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Standees: Your Most Effective Event Signage

When holding an event, you’ll want to grab your customers’ attention as quickly as possible. Wherever you are and whatever the event, a lot of people could walk by without paying much attention to your storefront or booth. Unless you use three-dimension signage–namely, standees! Standees help catch the attention of people passing by and immediately show off your brand. They are far more interesting to look at than regular, flat signage. And best of all, with Divvy, you don’t need to accept printing limitations on your standee!

Designing a Standee

Every standee begins with an eye-catching design. These displays are your chance to think outside the box. Don’t just go for the standard rectangular shaped sign. Incorporate odd shapes and colorful images. Make this design 100% yours. Using more creative shapes and brand elements strengthens the overall look of your business, particularly in a storefront.

When preparing to design, examine your space–whether in an individual store or at a trade show. Consider where you can place the standee to create the most drama, and design your display to fit that specific area.

What Materials Do We Use?


With Divvy, you don’t need to worry about altering your design to fit our print capabilities. We can print whatever you need on a wide variety of materials! This leaves you free to design as you wish to fit your business, not ours.

We choose light but sturdy materials to help the standee last once it reaches the franchise location. We want your piece to look good through the length of the whole promotion! Depending on our customers’ needs, we can print on any rigid, non-fragile material. For instance, we might create a three-dimensional piece for a client out of foamcore or falconboard. Both materials are good for layered, 3D images and for putting a display in front of a trade show booth.

Most often, we print on coroplast, a corrugated plastic material that holds up well, but also allows for bending and is easy to cut. Coroplast is a great material for outdoor signage, or for standees that need to handle a little wear-and-tear.

How to Best Use Standees

Remember: design a standee for the area it’s in. You’ll want the most eye-catching display possible without eating up a walkway or creating some other hazard.

Depending on your material, you can move a standee in and outdoors to catch the eyes of passersby on the street. Dynamic signage, after all, tends to seize attention, which will lead to customers and clients entering your store to learn more. Standees work far better than regular, flat signage. After all, even with a great design, flat images can lose a person’s attention quickly, or fail to grab it in the first place. But three-dimensional signs stand out (literally) in the physical world, not just on glass. That demands attention right away!



Tight on space? During events or in small franchise units, our standees combine stability with creativity and practicality. This sign hides a surprise behind its design: falconboard shelves! Here, you might store fliers or forms, handouts, and giveaway prizes.

We also make three-dimensional signage for any occasion or style. Every layer in the design keeps your eye on the sign, which keeps the customer engaged–unlike regular, static signs. Imagine how effective this might be on your standee!


See how Divvy can help your business grab and keep your customers’ attention today. Call us for a consultation or to share your ideas!

The Benefits of a Business Blog

At first, creating a blog for you business might seem intimidating and useless. After all, business blogs aren’t like personal blogs where you can share photos from your latest family vacation. However, that doesn’t mean business blogs are boring! In fact, there are many benefits that come from creating a business blog.

Be Seen



A website is great for providing basic information about your company, but did you know that search engine algorithms focus on websites that provide continuous updates? This means that if your website isn’t creating new content, it’ll be pushed further and further back during internet searches. However, it’s impossible (and unnecessary) to constantly update your website itself. The best alternative is a blog on your business’ website. The blog updates will keep your website current. According to Hubsport, 95% of businesses with a blog report higher search rank.

Blogs are also a great way to find out who your target market is and when you can best reach them. This is because blogs come equipped with blog analytics that allow you to track which blog posts are most popular, what day of the week gets the most traffic, and what time of day is ideal to post. HubSpot survey’s show that 60% of businesses who blog acquire more customers. 

You may want to argue that social media is a better platform for sharing information. However, though social media has it’s uses (many of them!), the popularity of platforms ebbs and flows. Blogging is a consistent way to be visible on the web, regardless of your client’s social media platform preference. Not only that, but blogging provides more content you can share on social media! Blog posts that were shared on Twitter and Facebook got 149% more inbound links than those not shared on social media at all. (U.addresstwo)

Engage With Your Clients



Business blogging is a great way to share useful information with your clients. By posting about your products, the process, or interesting industry related tips, you can build your brand and prove to your clients that you know about your business. Contentplus points out how 60% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content on its site. The reason? According to TMG Custom Media, 90% of consumers find custom content useful, while 78% believe that companies behind content are interested in building good relationships. When people believe a business cares about them, they’re more likely to care about the business in turn.

In addition, blogs provide an excellent platform to get feedback from your clients. As customers engage with your blog, you can learn what their needs are, and find ways to meet those needs. Even bad reviews are good reviews when you can use them to make your company better.

Now What?



Want a blog for your business, but don’t know where to get started? Contact us. We’ll help you set up everything you need to make your business blog a success.