Roles of the Franchiser and the Franchisee in Social Media

Franchisors and franchisees have to share a lot of responsibilities between them just to run a successful business. One of those tools that must be shared between them is social media. Leaving it entirely to one side or the other can result in brand destruction, mismanagement of customer service, and failed marketing campaigns. If you are part of a franchise, you’ll need to understand the different responsibilities in social media, and how to make it work for you the most effectively.

The Franchisor’s Responsibilities:

Monitor Your Franchisees

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to let your franchisees run wild and unsupervised with social media. Franchisees will tell their own story, which may vastly differ from the story of your brand. While sometimes you or a franchisee should tailor marketing to fit a location’s needs, the overall narrative and branding should be the same.

Determine Social Media Channels

Since you have the overall view of your franchise, you have the ability to see which social media platforms and channels pay off for your brand. For example: while your franchisees may be most familiar with Facebook, and that’s what they would use given the opportunity, you may see that Facebook is actually less effective for you than Twitter.¬†You can also tailor marketing campaigns for each of these channels in different ways. Your franchisees may not be able to do this if you leave it to them without that bird’s eye view.

Set Standards for Online Brand Management

Social media marketing should be a two-way street. It’s your responsibility to build your brand’s online reputation, and to do it so that it’s not merely top-down marketing. By setting standards for your franchisees to follow, you ensure empathetic, prompt feedback for complaints and questions. Plus, you’ll help your franchisees learn to use social media–their customers’ most common tool–to receive and utilize feedback.

The Franchisee’s Responsibilities

Learn and Protect the Brand

While the franchisor sets the standards and creates the narrative, it’s your job to become familiar with that. Franchisees can make or break how the brand appears on social media and on other marketing platforms. Though it may be easier to break from the brand, it’ll be in your best interest to stay consistent. You’ll be able to work together with your fellow franchisees to strengthen the overall company and its image.

Build Customer Relationships

Though the franchisor monitors social media use, they can’t respond to each individual customer. Only you will be able to do that. You’ll have the time and the personal touch to be able to respond to customers and build those relationships. If you ever work in-store as well, you’ll be able to initiate those face-to-face relationships and later strengthen them via social media.