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Improving Your Direct Mail Pieces

If you’re not using direct mail for your campaigns, you’re missing out! Direct mail has a large ROI, and recipients of all ages–even Millennials–love it! If you are using direct mail, but you feel that it needs some enhancement to be even more effective, Divvy can help! Here are our tips for improving your mail pieces.

Heavier Weight Paper

Giving your paper a heavier weight immediately increases the quality of your piece. And quality is vital on direct mail pieces. Print marketing is all about sense, after all. If you skimp on this, you might lose out on potential business.

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If the piece you’re creating is for a high-end product or business, heavy weight paper and texture is essential. Your direct mail piece must convey luxury, which lends credibility to the idea that the product is, too.


It’s easy to go with a typical postcard shape and style for a direct mail piece. It’s low-effort and easy to duplicate. However, that’s also one of its drawbacks. Going with a static shape can grow stale with your customer base. If they receive a lot of direct mail, they might miss yours among the others.

Try creating direct mail pieces that you can unfold to view more information. Interaction with the piece increases engagement and memory, which translates into increased customer loyalty and sales. Plus, with a fold, you can use more information on only one piece!

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Your clients and customers like to feel important. Everyone does! You can use that with your direct mail to make a stronger connection and build trust between them and your company.

Using variable data technology, Divvy can put addresses, names, appointment dates, and even personalized messages on individual mail pieces. And we can do it without hassle! This makes it easier to send mail with a better, more personal message–which will get you a better response from your clients.


Curious about how Divvy can help you enhance your direct mail pieces? Want us to help you automate and ship them? Just fill out the contact form below! You’ll find there’s nothing we can’t do with a direct mail piece.

Automated Mail Pieces by Divvy

Automation powers our modern printing world. Any size of business benefits from automation, whether you require a full-blown marketing campaign package or a simple reminder system. This is where Divvy thrives. Our automation processes make it easy for you to send mail pieces, invitations, and more! Whether it’s just for one event or for thousands of customers across the country, we can do it all!

Direct Mail

Automated direct mail makes marketing simple. You can send mail, news, and special offers to your customers. You can reward loyal customers and win over new ones. Better yet, we can enhance your direct mail pieces with UV spot varnish or digital foil. Research has proven that paper pieces with texture get a better response from consumers. Not only do they tend to purchase more; they’ll trust your business! It’s what our brains are wired to do.


In our busy lives, we need a lot of reminders. And many businesses utilize them, especially in the medical or beauty industries. Missed appointments cost these industries millions annually! SO it’s important to stay on top of sending reminders as well as making them for ourselves.

Most of these companies and practices might just use email reminders or text reminders. While this is simple and convenient, it’s much better to combine digital reminders with physical. You’ll get twice the effectiveness that you might get from using only email or text.

Older customers, for example, may not be as efficient at using text and email–and for them, these reminders could be very important! Or, Millennial customers might want that physical reminder to better keep track in the storm of emails and texts they already receive.

If your business needs a reminder system, Divvy can help! We can send reminders for:

  • Dentist and orthodontist visits
  • Medical checkups
  • Veterinary checkups
  • Hair styling appointments
  • Massage therapy or spa appointments
  • And more!

We can even put variable data on each mail piece. This includes names, the date of their last appointment, and more. Adding custom data is a great way to get your customers to respond to your mailers. Using their names especially establishes a personal connection, building trust in your practice or business.

Promotions and Events

Even if your business doesn’t need reminder pieces, chances are you can still benefit from automation. If your franchise is holding a promotion, you’ll need a way to reach these clients. A pizza chain, for example, might have a pop-up advertisement on their site for those customers ordering online. But they would be most effective to supplement it with a physical mailer reminding their most loyal customers of the latest deals. And in this case, they already have those addresses! All they need is the mailer.

Businesses can also advertise events, like grand openings or major sales. Emails might get buried and forgotten, but a mailer–whether left on the counter or put up on the fridge–will help remind your customers. When they head out for a day of shopping, they’ll be more likely to remember your promotion or event!


