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Divvy Pizza Box Marketing Campaign: Wave 1

The best marketing campaigns come in waves. We’d like to introduce you to the first wave of a marketing campaign from Divvy by Alexander’s.

First Look: The Box

We’ve put a lot of effort into this design. If you look at the box, you’ll notice fake grease stains, as if it had really carried a freshly baked pizza. That kind of attention to detail is enticing enough to get just about anyone to open up the box and see what’s inside.

Each box also uses variable data. The recipient’s name is right there on the top, helping it feel extra personal–like we bought you a pizza and delivered it to your office.

Which is exactly what we’re promising! All our recipients have to do is sign up for a quick demo to see what Divvy can do for their business or franchise. Lunch for the demo will be on us, in the shape of 10 pizzas brought straight to their office.

Check out this video to see everything we’ve included in the box.

What’s Inside: Brochures and Surprises

Once a recipient has opened up the box, right away they can see how we’re getting them hungry for our special offer. Our brochure looks just like a real pizza, ready to go. You can almost smell the sauce and melted cheese, can’t you?

The brochure gives a quick overview of what Divvy does to stoke the recipient’s interest. Of course, we’ve also included plenty of spot varnish on both the front and back! It’s not just to make the pizza design look tastier; again, it’s to keep our customers engaged with the print piece. Spot varnish or foil are great ways to do that.

A personalized, laminated letter with more information comes beneath the brochure. The letter not only offers a direct call to action, but offers information in return so that the recipient can get in contact with a sales representative.

Divvy identified other decision-makers within each company to send a box to, rather than sticking with just one per company. Then, we’ve linked the people within the organizations in the letters with more variable data. That gives each person an opportunity to connect with someone they already work with and collaborate regarding our campaign.

Finally, we’ve included a pizza cutter. We want to make this fun, not just in the design but in the actual items inside. This keeps us in the recipient’s mind every time they use that pizza cutter.

The interesting challenge in this campaign came from designing a setting that could hold the pizza cutter. It had to hold it snugly, but not so snugly that recipients couldn’t get the pizza cutter back out. Naturally, though, our talented design department was able to find a solution that looks amazing.


This is just one example of what Divvy could create as part of a marketing campaign. Stay tuned for wave two of our three-wave campaign. IF you’re interested in seeing what Divvy can do for your business, call or contact us today!

3 Digital Media Solutions to Enhance Your Print Marketing

Digital marketing goes hand-in-hand with postcard marketing. At Divvy, we’ve always said that your marketing and advertising efforts will be stronger when you combine the two. They are incredibly powerful on their own, so imagine what you can accomplish with both!

Actually, you don’t have to imagine much longer. Here are three trends we think are most helpful for your digital and print marketing efforts.


Once someone has read your postcard, and had a positive response to it, they’ll visit your website. And, unfortunately for your ROI, that’s where it ends. Google Analytics reports that 96% of browsing people will leave a website without taking action if they’re visiting for the first time.

That doesn’t do much for your business, does it?

Digital marketing, however, helps your postcard retain its original effectiveness when you use follow-up. You can advertise to your intended clients across Google and other browsers by using cookies. Your customers will keep seeing reminders about your products until they’re ready to come back and buy something from you.


Much like the above, you can reach out on social media to make sure visitors to your site keep coming back. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest all allow advertising, which you can use for specific customers if they’ve looked at your site before. And since we’re on social media so many hours of the day, this is bound to be effective.


Wouldn’t it be nice to know roughly when your clients will be picking up their mail and seeing your postcard? You would be able to plan for phone calls wanting more information, targeted social media posts reinforcing that data, and more.

With mail tracking, you can do these things! Implementing such a feature into your system would let you see when mail is scheduled to arrive in mailboxes. You can better be able to staff customer service representatives at that time, plan on social media, and engage with the campaign.


These trends are most effective because of the way they combine social media and internet browsing to your print on both ends. It’s difficult to try just digital or print on its own. Keep on top of tracking and reminder systems by using these trends, and you’ll see your postcards pay off!

Improving Your Direct Mail Pieces

If you’re not using direct mail for your campaigns, you’re missing out! Direct mail has a large ROI, and recipients of all ages–even Millennials–love it! If you are using direct mail, but you feel that it needs some enhancement to be even more effective, Divvy can help! Here are our tips for improving your mail pieces.

Heavier Weight Paper

Giving your paper a heavier weight immediately increases the quality of your piece. And quality is vital on direct mail pieces. Print marketing is all about sense, after all. If you skimp on this, you might lose out on potential business.

