Web to Print: Benefit Your Business with Automation

Divvy’s web to print API makes it easy to print on-demand from our manufacturing and fulfillment system. No matter how big the job, you and your company can trust that Divvy’s high-quality service and technology will help your business stand out.

What is Web to Print?

Web to print, also known as Web2Print, opens up new possibilities for printing. Using Divvy’s online, white-label webstore portals, you can submit print jobs for your business. Because we use your logo, we keep your brand consistent and let you maintain creative control over your design.

How Does Web to Print Work?

Clients submit a form through Alexander’s easy-to-use storefronts and API, populated with details necessary to print your product. Franchisees and customers can choose pre-approved designs from the corporate offices of your company. Your employees or franchisees can select add-ins or details from drop-down lists. This makes it easy to allow some customization without risking any unapproved changes. Divvy will then print your products in-house and even ship them out for you!

Case Study: Dentrix

Divvy can also use your invoice databases or email lists to send reminders, promotions, and thank-you cards. Our service automates this process, and sends out any postcard or note for you. Here is what we did for Dentrix, one of the world’s leading practice management software providers for dentists.

Text messages and email reminders work for many dental patients. However, thousands of people still prefer print reminders. In an effort to help dentists reduce costly missed appointments, Dentrix turns to Divvy by Alexander’s.

Through Divvy’s web-to-print solutions, these dentists’ patients receive personalized, full-color dental appointment reminders that are automatically printed and mailed. Integrating Dentrix’s database with Divvy’s sophisticated data-driven technology makes automatic mailing possible.

For dental practices, this means faster turnaround, better tracking and fewer intrusive reminder calls. Plus:

  • Personalized, automated printing and fulfillment for up to 12,000 postcards daily
  • Intuitive software for optimal patient responses
  • Real time automation and tracking
  • Reduction in staff costs by an estimated $1 million per month throughout Dentrix users.

Divvy’s web to print services help make your printing and fulfillment easier. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn what we can do for you and your business.