Direct Mail vs Social Media | Q&A Showdown

If you’re a marketer or public relations specialist you know that communications strategies often include a lot of variables. Finding the right way to deliver your message is one of the variables that decides whether or not your campaign is a success. Think about your last attempt to reach customers? Did you speak their language? Did you appeal to their interests? Did you mostly talk about yourself, your promotions, or your business? Was the message sent through the right channel? The truth is, many marketers don’t know enough about their available channels and will often make the mistake of using the channel that’s easy and meets deadlines, rather than what will actually produce the greatest results. This is why we, at Divvy, did a little research to help you better understand the strengths and weaknesses of direct mail and social media.

Q: Which channel are millennials more responsive to?

A: Direct Mail.

According to DM News, 90% of people ages 25-34 find direct mail reliable and 87% like receiving it in the mail.

“This age group [Generation Y, or, Millennials] actually really trusts what they receive in the mail because they like something tangible and something tailored to them. It’s great news for us—and direct marketers that don’t send targeted direct mail messages are definitely missing out.” – Allison Schiff

Q: Which channel do people trust most?

A: Direct Mail.

An International Communications Research survey found that 73% of consumers prefer direct mail over other advertising methods.

Q: Which channel is easiest to respond to?

A: Social Media & Email.

Need I say anything? Social media and email responses take only a click.

Q: Which channel is easier to communicate brief messages?

A: Social Media & Email.

When consumers receive mail, they expect more words and information. Social media and email provide the perfect platform for short, punchy messages. That said, the shorter the message, the less time you have to persuade readers to take action.

Q: Which channel grabs attention best?

A: Direct Mail.

When done creatively, direct mail can illustrate and capture attention in such diverse ways! Send a pizza-box package, jigsaw puzzle, or cardboard wallet! You can even add perfumes or smells to direct mail. The possibilities for creating unique interactive experiences that capture the senses are endless with direct mail.

Click here for some more direct mail ideas.

Q: Which channel holds attention best?

A: Direct Mail.

When your senses are fully engaged, it’s hard to lose attention. This is why we can easily watch online videos and movies. Depending on it’s use, direct mail can capture all five senses. Social media can capture only three.

Q: Which channel makes a customer feel more valued?

A: Direct Mail.

Remember that birthday card you got in the mail from your grandmother last year that made you feel special? Direct mail can have a similar effect when you send more individualized messages. It doesn’t have to be big, but it makes a big difference in both consumer perception and receptiveness. Customers will be much more likely to buy your product, when you show them that you care.


Hopefully, you’ve come to a better understanding of social media and direct mail. Remember that both channels are powerful when used correctly, but results can vary depending on your target market. It is especially important to understand how your market responds to make a more informed strategic decision.

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