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If the piece you’re creating is for a high-end product or business, heavy weight paper and texture is essential. Your direct mail piece must convey luxury, which lends credibility to the idea that the product is, too.


It’s easy to go with a typical postcard shape and style for a direct mail piece. It’s low-effort and easy to duplicate. However, that’s also one of its drawbacks. Going with a static shape can grow stale with your customer base. If they receive a lot of direct mail, they might miss yours among the others.

Try creating direct mail pieces that you can unfold to view more information. Interaction with the piece increases engagement and memory, which translates into increased customer loyalty and sales. Plus, with a fold, you can use more information on only one piece!

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Your clients and customers like to feel important. Everyone does! You can use that with your direct mail to make a stronger connection and build trust between them and your company.

Using variable data technology, Divvy can put addresses, names, appointment dates, and even personalized messages on individual mail pieces. And we can do it without hassle! This makes it easier to send mail with a better, more personal message–which will get you a better response from your clients.


Curious about how Divvy can help you enhance your direct mail pieces? Want us to help you automate and ship them? Just fill out the contact form below! You’ll find there’s nothing we can’t do with a direct mail piece.

Direct Mail Statistics for 2016

Direct mail has many advantages over purely digital marketing campaigns. Don’t just take our word for it; let us prove it to you with these direct mail statistics for 2016. Below are some benefits of direct mail that you can use in your campaign, and some overlooked or underused demographics you can tap into.


As this generation ages and moves away from home, they become a powerful spending force in today’s marketplace. In fact, millennials are projected to have $1.4 trillion in spending power by 2020. Incredible, right? Many marketers are aware of millennials’ future spending power. But, due to millennials’ familiarity and high exposure to technology, they may limit themselves to only digital advertisements in an effort to capture this generation’s attention.

However, millennials look forward to physical mail, with 36% looking forward to checking the mailbox. Direct mail–particularly if it’s personalized–can speak more loudly than yet another forgettable email. And at least 42% of millennials prefer direct mail advertisements over online, with 38% reacting equally to both.

Finally, as a result of direct mail, 23% of millennials ordered from these companies within the last 12 months. That’s money you’ll miss out on if you neglect millennials in your direct mail campaign.


80% of the people who pick up the mail every day are women. Another 80% of this same group are also the primary shoppers for the household. If you are offering a discount, sale, or invitation to a grand opening for your store, you’ll want to target your campaign to these women.

Even women who are not the primary grocery shoppers may make 80% of the purchasing decisions in a household. Don’t be afraid to go beyond groceries and to make your campaigns appealing to women, even if the product you’re selling is not specifically for them. This is especially important to consider when advertising for a website with direct mail. 22% of women shop online at least once per day, and your campaign should both facilitate and cater to this.

Combination with Other Ads

62% of people own and use at least three devices for internet browsing, whether mobile or stationary like a desktop computer. Direct mail, though, adds effectiveness to digital advertisements and provides easily-found, easily-remembered information. These direct mail pieces help your recipients remember to visit your website, and keeps important information like promotional codes on-hand.


70% of direct mail recipients are curious to find out what’s in their mailbox, regardless of age or gender, and look forward to checking it. With this excitement, and a 42% read or scan rate, recipients are more likely to notice and remember these marketing pieces. In fact, the median ROI is at 18-20% for direct mail sent to households.

Each type of direct mail also gets a different response. Oversized postcards have the best response rate at 5%, followed by regular postcards at 4.25%. Think outside the box with your advertisements to cut through the clutter of bills and true junk mail.


Let Divvy help you increase the effectiveness your direct mail marketing campaign. We’ll even automate the process for you, helping both your business and your customers. Contact us today to learn more!

20 Creative direct mail marketing pieces

Direct mail continues to be one of the most successful marketing tactics ever developed. When done right, it has a response rate of over five percent.

What does your direct mail marketing piece say about you?

Businesses respond to the personal touch that’s delivered along with the marketing piece. What you send your potential costumers will demonstrate your dedication and showcase your character.

If a business receives something as bland as a simple postcard from you, what can they assume your business is like? First, they can assume you’re cheap. Second, they can assume you’re not creative; and without including a personal touch they can assume you really don’t care to have their business.

Your direct mail should be different. Show them how creative you can be, and show them you care by sending them something they can enjoy in their office or share with the staff.

Get inspired with these creative direct mail pieces.

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For creative direct mail ideas contact us at Divvy. We’ll help you put your best foot forward as you expand your business.


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