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Pack-Outs for Your Print Marketing Campaigns

Businesses thrive on marketing campaigns–and what better way to market than signage? It’s visible, usually colorful, and meant to grab attention right away. What could go wrong with branded signage?

Unfortunately in franchises, a lot could go wrong. It’s often too easy for franchisees to create signs and other marketing materials that go off-brand. It might be a color, a font, or even a different offer. While it might not seem like a big problem, it can be devastating for campaigns. For example, if your food-based business needs to advertise a special deal or a new menu item, and one location doesn’t get the right signage, you could lose a lot of customers looking to participate in the offer!

Marketing campaigns and promotions hold no weight if your franchisees aren’t on the same page visually. But that is where Divvy steps in.

Pack-Outs for Your Promos

Divvy easily creates quality marketing materials our franchises need to promote their products effectively. We create print marketing shipments, referred to as pack-outs. You may also know them as:

  • Quarterly marketing build-outs
  • Promo packages
  • Marketing auto-shipments

In these shipments, we print any item you might need for your campaign. These could include flyers, cards and envelopes, apparel, window clings, store graphics, menus, displays, and more. One franchise might only need a shipment of window clings, while other campaigns require all of the above for a large-scale marketing promotion.

The best part about pack-outs is that each shipment arrives at each location simultaneously, with the exact same pieces and materials. Every franchisee will receive exactly what they need for their campaign. This saves each location from having off-brand signs, different offers, and unapproved images. Your campaign will run smoother than ever with every franchisee participating this way!

Shipping Your Pack-Outs

Though it may be easy to print all the necessary products, getting them organized and off to their destinations can be trickier. But not for Divvy! Getting those products to businesses like Port of Subs, Bahama Bucks, and others in a timely manner is where we really excel.

Divvy does not deliver your print collateral back to you (the franchisor) for you to ship. That would be a waste of your time! Instead, we send it out for you to every individual location, saving you time and stress–and making sure everything gets there in time for your promotion to begin.


How Pack-Outs Work

Franchises order their promotional items via our web to print storefronts and API. Divvy then prints every single product just the way you need it. Need one location to receive something different from the others? We can do that, too! We will then drop-ship each set directly to every location, meeting your time-sensitive needs.

Divvy has a great deal of experience doing this for large orders covering multiple stores. We help franchises meet their tight deadlines and pull off successful marketing campaigns and promotions by doing everything in one place, where others are at the mercy of multiple shops and their variable or unreliable deadlines. Divvy’s ability to perform these pack outs in one location and ship them out to each franchisee gives us the edge compared to our competitors.

Top 6 Brand Consistency Tips for Franchises

When it comes to your brand image, consistency is the key. The lack of consistency of brand can be the most impactful and harmful to the success of your business. You must ensure that you have a strong and consistent brand. This can be a very difficult process unless you have the right policies and standards set up. The trick is figuring out what the most important and influential factors are to keep all of your franchisees on board with you. Here are the top 6 tips to maintain brand consistency among all of your franchises.

#1 Define Your Brand and Set Standards

The first task you have to do in order to protect your brand is to first define your brand. Who are you? What do you represent? Where do you fit in the industry? How do others perceive you? These are only a few of the questions you need to be asking in order to personally understand your brand. Once you understand who you are, you need to set standards to protect or enhance that brand image. Some of those standards may include franchisees only being able to advertise with approved materials, promotions, and pricing strategies. The biggest thing to remember is that brand consistency is king. If your brand is not consistent everywhere, your whole business can be ruined. You should be willing to do whatever it takes to maintain consistency in your brand image.

#2 Communicate Your Standards

Setting standards to keep your branding consistent doesn't do any good unless you let all of your franchisees know about it and enforce it. The best way to communicate this type of message is through training manuals, reminder materials to put up at their own store (posters about the brand, on the employee uniforms, etc.), and receiving reports about how your franchisees are implementing those standards. Just because you have set up some standards doesn't mean they are perfect. Protecting your franchise brand image is a continual process and will need adjustments after you have set your standards. Be willing to collaborate with your franchisees and make adjustments where necessary.

