More Tips for Marketing Like the Big Brands

Many small businesses look to large, extremely popular brands with no little envy. But you don’t have to look on just wishing you knew what big businesses do to become successful. We’ve got even more branding and marketing strategies the large brands use to stay on the top.


Brand Advocacy

Some of the best people to advocate your brand may be sitting right next to you. Use your employees to help spread your brand. If they have the right tools, they can become carriers of your voice and your customer service.

To achieve this, workplace culture should be a priority. Not just in marketing; understanding your company’s goals and communication will help your business thrive. But helping strengthen your culture will help prompt good feedback and positive feelings about your company to your customers.

Once you’ve strengthened your workplace culture, be sure to communicate social media guidelines. Consistency in voice as your employees represent the culture from within and without can do a lot for your brand.

As you use this strategy, use metrics to measure how employee advocacy can work for you.


How you post to your audience communicates a lot about your brand. Use a voice that fits the image you want to portray. Whether that’s GIFs and casual posts, or professional business language, know what works with your audience and stick to it. Switching at random can damage your consistency, and may drive off your intended customers.

As you work on voice, remember to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is the only way to create a real connection with an audience. This does not always mean being emotional. Sometimes, it just means responding and posting without an ego, or with a playful one.

Look at Wendy’s. Though not every brand can pull it off, Wendy’s had some good fun poking at their competitors over Twitter. These teasing posts brought them a lot of attention just by amusing their followers. By having good-natured fun with yourself and acting without ego, your company can seem more relatable and genuine.


Every year claims to be the year of video marketing, but this is especially true this year. Video advertisements prove their effectiveness with incredible statistics. So, if you aren’t involved with video making yet, you should be!

Video uses more than one sense–effective for memory recall and for capturing your audience’s attention. It’s also a great way to deliver a slogan or a voice. Remember the Old Spice commercials? That humor and creative filming was captured their audience–so well that parodies existed for months and occasionally still spring up.

But humor isn’t the only way to snare your customers with video. Coca-Cola released a relevant, thought-provoking advertisement to garner a positive emotional response to their product.

As with all film and video, your best bet is to focus on storytelling. That human connection can be much more powerful than flashing your name and images of your product on the screen.

User Content

It can be tough to keep up with relevant, consistent content for your audience. But if you’re curious to know what your audience wants or what they’re talking about, why not just ask them? Start a Twitter or other social media campaign with hashtags! This way, you can re-tweet/re-blog your users’ photos and reviews. In one action, you boost your popularity and show that you connect well with your audience.

You can even use this in conjunction with a contest. Sports teams excel at this: they prepare a hashtag to share during a game. Fans can then post using a hashtag, often in hopes of winning a contest or just a re-tweet.


Marketing like one of the big brands doesn’t have to be unattainable! And with Divvy’s help, keeping your brand consistent is easier than ever. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business succeed!