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Top 6 Brand Consistency Tips for Franchises

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The process to franchise your business is a big and scary step in the progression of a business. Franchising has been proven to accelerate the growth of your business at a very rapid rate. You may be wondering how to get started with franchising so that you don’t make any mistakes and the transition can be smooth. If you want the process to be smooth and have a greater chance of being profitable, here are 7 steps to successfully franchise your business.

1) Organize and Prepare Your Business

Just because you own a business doesn’t mean you can franchise and succeed. You need to make sure your business is prepared and organized enough to be successful in franchising out. Think through how your business works. Your future franchises need to to understand the business model and how it works in order to run their own franchise.

You need to do the research. Do you have the research to back your decision to expand via franchises? Market research is crucial to know if there is a demand for your product or service. You also need to know if the market is saturated or not. If the market for what you have to offer is too saturated, you will fail. Look for locations or niches in the market that aren’t saturated so that you can make your own success.

2) Hire an Attorney

There are a lot of legalities with franchising and you want to make sure you do everything right. First things first, you are going to need to fill out a Franchise Disclosure Document with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The language and particulars of this document are so specific that you will need an attorney to correctly draft it. This is only at the federal level, you also need to consider state laws and regulations. You probably aren’t going to want to put in the time and effort to know all of these things because you are still running your business, leave it up to a lawyer to do that work for you.

3) Decide on a Franchise Model

How far do you want your franchise to expand? How many franchises do you want? These are questions that you need to consider while planning your franchise expansion. Decide on places to expand to, based on your market research of course. You need to expand where it makes sense, so be picky about locations. Decide on how fast you want to grow. Sometimes rapid growth is detrimental to a business, pick a rate of growth and expansion that will only benefit your business.

4) Choose the Right People

This is probably the most difficult and important steps in the franchising process. If you don’t choose the right people to franchise your business, your company can fail very quickly. You need to be able to trust and maintain a relationship with your first franchisees. It is easy to find people with capital, but it is harder to find the people with the right experience.

5) Build and Maintain Your Brand

Don’t let your franchisees go off and do their own thing with your business name. Your brand is the most important aspect of your business. When you franchise your business out, you essentially give the reigns to someone else for your brand. In order to avoid a brand tragedy, make sure you have strict rules and guidelines when it comes to your brand image. Don’t let your franchisees alter or change your brand in any way unless you want your overall brand to change.

6) Find a Mentor

There have been plenty of other people who have already experienced what you are going through right now. Find a mentor. Your mentor can guide you and give you advice about the process of how to correctly franchise your business. They should be someone you trust and that has the time for you and your business. Your mentor has the capability of being the most valuable asset to the growth of your business.

7) Support Your Franchisees

Your franchisees need to know that you trust and support them. Franchising is not only scary for you, but it is also scary for the franchisee. They are investing a lot into the franchise and have everything to lose if they fail. Give them the support they need to succeed because if they succeed, your business succeeds and progresses.

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How to Utilize Franchise Social Media Marketing


Social media is a great marketing platform for any business type, including franchises. The sad fact is that most franchises in America do not utilize the effective reach to gain potential customers. Franchise social media marketing can be a great asset and tool for any franchise as long as you use it correctly. Here are a few tips that will help any business increase their social media presence.

Use Other Platforms With Facebook

Facebook is the most used platform for marketing in the world of business, but it’s not the only profitable platform. Businesses who have been successful with social media almost always utilize multiple platforms to increase their social media presence and promote their brand.

For example, Twitter can be used to update your followers on new locations, products/services, and general information about the business. LinkedIn can be useful for building a professional network, soft selling, and franchise information. Pinterest is great for branding, developing a strong customer following, and sales.

That is just a few possibilities with some of the other platforms. Consider the possibilities when you include Instagram, Snapchap, and other useful platforms. You can really up your franchise social media marketing game by starting to get involved online.

Actively Communicate with Customers

More than 60% of all franchises do not respond to any sort of social media communication from their customers. That does not help business in any way. Most customers expect that they receive a response on social media within 60 minutes of a comment or complaint according to Edison Research. It is definitely a recommended best-practice for any franchiser or franchisee who wants to strengthen their franchise social media marketing efforts to always respond. Responding to anything directed towards you will instantly give you a strategic advantage over other franchises and competitors.

Get All of the Franchises Involved

A lot of franchisers don’t allow their franchisees to manage their own social media account or page. Depending on your strategy or industry, that could really be harming your bottom line. It is good to have management control the branding and messaging that goes out as official company messaging or promotions, but it is also very good to have a local presence. Customers trust locals more than corporate, that is just a fact. By giving your franchisees an opportunity to specialize their promotions for the local environment, you can expect to have more social media engagement, better branding, and more loyal customers that will add to your revenue.

Need Help With Your Franchise Social Media?

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Blogging for Franchises

The best way to tell people about your business or franchise is in your own words. Blogging gives your location or business a voice and a personality that will engage your customers and boost your digital marketing efforts. If you’re a franchise, you want to rely on the strength of your franchise brand, but you also want to be sure you share a personal side of your individual location—a blog is the perfect place to do that.

Engaging your customers and followers in an online dialogue also converts prospects into loyal customers. If you aren’t blogging you are missing out on an opportunity to connect with your customers on a profound level that will benefit your business.

The facts speak for themselves. Study this infographic, courtesy of The Hub, to learn how to improve your blog and better your business.

Blogging for Franchises


For more suggestions about blogging for businesses please contact us. We’d love to help you seize the opportunity to engage your customers.