how to use vinyl to change your business

Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

You can’t risk wasting time when it comes to marketing your business. In today’s fast-paced world, promotion is a race. And in trying to be the first to get noticed, some companies hit the road with their promotions. These companies market everywhere they go with vinyl vehicle wraps. Wraps and vinyl for your car works for any business, from a major company to a university, down to tiny local companies.

Divvy can help you do more than slap a simple sticker on your back windshield. We can work with you to create the best wrap and decals for your vehicle and brand.

The Perfect Wrap

We’ll work with you to create the best wrap for your vehicle. The design can come from your designers, or we can create one for you. To make it fit your car perfectly, we’ll place the design in a template that matches the make and model of your vehicle. We want to make sure that it looks absolutely perfect for you when it’s finished!

Printing and Applying

Divvy prints the design on-site, using vinyl that will weather the elements on any vehicle. We will also install it on your vehicle on-site. When installing it, we’ll create an environment perfectly suited to a clean application that will keep your vinyl long-lasting and glossy. How long does our vinyl wrap stay on your vehicle? Usually, up to 5 years. Others not suited to the outdoors can last only as long as 2 or 3 years.

For larger vehicle wraps that cover the vehicle, we’ll print them in several overlapping pieces. These pieces go on by hand, and our team uses a squeegee to prevent wrinkles and air bubbles that will destroy the look of your wrap. We’ll also hand-trim it around corners, mirrors, handles, wheel wells, and moldings.

Your Marketing On-the-Go

Now that your vinyl vehicle wrap is finished, go get on the road! The visibility of wraps promotes your business anywhere you go. Your company’s┬ácolors and design, too, make your branding recognizable for even those who haven’t seen your business in person yet.

Should you decide to change your design in the future, our vinyl is easy to remove from your vehicle. And it won’t damage your paint or leave a sticky residue!

Have more questions about vehicle wrapping? Have a vehicle you want to wrap? Contact us today! We’ll work with you to create the perfect vinyl vehicle wraps for your franchise.

Creative uses of vinyl stickers for business

Vinyl has really been around so long, there is nothing new about it. But as time passes, we have discovered new and exciting applications for it.

In particular, marketing and advertising professionals have invented new ways to use vinyl stickers for business as means of improving the public perception of a business.

Vinyl sticker ads are massively successful. Some of our favorites are…

The “smashed” Apple Store window

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Certainly an eye-catching display, Apple used this vinyl graphic to promote their newest iPad. The “smashed” window was meant to show that demand for the new product caused desperate customers to come running head long into the window.

Maybe not the most positive message, but engaging none the less.

Folgers Coffee manhole cover

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Folgers placed these over manholes throughout Manhattan. The steaming cups of coffee surely looked appetizing to the sleepy commuters who saw them.

Elmex toothpaste cavity prevention ad

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A toothpaste company in Israel created this engaging vinyl advertisement. To prevent cavities, Elmex gave away free samples behind ever tooth.

HomePlus subway store

vinyl stickers for business















To promote the grand opening of a New York grocery store, HomePlus transformed the subway platform into product aisles by using vinyl stickers. Their opening day exceeded expected sales by over 550 percent. 550 PERCENT…yes you read that right.

Pert Plus sink stickersvinyl stickers for business

















Great thing about vinyl is that it is water proof. Pert expertly demonstrated this ability with their bathroom sink ads.

If you need creative vinyl ads for your business, contact us at Divvy. We can design and print your ads all in house.