Google Analytics |5 Reports that your business needs

Measurement is the key to effective online marketing. Without measurement, you will never know if anyone is reading your blog posts, or if your social media content is directing traffic to your site.

Google Analytics is the best web tool for measuring your web traffic, and for assigning a quantity to your online marketing efforts, but Google Analytics are so in depth that sometimes it is hard to find the right report. To make it easier, we’ll show you our top five Google Analytics for marketing measurement.

Traffic Reports

Under the Acquisition tab there is a drop down menu titled All Traffic; this menu gives you access to an assortment of in depth reports, but possibly the most useful is Source/Medium.

The Source/Medium report can accurately show you where your visitors are coming from. You might find out that your website gets most of its visitors from organic searches on Google, or it might show you that you have some viral social media post floating around that is bringing traffic to your site.

Whatever the source may be, this report can help show you where you should be focusing your online marketing to help increase site visits.

Users Flow

google analytics users flow

This chart lets you follow the journey of your website visitors. Found under the Audience tab at the bottom of the menu, the Users Flow chart lets you see which page your users come to first, and how many users continue deeper into your site. This helps you identify any pain points, and see where you can improve your site so people want to stay.

New vs Returning Visitors

Wouldn’t it be helpful to know if people are not only visiting your site, but are returning time and again? Under the Audience tab there is a drop down menu titled Behavior. The first option on this menu is a report called New vs Returning.

google analytics new vs returning

Many companies are only focused on acquiring more site visitors, but they are missing a huge opportunity if they aren’t marketing to returning visitors. These people have already demonstrated their interest, all they need now is a gentle nudge in the right direction.


It’s a known fact that men and women are different. They have altered interests, and they even vary in internet use. Knowing if you have a strong female or male following is important in structuring your online marketing. Gender will determine many important things such as which social media channels to use, to what time of day you should be posting.

Review your Demographics reports under the Audience tab.


We are all so connected by the world wide web that sometimes we forget that the world is a massive place, and that internet users are affected by location.

Under the Audience tab you’ll find a menu titled Geo. Knowing where in the world your searches originate will help you cater your marketing content to a certain location or time zone.

google analytics geo report

We’re in the market of helping businesses succeed online and offline. Which Google Analytics report has helped you the most? Let us know in the comments.


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