Stay Healthy at Trade Shows and Events

One of the worst things you can do at a trade show booth–besides poor customer service–is to infect your visitors. In huge groups of people, a cough or sneeze can spread to hundreds of people in a matter of minutes. If they get sick, they may associate that with your brand or your booth, which might damage their potential to become a customer. Even if they don’t get sick from your booth, that downtime after can make them forget to contact you. Either way, you miss out on that relationship.

Preventing Illness Beforehand

Defeat illness before it starts by:

  • Loading up on Vitamin C
  • Getting rest where you can, and 8 hours of sleep per night leading up to the event
  • Hydrating often (i.e. drinking when thirsty)

Also, purchase and take an immune supplement just prior to the event, such as Airborne. This will help you stay well despite being with hundreds or thousands of fellow attendees.

While at Your Booth

If you think you’re sick, go home!  But, if you absolutely cannot leave, cough and sneeze into your elbows, not your hands. Also, use plenty of tissues and hand sanitizer, even if you have only an allergy.

Wipe down your booth often, like during lulls. This includes the tabletop, pens and pencils, and laptops or touch screens. Not all merchandise items can be wiped down; but if you can, do so.

If you are concerned about your merchandise spreading pathogens, put up a sign asking visitors not to touch items. You can do this for sick visitors only, or for all customers.

Provide hand sanitizer if your booth will be touched a lot. This keeps any pathogens from other visitors from spreading.

After the Event

Shower when you get home. A good scrub can keep you from getting sick after an event–especially if you have to go back the next day.

Think you got sick? If you don’t improve, stay home. Find someone to man your booth for you if possible. If it’s not possible, avoid shaking hands or contact with visitors to your booth. Wipe down the booth and items as often as you can to prevent the spread of illness.