#3 Train Your Franchisees

Training is perhaps the most important step in all of this. You need to train all employees, including franchisees, on your standards and the importance of consistency in branding. By training the leaders of the business and franchises, they can in turn train all of the employees they are in charge of and set an expected level of compliance. Don't just have one or two trainings a year, try to have some sort of training or reminder every month to keep brand consistency for the franchise on their minds.

#4 Only Have One Website

The quickest way a brand image can be tarnished is online. The most efficient way to manage any online communication or advertising is to have only one main website with each franchise having its own subdomain instead of having completely different domains or websites for each franchise. This enables you to have a central location for all communications that the franchisees can promote as well. The franchisees will still have the freedom the do what they please with their subdomain, but management will have the ability to override anything that isn't brand consistent.

#5 Regularly Visit Physical and Online Locations

Enforcing brand consistency among all of your franchises shouldn't be like babysitting. Rather, you should trust your franchisees to stay consistent. That isn't to say you shouldn't have someone or multiple people go visit every location every now and then to check up on the store. Keeping a watchful eye is important both online and in the physical locations, but don't make it a burden. You want to maintain a culture of trust, not a culture of fear. You can accomplish that by providing approved material, both physical and digital, to your franchisees.

#6 Provide Incentives and Recognition for Successful Consistency

The most effective method of maintaining consistency in your franchise branding is to provide an incentive program to encourage the desired behavior. People naturally tend to continue to act in certain way if they know they will receive a reward for doing so. A couple examples of how to accomplish this is to have a monthly recognition award or providing a monetary or funding reward. This is your area to be creative. You know what drives your franchisees and employees, think of something that will be effective for you.

Need Help With Brand Consistency For Your Franchise?

Divvy is your answer! We make the marketing and branding easy for every franchise. Come see how and experience the Divvy difference today!

5 Tips to Market your Fitness Franchise

We’ve seen an increase in worldwide concern about healthy living and obesity, which means it’s a great time to consider opening a fitness franchise. Sure, fitness trends and fads may come and go, but the gym and fitness industry has experienced significant growth in the past few years.

So, why open a franchise instead of your own business? With a franchise, the corporate offices assist you in setting up the entire infrastructure of your business, and you gain the already existent brand strength and awareness.

However, franchising a fitness business doesn’t mean you won’t have to market your own location. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of things our fitness franchise clients do to make boost their marketing and create opportunities for growth.

1. Rely on brand strength

You should be thinking of creative ways to market on a local level, but don’t stray too far from the brand. Use collateral and materials that have been approved through corporate and match the brand style guidelines. After all, you paid for the brand, don’t destroy its power.

2. Use flyers and printed materials

You may think print is dead, but we’ve seen that flyers and other printed handouts have an extreme effect on a franchise’s success. Design a branded flyer that you can place at the front desk, hang in the gym, or hand out to each customer or client that comes through your gym. Fitness franchises have unique face-to-face and regular relationships with their customers and prospects, allowing you to leverage the power of print.

3. Offer Referral Rewards

Often corporate offices will set up referral rewards programs, but if they don’t, try setting up a program of your own on a smaller scale. Offer them a free t-shirt, or 15% of their yearly membership for the remainder of the year. Whatever it is, use some creative and consider what it is that would motivate your customers to bring their friends in to your fitness center or gym.

4. Offer a Free Fitness Course

A great way to get new members into your gym or fitness center is to offer periodic free courses. You may be surprised at how effective a monthly yoga class that members can bring their friends to will be in exposing new people to your gym and your programs. So whether it’s beginner’s weight lifting, or cycling courses, consider dedicating an hour each week to prospecting and advertising your gym classes.

5. Social Media

Your corporate franchise brand may be leveraging social media, but your customers want to see the personal face behind the business. You should be engaging and responding online, as well as prospecting. Having an online presence is a crucial element in the world of marketing and technology, so sit down with your team and discuss the type of content you want to include in your social media strategy.

No matter what type of fitness franchise you’re opening or working with, think creatively about marketing for your specific location. Utilize the strength of the brand, but don’t rely on it entirely.

If you could use some help with franchise branding or printing marketing collateral, let us know. We can help.

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