The Best Types of Advertising Campaigns

All franchisors, big or small, need to create powerful and attractive ad or marketing campaigns. These campaigns centralize around one message across many marketing channels. Here are some of the best types of marketing campaigns as shown by the biggest franchisors out there, and how you can integrate their tactics into your own campaign.

Involve Your Audience

Multiple franchises have successfully crowdsourced their content with a campaign using social media. One such franchise is Applebee’s and their “School of Fantography” in 2015. This 90-second video educated their fans on good Instagram food photography before opening up the campaign to their followers. Fans then captured incredible food shots until Applebee’s had enough images to fill out their Instagram for months.

This kind of campaign, particularly with food photography, worked well with young people and with photographers, not just patrons of Applebee’s. If this kind of campaign works for your business and audience, go for it! Getting people to take pictures of your products gets you some really excellent photography and gives you the ability to use that material for months.

Video and Engaging Media

Big brands like Coca-Cola easily create videos and commercials for any occasion, and it can be difficult for smaller franchises to emulate them. However, thanks to Taco Bell leading the way, there might be simpler, shorter ways to reach your audience. The food franchise released a Snapchat movie to promote Locos Tacos in 2014. This was filmed and released in 24 hours–which may be a perfect model for smaller companies unable to get sets and actors but who strive for authenticity. With the nature of Snapchat, the Story was gone in 24 hours after release. But it sparked a fire and launched Taco Bell onto using Snapchat consistently for their marketing campaigns.

Knowing their audience the way they did and stepping onto a popular but then-underused social media platform engaged their followers and instigated a creative social media campaign. Look for ways you can connect with your audience in similar ways. And follow their model for creating short films; videos continue to be hugely important online.

Familiarize Your Look

Using only a bottle with no distinct shape, Absolut vodka made their look the most recognizable in the world with a simple print campaign. At the start, Absolut had 2.5% of the vodka market. After a successful 25-year campaign–the longest ad campaign ever–they now import half the vodka in the country.

Make your product stand out, no matter how it looks. By using a campaign that gets your intended audience familiar with your brand, you solidify the image of your brand in their minds. Then they’ll picture your business every time they think of that particular service or product.

This is also a good way to gain followers and become more popular via social media. Making yourself distinct–even if your product or service seems generic–can help introduce newcomers to your business.

Challenge Preconceived Notions

Budweiser’s “Great Taste, Less Filling” campaign took on the argument that light beer couldn’t taste good or that it wasn’t for “real men.” Using masculine models, they challenged the stereotype with a slogan and ad campaign that’s still in use and memorable to this day.

If there’s a stereotype about your product that you know is untrue, challenge it with a similar ad campaign. Prove that your product can have a wider reach, or that it fits your niche better than the critics think.

Know When to End

Wendy’s catchy and simple “Where’s the beef?” campaign caught on quickly by pointing out their competitors’ faults. But this wasn’t the only reason this was a successful campaign. Wendy’s knew when to let the ad peter out and move onto a new idea. A once-successful campaign–especially in commercials–can falter and backfire if it’s overplayed or forced on potential customers long after it’s stopped being funny.


The biggest brands are your model for marketing and advertising. While you may not have the same budget, emulate them as often as you can! Using the same tools as large businesses will only help your company succeed. Check out these other tips on marketing like one of the big brands.