Direct Mail Statistics for 2016

Direct mail has many advantages over purely digital marketing campaigns. Don’t just take our word for it; let us prove it to you with these direct mail statistics for 2016. Below are some benefits of direct mail that you can use in your campaign, and some overlooked or underused demographics you can tap into.


As this generation ages and moves away from home, they become a powerful spending force in today’s marketplace. In fact, millennials are projected to have $1.4 trillion in spending power by 2020. Incredible, right? Many marketers are aware of millennials’ future spending power. But, due to millennials’ familiarity and high exposure to technology, they may limit themselves to only digital advertisements in an effort to capture this generation’s attention.

However, millennials look forward to physical mail, with 36% looking forward to checking the mailbox. Direct mail–particularly if it’s personalized–can speak more loudly than yet another forgettable email. And at least 42% of millennials prefer direct mail advertisements over online, with 38% reacting equally to both.

Finally, as a result of direct mail, 23% of millennials ordered from these companies within the last 12 months. That’s money you’ll miss out on if you neglect millennials in your direct mail campaign.


80% of the people who pick up the mail every day are women. Another 80% of this same group are also the primary shoppers for the household. If you are offering a discount, sale, or invitation to a grand opening for your store, you’ll want to target your campaign to these women.

Even women who are not the primary grocery shoppers may make 80% of the purchasing decisions in a household. Don’t be afraid to go beyond groceries and to make your campaigns appealing to women, even if the product you’re selling is not specifically for them. This is especially important to consider when advertising for a website with direct mail. 22% of women shop online at least once per day, and your campaign should both facilitate and cater to this.

Combination with Other Ads

62% of people own and use at least three devices for internet browsing, whether mobile or stationary like a desktop computer. Direct mail, though, adds effectiveness to digital advertisements and provides easily-found, easily-remembered information. These direct mail pieces help your recipients remember to visit your website, and keeps important information like promotional codes on-hand.


70% of direct mail recipients are curious to find out what’s in their mailbox, regardless of age or gender, and look forward to checking it. With this excitement, and a 42% read or scan rate, recipients are more likely to notice and remember these marketing pieces. In fact, the median ROI is at 18-20% for direct mail sent to households.

Each type of direct mail also gets a different response. Oversized postcards have the best response rate at 5%, followed by regular postcards at 4.25%. Think outside the box with your advertisements to cut through the clutter of bills and true junk mail.


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