Of course, mailing each of these on your own would be a real drain on time and energy. Sending your own mailers amounts to hours of stressful time you could spend doing more productive things. But Divvy handles all of that. Once the job is done, we’ll fulfill your orders, sending them straight to the recipients. You can be sure the final invitations get where they need to go on time.


Let Divvy handle your direct mail pieces and invitations from start to finish. Call us today to find out how we can help your business save time in this important process.

Direct Mail Statistics for 2016

Direct mail has many advantages over purely digital marketing campaigns. Don’t just take our word for it; let us prove it to you with these direct mail statistics for 2016. Below are some benefits of direct mail that you can use in your campaign, and some overlooked or underused demographics you can tap into.


As this generation ages and moves away from home, they become a powerful spending force in today’s marketplace. In fact, millennials are projected to have $1.4 trillion in spending power by 2020. Incredible, right? Many marketers are aware of millennials’ future spending power. But, due to millennials’ familiarity and high exposure to technology, they may limit themselves to only digital advertisements in an effort to capture this generation’s attention.

However, millennials look forward to physical mail, with 36% looking forward to checking the mailbox. Direct mail–particularly if it’s personalized–can speak more loudly than yet another forgettable email. And at least 42% of millennials prefer direct mail advertisements over online, with 38% reacting equally to both.

Finally, as a result of direct mail, 23% of millennials ordered from these companies within the last 12 months. That’s money you’ll miss out on if you neglect millennials in your direct mail campaign.


80% of the people who pick up the mail every day are women. Another 80% of this same group are also the primary shoppers for the household. If you are offering a discount, sale, or invitation to a grand opening for your store, you’ll want to target your campaign to these women.

Even women who are not the primary grocery shoppers may make 80% of the purchasing decisions in a household. Don’t be afraid to go beyond groceries and to make your campaigns appealing to women, even if the product you’re selling is not specifically for them. This is especially important to consider when advertising for a website with direct mail. 22% of women shop online at least once per day, and your campaign should both facilitate and cater to this.

Combination with Other Ads

62% of people own and use at least three devices for internet browsing, whether mobile or stationary like a desktop computer. Direct mail, though, adds effectiveness to digital advertisements and provides easily-found, easily-remembered information. These direct mail pieces help your recipients remember to visit your website, and keeps important information like promotional codes on-hand.


70% of direct mail recipients are curious to find out what’s in their mailbox, regardless of age or gender, and look forward to checking it. With this excitement, and a 42% read or scan rate, recipients are more likely to notice and remember these marketing pieces. In fact, the median ROI is at 18-20% for direct mail sent to households.

Each type of direct mail also gets a different response. Oversized postcards have the best response rate at 5%, followed by regular postcards at 4.25%. Think outside the box with your advertisements to cut through the clutter of bills and true junk mail.


Let Divvy help you increase the effectiveness your direct mail marketing campaign. We’ll even automate the process for you, helping both your business and your customers. Contact us today to learn more!

What’s So Special About Direct Mail?

At Divvy’s we are proud to provide marketing solutions for our clients. While a large part of our focus is on social media, we won’t hesitate to suggest the many benefits of offline marketing pieces, most specifically, direct mail. However, you may be asking yourself, “What’s so special about direct mail?”

Overall, the number one thing that makes direct mail so special is that it has the power to engage all five senses, granting your customer a lasting impression.


Whether your direct mail piece includes a package, or a simple envelope, it is guaranteed to engage your viewer’s sense of touch as they pull the package out of the mailbox. By applying one of the variety of textures available, such as velvet laminate, gloss, parchment, etc. you can set your direct mail campaign apart and earn your viewer’s attention because they can literally feel the difference.


While colorful ads abound online, the mailbox presents a different way to reach your viewer’s eyes with less creative competition. Consider how your customer will feel when they open the mailbox and spot a direct mail piece inside with their name on it written in gold foil.

Additionally, direct mail pieces can offer viewers visual depth. Unlike a 2D screen where people simply click from page to page, 3D tactile mail can be explored and opened. By designing creative packaging, your company can leave a profound effect.


