5 Secrets to Creating Eye-Catching Business Cards

If you need a business card you’ll want one that, not only represents your brand, but that catches attention. Consider these five ways to create eye-catching business cards.


2 inch by 3 1/2 inch is the standard business card size because they fit perfectly into wallets. However, that standard size can also get lost in the shuffle of credit cards and coupons. By using a unique shape, your business card can stand out. Is there something about your brand that translates into a unique business card cut?



If you want to keep the standard card size, but still cause a stir when you pull out a card, consider printing them on a unique substrate. What sort of material matches your company? Wood? Clear plastic? Metal? Something else? One of the companies featured below stamped their bakery information into an edible biscuit!



Nothing will convince someone to keep your business card on hand like making it useful! Get creative with your card by finding a way to turn your business card into a literal tool that fits your brand.



You don’t have to go extreme to stand out in a cluttered wallet. Something as simple as bold colors and an asymmetrical design, can draw attention.



Nothing is more eye-catching than something that shimmers. Colored foils, used as the main design or as an accent, add class to any business card.



It’s fun to design business cards. Be sure, as you do though, to avoid these common mistakes.

Looking for more ideas for creative business cards? Check out our Pinterest board.


20 Creative direct mail marketing pieces

Direct mail continues to be one of the most successful marketing tactics ever developed. When done right, it has a response rate of over five percent.

What does your direct mail marketing piece say about you?

Businesses respond to the personal touch that’s delivered along with the marketing piece. What you send your potential costumers will demonstrate your dedication and showcase your character.

If a business receives something as bland as a simple postcard from you, what can they assume your business is like? First, they can assume you’re cheap. Second, they can assume you’re not creative; and without including a personal touch they can assume you really don’t care to have their business.

Your direct mail should be different. Show them how creative you can be, and show them you care by sending them something they can enjoy in their office or share with the staff.

Get inspired with these creative direct mail pieces.

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