Consistency in Marketing and Why It Matters

We’ve all heard that Content is King, and put a lot of effort into creating quality material for our sites and blogs. And yet, something still seems to be missing. Despite your many posts, people still aren’t coming to your site and engaging (buying your products) as much as you’d like. What you may be lacking, despite frequent posting, is consistency in your marketing.

Frequency and consistency

One important distinction to make is the difference between frequency and consistency. They may seem similar, and indeed have to do with a posting schedule. However:

Frequency refers to how often you create content;

Consistency refers to your scheduled marketing and content strategy, and maintaining it.

Why they are important

Relying too much on creating the perfect content, some sites and brands bypass one for the other, or both entirely. Don’t think you can get away with “as I feel like it” publishing and posting. Frequent and consistent marketing keeps you at the top of Google’s searches, since Google keeps an eye out for new content. This helps you rank well, and gets more traffic to your site. This gets you repeat traffic, links, and leads.

Letting your blog or site fester for a while, or sitting on your laurels, keeps you moving down instead of moving up. Plus, your audience will quickly lose interest when no new content appears for a long time, especially if you had a consistent schedule in the past.

Does one matter over the other?

Yes, actually.¬†Your audience relies on your consistency, rather than frequency. People expect their favorite shows at the same time and day every week; so they also expect your site to post similarly. If you are creating content right, it fills a need with your audience. Keeping your schedule consistent helps them meet that need as they require it. Even if you are creating that content that fills a need, it won’t matter or direct traffic to your site if you aren’t consistent with your posts.

How do I get consistent?

Pick a schedule and stick with it. You may have to adjust the schedule, admittedly, depending on your audience. Your followers may demand more or less, and you’ll have to adjust to meet those needs. No matter how well you know your own brand, you’re not trying to sell it to yourself.

Sometimes, you may need to stray from your schedule. However, only do it if there is relevant news or a project you need to share on a different schedule. Don’t do it to get more engagement on your posts. The important part is that you are building a community with your audience.


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