Ripping open a package or letter in and of itself engages the sense of sound, but that isn’t all. Messages take on additional meaning when sound clips included share music or a recorded message.


Magazines, newspapers, catalogs; they all have a distinct smell, and those smells link to our memories and form emotional connections. Not to mention, have you ever received a letter scented with perfume? Though most direct mail pieces do not include this sense, it is a possibility, and a great way for companies whose product relies heavily on scent to reach their audience. Even consider the benefits of providing free samples of scented products.


And speaking of samples, we are not suggesting that you eat your direct mail piece. However, it is possible to include candy, chap stick, or other product samples that show what your company is capable of. With our Divvy direct mail campaign, we promised to buy our clients lunch when they set up a free demonstration with us.

Interested in building creative marketing pieces that really stand out? Contact us in the form below.


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5 Hacks to Writing Engaging Direct Mail Content

Direct Mail can leave a more lasting impression than online campaigns. However, for that to be possible, direct mail must have, not only great design, but engaging written content. After all, the content is where your client will learn what your campaign is all about. Consequently, here are 5 hacks for writing direct mail content as powerful as your design.

Remember Your Audience

First things first. It’s a waste of everyone’s time to send direct mail to people who aren’t at all interested in your product. If your message doesn’t apply to them, your direct mail piece is wasted. Be sure in both your mailing list, and in your content writing, that your message is personalized to the intended audience.

Be Concise and Direct

Even if you are sending your direct mail piece to a person you know would be interested, you still have only a few seconds to capture their attention. The design of your  piece will help you grab their attention, but the content of the piece is what will keep their attention. Draw readers into your content by…

  • Be Direct – Don’t waste the reader’s time. Tell them up front what you are offering, and what benefits they’ll receive. Giving them the understanding of why they should care will motivate them to read further.
  • Use Interesting Subheads – When your reader inievatbly skims through the text, those attention getting subheaders are what’s going to be read. Don’t waste that attention! Be sure that your
  • Keep Paragraphs Short – the shorter they are, the easier they are to skim, and therefore, the more likely they are to be read. Prove to your reader that your content is concise enough it won’t take up much of their time.
  • Add in a Few Bullet Points – bullet points are a great way to get across a plethora of informtaion quickly. These, too, are more often to get read.

Give Them a Teaser

As we mentioned above, it’s imperative to show your readers how your direct mail piece will benefit them. One way to turn a potential client into a long term customer is by giving them a gift that will motivate them to try your product. That gift can be in the form of coupons that let them try out the product, to giveaways. Though you don’t need to break the bank with these offers, you do need to provide enough value that your potential clients wont want to pass up the offer. In our famous Divvy Pizza Marketing Campaign, we not only gave out swag, but bought our clients an acutal pizza when they scheduled a free demo with us.

Always Include Social Media

Even well written campaigns may not convince potential clients to act immediately. However, by including website URL’s and social media icons, your potential clients will know where to go to find out more information about your products and services. Having great social media will help your offline campaign, and vice versa -powerful direct mail campaigns will lead to more online conversions.


Last but not least, keep in mind that people are busy. They’ll skim the content for the meat of the message, and at times, that will mean skipping straight to the end. By including a post script in your direct mail campaign, you have one last chance to convince your readers to go back and read the meat of your message. In the post script, be sure to sum up the benefits of your product, and how it will positively change your reader’s life.\


Need help creating your own direct mail campaign? We’ll help strategize, design, print and even mail them for you. Contact us in the form below to learn more.


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20 Creative direct mail marketing pieces

Direct mail continues to be one of the most successful marketing tactics ever developed. When done right, it has a response rate of over five percent.

What does your direct mail marketing piece say about you?

Businesses respond to the personal touch that’s delivered along with the marketing piece. What you send your potential costumers will demonstrate your dedication and showcase your character.

If a business receives something as bland as a simple postcard from you, what can they assume your business is like? First, they can assume you’re cheap. Second, they can assume you’re not creative; and without including a personal touch they can assume you really don’t care to have their business.

Your direct mail should be different. Show them how creative you can be, and show them you care by sending them something they can enjoy in their office or share with the staff.

