Five Tips for Effective In-Store Displays

Putting up signs and ads is the best way to share promotions with customers already in or near your store. Research suggests that:

  • 82% of buying decisions are made in store
  • 62% of shoppers make impulse buys in store
  • 16% of impulse purchases were made in response to in store displays

These numbers show how vital it is to have effective in-store displays for your business! Here’s how we suggest using your displays in your store.

1. Brand Your Design

Large format displays are no place to be generic! This valuable marketing real estate should convey your branding and lure in your target audience–especially if you’re sharing that space with your competitors, such as a supermarket or mall.

In this example, Dove has chosen Valentine’s colors and shapes to draw attention at the point of sale. And it’s not just because the display itself is tall! There’s more to a POP display than that. Everything here is heart-shaped or wrapped up like a fancy gift. Plus, it’s pink, red, or gold–colors of romance and luxury. This may remind their target audience at checkout that they need to buy chocolate for their special someone–or just for themselves.

2. Check Your Placement!

Even the best signage will do you no good if it can’t catch your customers’ eye. Make sure you situate your large format displays and signage where people will see them, both to draw them into the store and to hang onto their attention at checkout.

POP displays should be near your checkout lines and counter. If you’re using a display of products that is small but attention-getting–like the candy and magazine stands in grocery stores–then use it directly in the line. If your products or display are too large, it should be at the start of the line, where people can still see it as they pass and make that impulse purchase.

3. Use Brief, Specific Offers

You have only a few seconds to get customers’ attention at the point of sale! Even when your customers are waiting in long lines during the holidays, attention spans might be short, or divided between multiple distractions.

Rather than using a lot of information like a menu of options during checkout, make the choice easy with a single offer with only as much information as you actually need to entice them. Then, make sure that you give clear, unique offers at the point of purchase. Don’t stick to generic messages or reinforcing your brand! Your customer is in your store already; they know who you are. This is the moment to capitalize on impulse purchases or getting a customer to join a mailing list.

4. Pair Products and Displays

Even if you can put your products right behind the glass, it won’t stand out without signage! Are your products on sale? Are they new–and more importantly–are they necessary?  At the same time, some signage displays–like for clothing–fall flat without the product to go with them. How can someone see how the fabric drapes in real life without that display?

Products and displays are stronger together. Use careful color branding and designs to draw attention to your store and to the products within. Excellent window dressing design along with the actual appeal of what you’re selling can help draw someone into your store for a closer look.

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5. Time Your Offers

Everyone runs large format displays and big sales during the holidays. While they’re certainly still effective this time of year, few designs will stand out among all the other stores. Try out big, attention-grabbing displays during the rest of the year, too!


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