Marketing Strategies You Should Use to Attract Franchisees

Without marketing, neither you nor your franchisees are successful. But franchise marketing strategies must be carefully tailored to both corporate and franchisee levels, or they could backfire. All your strategies will need to work together to make your franchise profitable, and to attract future franchisees. Learn more below about these strategies, how they’ll work together, and how you can use them to attract franchisees.

For Corporate:

These marketing strategies on the corporate level should attract more franchisees to your business.

Location-based strategy

Tie your strategy to location, focusing on the regions you want to build out first. If you establish a strong foothold in a region and build out from there, franchisees will want to come to your business. You can do this through:

  • Local SEO and keywords
  • Yelp ads
  • Social media ads and marketing
  • Radio and TV advertising
  • Billboards
  • Direct mail

Using both online and offline marketing will expand your reach regionally and draw interest in your business.

Use franchise lists

Get on sites like Entrepreneur, or anywhere with posted lists of franchise opportunities. You can get on an industry-specific lists as well. Your future franchisees are probably already reading these lists!

Stay on their minds

Franchisees have a lot to weigh when choosing to invest in a business. So they’ll go through a lot of options, and if you’re not careful, your franchise can get lost among dozens of other options. Once you’ve recorded their email and other important information, keep that relationship alive. This might be through newsletters, your blog, or a tool like Infusionsoft.

Focus on brand

Much of what will sell your franchise to new buyers is the brand. Your brand should be gaining recognition and trust, which encourages people to get involved with your business. Invest in excellent design, both for your brand and for your website, to stand out for the right reasons.

Target similar businesses

Attract future franchisees from a similar business outside your franchise. Give them a presentation with plenty of marketing materials to show why they should switch over to your franchise. Owners of similar businesses know something of the industry, and if you can convince them your franchise is better, you’ll both be more successful for it.

For Franchisees:

Depending on your franchisees’ needs, you should set up a marketing service for the franchise level. Have your franchisees vote on the kinds of marketing programs they want or need to help make the franchise successful.


As with corporate marketing, target your marketing based on franchisees’ locations. You can use the same elements as in a corporate marketing program, but you must make sure you are delivering to the right audience in the right way for each region. This is especially important for areas with many franchisees near one another.


Not all marketing options are equal, particularly not in a franchise. Nor will one strategy work forever for each owner. You should create a variety of marketing packages that your franchisees can pick based on budget and need. Then, allow them the opportunity to upgrade and downgrade.


Be aware of communication and reporting–two of the largest issues in a franchise. Between both the franchisor and the franchisee, there should be an open line of communication so both sides can speak about the value of their marketing. It’s also important to make sure your franchisees understand how to carry out their marketing plans, which can often be very complicated. Make sure that on your end, you create a lot of clear reports that the franchisees can receive in a timely manner and easily understand.


With a powerful marketing strategy and brand credibility in hand, your franchisees will attract new owners before you know it. As your franchise grows, let Divvy help with your marketing materials! We’d love to help.