Get inspired with these creative direct mail pieces.

direct mail

For creative direct mail ideas contact us at Divvy. We’ll help you put your best foot forward as you expand your business.


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The Secret to Direct Mail Campaign Success

Direct mail campaign success can be sometimes be hit or miss for marketers. So, we did some research on the subject. There’s no question about it, consumers remember businesses that provide good customer service. Simply asking a customer how their experience was in your store will make them feel valued. They are also more likely to tell others about your business, which in turn will increase sales, loyalty, and new customers. Now the question is, why not pair a direct mail campaign with follow-up protocol.

The Secret to Direct Mail Campaign Success…Follow-Up

By following your customer’s visit with a direct mail piece you demonstrate your commitment to customer service. Now the direct mail campaign becomes more than a bait and hook strategy. By using direct mail to follow-up with a customer, you build customer loyalty. You could even use a carefully crafted campaign to re-establish relationships with dormant customers. Marketing is about generating new business leads and sales and the right direct mail campaign follow-up can be the key.

What Makes a Good Follow-Up?

By following up with a customer, your team can ensure the customer’s satisfaction. The continued interaction after they have visited your store can create future opportunities for promotional marketing. Depending on what your business offers, you could follow a customer’s purchase with a direct mail piece providing repairs, refunds and warranties on what they just bought in the store (you’ll need a digital press to do that). Now THAT is a good way to get them to listen to future promotional material.


Did you know that 92% of shoppers say they prefer direct mail for making purchasing decisions? An International Communication Research survey found that 73% of consumers actually prefer mail over other advertising methods. If that wasn’t enough, 56% of customers find print marketing to be the most trustworthy type of marketing.


Personalized print media sends a completely different message than personalized email because consumers recognize it takes more effort to customize print media. Divvy’s parent printing company – Alexander’s – is fully equipped with digital printers. This means the process of personalizing each print piece with different names, images or call-to-actions is fully automated. For your company, it means you can show your customer you care without having to pay extra. Not to mention 70% of Americans say that simply receiving mail is more personal than the internet.

Response Rates

Some marketers, such as retailers, are seeing dramatically higher response to their direct mail than 30 years ago. U.S. advertisers spend $167 per person on direct mail to earn $2,095 worth of goods sold; a 1,300% return. The DMA states that on average, direct mail advertising gives a business a 13 to 1 return on investment.


98% of consumers bring in their mail the day it’s delivered. Of these, 72% bring it in as soon as possible. 77% sort through their mail immediately. The average American then spends 25 minutes with direct mail. One of the most enticing facts we found was the 48% of people retain direct mail for future reference.

If you would like to know more about our success with direct mail campaigns let us know:


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Franchise Marketing Ideas

Local Business Listings

Before we go to far into this series, let’s ask ourselves a question:”What’s the first thing you do when you are looking for a business?” If you are anything like 93% of America, you use some sort of a search engine. There should at least be a Google+ page for your location but we suggest you investigate a few other postings like Facebook (which you probably already have) Yelp, Foursquare and any other geo-local-listings.

Hint: The more you add to these platforms (services, products, etc.) the more your business will feel the effects.

Email Marketing and SMS Marketing

This is not as hard as it sounds. Simply incentivize your customers to sign up for your text and/or email marketing programs by offering electronic or printable coupons, preferred customer specials and discounts, and notices of this-day-only deals they can only receive by signing up. This strategy allows you to do two things (1) Gather more information about your customer base and (2) facilitate remarketing through thank-you emails and texts.

Hint: Help grow your franchise’s email and SMS marketing by training employees on the program, include it in your signage or talk about it on social media.

Social Media

It’s hard to say which should come first but without question, your business should have a social media presence. Franchisees should consult with their corporate brand when it comes to what channels to use and how to best use them for local franchise marketing. If the corporate marketing department wants each location to have a more local content, it will be harder to fix a strategy but they will most likely see better results.

Whatever the situation may be for your organization, the key to social media is consistency. If you pick two social media platforms to publish content from, do so EVERY day (if it’s Twitter, several times a day). Once you feel you can manage that, go ahead and branch out onto other platforms.

