5 Reasons You Need To Guest Blog

You’ve seen them all over the web, and probably on some of your favorite blogs: Guest Blog Posts. And of course, seeing these will lead to the inevitable question: “Should I be scheduling guest blog posts?”

Yes. And here’s five reasons why:

Backlinks and SEO

When you include links to your website in the bio of your guest blog posts, it creates backlinks when your blog is published on anther site. This increases your SEO, especially if you are publishing on a quality, trusted site. The more important the site, the more potential you have to earn higher SEO rankings, which means the more likely you are to be seen, and the more business you and your company can earn.

Gain More Followers

Posting on a different site also gives you the ability to reach a different audience. The blog you post on will have loyal viewers of its own, and these loyal viewers can now meet you, learn from you, and learn about your business and find a trusted new resource in the field. Pretty sweet, right? If they really like you, not only will they return again and again to your blog/company site, they may follow you on social media. The more people who visit your site, and the longer you stay, the higher your SEO rankings.

Win Win

But guest blogging isn’t just about you. You can help increase the SEO of the site hosting you. How?┬áSimply write a post on your own blog summarizing what people can learn at your guest blog post, and link to the other blog. This provides backlinks to the site hosting you. In addition, your loyal blog readers can visit the host site, learn new things, and potentially become loyal followers to the host site.

Build Relationships

It’s no surprise that with such a beneficial partnership already in the works, you and the host site can build a working relationship where you support each other beyond guest blogging. Additionally, you can also build relationships with readers by responding to their questions and comments in the fields of your guest blog post, potentially bringing you more business.

Establish Credibility

The more quality content you write, and the more people see it, the higher you can rank in Google, which means more people visiting your site, and even higher SEO rankings. When people learn they can rely on you and when you consistently provide quality content, you can become a trusted leader in the industry. Pretty sweet, right?

Need to Learn More?

Remember, not all of this is going to happen overnight. It takes time to reach out to bloggers, write quality content, and watch your SEO scores start to climb. If you need help guiding you through the process, or if you are interested in learning about more marketing tactics to help you, your franchise, or your business grow, contact us today. We’ll help you get started.


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