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How to Optimize Your SEO with Keywords Continued

In the last SEO optimization blog, we discussed only two of the three factors that affect your websites SEO. In this blog we are going to continue where we left off so that your website can perform well and rank where it should be organically. The last area to focus on to improve your SEO and really optimize your website is the quality of keywords and the website itself. You can judge the quality of your keywords and website by the following criteria:

Keyword Quality

High CTR

A high CTR (Click-through rate) is very representative, at least to Google, of the quality of your keywords and that your chosen keywords are relevant to your landing page. Typically, your webpage CTR also strongly effects your organic rankings. The higher your CTR is, the higher your organic ranking. By choosing quality and relevant keywords, you will start to see that your SEO optimization efforts will be reflective on your organic rankings.

Low Bounce Rate

A low bounce rate is definitely a positive quality about your choice of keywords and the quality of your site. There are any number of reasons why a potential customer will bounce from your website, but the most common are that your keywords weren’t directly related to what they were searching for, the quality of your webpage turned them away from you, or that they don’t know or trust your brand. A low bounce rate is indicative that your keywords and webpages are highly related to what they searched for and you will start to rank even higher for those particular keywords.

Webpage Quality

Short Loading Times

If your webpage takes a really long time to load, you can conclude that you have room to optimize for website performance. Not to mention all of the lost potential customers you would have if your webpages performed well. On top of that, if you have longer loading times, you will rank lower because Google requires fast loading pages. If you need help to optimize your webpage load times, here is a tool from Google that will be very useful.

Proper English

A very minor mistake in your spelling or grammar on your webpage will negatively impact your ranking in Google. Make sure you review your material before publishing it to your website so that a dumb grammatical error doesn’t hurt your company and website. If you need to, have other people you trust review your work. Having an extra set of eyes on your work will not only improve your the work you do, but it will help to optimize your website.

Limited Ad Space

If your webpages are cluttered with ads, that is very distracting and unattractive to consumers so Google penalizes those who practice this. What is considered too many ads? As long as your website doesn’t have ads filling in all possible white on your webpage, you should be fine. Try limiting it to two or three ads at the most. To add salt on the wound with ads on your webpages, having too many ads also slow down your webpage which will lower your rankings. To correctly optimize your webpages, having a balance of content and ads is the best guideline to follow.

Original and New Content

Content is an important factor to consider in order to optimize your website. Content increases the amount of links within your website and Google really likes that. There are various ways to increase the amount of content on your website. The most popular way of doing this is blogging, but blogging isn’t for everybody. If you are an ecommerce site that is continually updating your website with new pages for new products, that is another way of effective link building. Whatever method you decide to use to increase your content, the biggest thing is to make it original or unique to your website.

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How to Optimize Your SEO with Keywords

Picking the correct keywords for your website is very important for your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Your keywords can either significantly help your website show up on the first page of Google, or your website will be lost among the dark domains of the second page, or even worse, the third page. Statistically speaking, less than 10% of online searchers actually go to the second page. This means your chances of being seen is slim to none if you aren’t on the first page. Google uses various criteria to measure your website, but there are three main areas that you should focus on to start improving your website: keyword phrase, relevance, and quality. We will only focus on the first two in this blog: keyword phrase and relevance.

Choosing Your Target Keywords or Keyword Phrases

When choosing your target keywords and phrases, there are a few things you will want to consider: the relevance to the topic, traffic, and competition.


Make sure that your keyword or phrase is about your product or service. If you are selling jewelry and your keyword phrase is about headphones, your keywords are definitely not going to help your website at all. If you have a product that most consumers aren’t familiar with, try using a keyword that consumers are familiar with and would probably use to search for what you have to offer.


There is literally no point in using a keyword or phrase that isn’t searched. You might be able to dominate that keyword or phrase and always rank #1 on Google for it, but if there is no traffic going to that phrase, then you are wasting your time and money. Make sure that when you do your keyword and phrase research that you only consider ones that have consistent traffic. There are many resources available to digital marketers to do keyword research. We suggest using Google Adwords because it is data directly from the source, it is free, and it has plenty of features to help you make informed decisions.


Now that you have found keywords and phrases that have traffic, you need to consider your competition. I suggest typing your chosen keywords and phrases into Google to see who shows up. Are there any large corporations? Are there any specialty stores? You need to see how hard it is going to be to get your webpages on the first page.

Relevance of Your Keyword Choice

Now that you have decided on and mapped what keywords or phrases you want to attribute to each webpage, the next step is to make your entire webpage relevant and optimized for that keyword or phrase. Make sure keyword or phrase is located in the URL, the title tag, header tags, within the main content of the page, the image alt text and file name, anchor text and structured data. By ensuring your keyword or phrase is contained within those areas, you can be confident that your on-sight SEO for your webpages have started to be optimized for the first page of Google.

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Franchise Marketing Ideas

Local Business Listings

Before we go to far into this series, let’s ask ourselves a question:”What’s the first thing you do when you are looking for a business?” If you are anything like 93% of America, you use some sort of a search engine. There should at least be a Google+ page for your location but we suggest you investigate a few other postings like Facebook (which you probably already have) Yelp, Foursquare and any other geo-local-listings.

Hint: The more you add to these platforms (services, products, etc.) the more your business will feel the effects.

Email Marketing and SMS Marketing

This is not as hard as it sounds. Simply incentivize your customers to sign up for your text and/or email marketing programs by offering electronic or printable coupons, preferred customer specials and discounts, and notices of this-day-only deals they can only receive by signing up. This strategy allows you to do two things (1) Gather more information about your customer base and (2) facilitate remarketing through thank-you emails and texts.

Hint: Help grow your franchise’s email and SMS marketing by training employees on the program, include it in your signage or talk about it on social media.

Social Media

It’s hard to say which should come first but without question, your business should have a social media presence. Franchisees should consult with their corporate brand when it comes to what channels to use and how to best use them for local franchise marketing. If the corporate marketing department wants each location to have a more local content, it will be harder to fix a strategy but they will most likely see better results.

Whatever the situation may be for your organization, the key to social media is consistency. If you pick two social media platforms to publish content from, do so EVERY day (if it’s Twitter, several times a day). Once you feel you can manage that, go ahead and branch out onto other platforms.

Hint: Create a calendar that allows you to publish out a week or even a month in advance.

Direct Mail

I hope you haven’t glanced over this section because the idea of a direct mail campaign is boring or somehow old fashioned. 76 percent of small businesses say their ideal marketing strategy includes a combination of both print and digital communication. The key here is to take this traditional style of marketing and make it more targeted. Take direct mail and blend it with whatever current social media or community outreach campaigns you might be running.

Hint: Direct mail campaigns are slowly becoming THE solution for targeting millenials.

Community Outreach

The best way to find a loyal new customer is by word-of-mouth. Our final tip this evening is to be involved in the community. Find out what businesses you could team up with to put on a really spectacular event. Whether you a running a cross-promotion campaign with another business or sponsoring a local sports team, working with the community is a great way to spread goodwill.

Hint: Answer the question: “How could my location be an asset to the community”

Franchise Marketing Ideas by Divvy

Sometimes the issue with new marketing campaigns is finding new inspiration. Once you know your target market, call us up at Divvy. We have helped a number of companies with their direct mail campaigns. The benefit from calling us, we can see the project through from concept to completion. We also assist a number of organizations with email campaigns and social media brand management. Give us a call if you are ready for some truly unique ideas.


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