Hint: Create a calendar that allows you to publish out a week or even a month in advance.

Direct Mail

I hope you haven’t glanced over this section because the idea of a direct mail campaign is boring or somehow old fashioned. 76 percent of small businesses say their ideal marketing strategy includes a combination of both print and digital communication. The key here is to take this traditional style of marketing and make it more targeted. Take direct mail and blend it with whatever current social media or community outreach campaigns you might be running.

Hint: Direct mail campaigns are slowly becoming THE solution for targeting millenials.

Community Outreach

The best way to find a loyal new customer is by word-of-mouth. Our final tip this evening is to be involved in the community. Find out what businesses you could team up with to put on a really spectacular event. Whether you a running a cross-promotion campaign with another business or sponsoring a local sports team, working with the community is a great way to spread goodwill.

Hint: Answer the question: “How could my location be an asset to the community”

Franchise Marketing Ideas by Divvy

Sometimes the issue with new marketing campaigns is finding new inspiration. Once you know your target market, call us up at Divvy. We have helped a number of companies with their direct mail campaigns. The benefit from calling us, we can see the project through from concept to completion. We also assist a number of organizations with email campaigns and social media brand management. Give us a call if you are ready for some truly unique ideas.


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Do Direct Mail Campaigns Still Work?

Are direct mail campaigns still useful? It’s a question that may have crossed your mind as you plan on allocating marketing dollars. It may seem that with the prominence of digital marketing today that a direct mail campaign would be useless, even outdated. Surprisingly, the research doesn’t support this notion. In fact, direct mail campaigns still have extremely high response rates and are not only a great way of finding new business, but also of gaining customer loyalty.

Here are some statistics that prove the point:

Product Announcements and Offers

direct mail campaign statistics

This is an interesting statistic that shows that when a company is planning on a new product or service launch, it’s actually better to announce it through the mail. If your franchise has a new offering, don’t be afraid to blast out direct mailers to your customers.

Loyalty and Coupons

direct mail campaign statistics


Along with that new product or service launch, include a call to action. Give them a coupon that they can use to experience the new offering. This will help you to find new customers while at the same time, it will keep the old-timers happy and loyal. Offer them a deal and people will respond.

Direct Mail Response

direct mail campaign statistics


A way to extend the value of your direct mail campaign is to put time restraints on the call to action. Sending out a mailer that expires by the end of the week or month will spur recipients to action. If it’s well done, up to 79% of direct mail receivers will act on it immediately. That’s certainly beyond what e-mail offers.

Millennial Perceptions

direct mail campaign statistics


Believe it or not, the research shows time and time again that millennials are one of the best target markets for direct mail campaigns. They find it official, trusted, safer, and more. It also is a less saturated marketing tool. Before you rush out to run a digital marketing campaign towards millennials, think again. Millennials find mail refreshing in comparison to their inundated e-mail accounts and social media profiles.

Dispersion of Information

direct mail campaign statistics


If your franchise is opening a new location, send a direct mailer before you open shop. Direct mail recipients find that sort of information useful and are generally welcoming to it. It’s a great way of spreading information about your business in a tangible, memorable medium.

And remember, these statistics are only a select few from an array of research that demonstrates the value of a direct mail campaign. At Divvy, we understand that value and support our clients with direct mail campaigns. Here are a few examples of the most recent direct mailers we designed and shipped out.

For more information about Divvy or direct marketing campaigns, feel free to contact us below.


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Reach more people with direct mail

At Divvy, we believe that businesses are rewarded for being well rounded. Having a strong digital marketing strategy in place is a great idea, but may not be successful depending on your audience.

On the other hand, avoiding digital media and focusing all of your efforts on print advertising may isolate your audience. We help our customers balance all forms of marketing and provide solutions to help get their business recognized.

One method of marketing that we’ve seen work time and again is direct mail. You may ask yourself, “How is that possible when the whole world is becoming increasingly digital?” The answer is below:


direct mailDirect mail is no where near dead. It is thriving. Let Divvy help you with your own customized direct mail campaign. Please, contact us.