jason Heaps

Divvy Customer Service Representative


Christian Faulconer

/ Franchise Foundery

“The Divvy System has helped us maintain brand integrity and ensure that all of our stores are carrying the most recent collateral and promotions.”



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