Divvy Pizza Box Marketing Campaign: Wave 1

The best marketing campaigns come in waves. We’d like to introduce you to the first wave of a marketing campaign from Divvy by Alexander’s.

First Look: The Box

We’ve put a lot of effort into this design. If you look at the box, you’ll notice fake grease stains, as if it had really carried a freshly baked pizza. That kind of attention to detail is enticing enough to get just about anyone to open up the box and see what’s inside.

Each box also uses variable data. The recipient’s name is right there on the top, helping it feel extra personal–like we bought you a pizza and delivered it to your office.

Which is exactly what we’re promising! All our recipients have to do is sign up for a quick demo to see what Divvy can do for their business or franchise. Lunch for the demo will be on us, in the shape of 10 pizzas brought straight to their office.

Check out this video to see everything we’ve included in the box.

What’s Inside: Brochures and Surprises

Once a recipient has opened up the box, right away they can see how we’re getting them hungry for our special offer. Our brochure looks just like a real pizza, ready to go. You can almost smell the sauce and melted cheese, can’t you?

The brochure gives a quick overview of what Divvy does to stoke the recipient’s interest. Of course, we’ve also included plenty of spot varnish on both the front and back! It’s not just to make the pizza design look tastier; again, it’s to keep our customers engaged with the print piece. Spot varnish or foil are great ways to do that.

A personalized, laminated letter with more information comes beneath the brochure. The letter not only offers a direct call to action, but offers information in return so that the recipient can get in contact with a sales representative.

Divvy identified other decision-makers within each company to send a box to, rather than sticking with just one per company. Then, we’ve linked the people within the organizations in the letters with more variable data. That gives each person an opportunity to connect with someone they already work with and collaborate regarding our campaign.

Finally, we’ve included a pizza cutter. We want to make this fun, not just in the design but in the actual items inside. This keeps us in the recipient’s mind every time they use that pizza cutter.

The interesting challenge in this campaign came from designing a setting that could hold the pizza cutter. It had to hold it snugly, but not so snugly that recipients couldn’t get the pizza cutter back out. Naturally, though, our talented design department was able to find a solution that looks amazing.


This is just one example of what Divvy could create as part of a marketing campaign. Stay tuned for wave two of our three-wave campaign. IF you’re interested in seeing what Divvy can do for your business, call or contact us today!