Improving Your Direct Mail Pieces

If you’re not using direct mail for your campaigns, you’re missing out! Direct mail has a large ROI, and recipients of all ages–even Millennials–love it! If you are using direct mail, but you feel that it needs some enhancement to be even more effective, Divvy can help! Here are our tips for improving your mail pieces.

Heavier Weight Paper

Giving your paper a heavier weight immediately increases the quality of your piece. And quality is vital on direct mail pieces. Print marketing is all about sense, after all. If you skimp on this, you might lose out on potential business.

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If the piece you’re creating is for a high-end product or business, heavy weight paper and texture is essential. Your direct mail piece must convey luxury, which lends credibility to the idea that the product is, too.


It’s easy to go with a typical postcard shape and style for a direct mail piece. It’s low-effort and easy to duplicate. However, that’s also one of its drawbacks. Going with a static shape can grow stale with your customer base. If they receive a lot of direct mail, they might miss yours among the others.

Try creating direct mail pieces that you can unfold to view more information. Interaction with the piece increases engagement and memory, which translates into increased customer loyalty and sales. Plus, with a fold, you can use more information on only one piece!

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Your clients and customers like to feel important. Everyone does! You can use that with your direct mail to make a stronger connection and build trust between them and your company.

Using variable data technology, Divvy can put addresses, names, appointment dates, and even personalized messages on individual mail pieces. And we can do it without hassle! This makes it easier to send mail with a better, more personal message–which will get you a better response from your clients.


Curious about how Divvy can help you enhance your direct mail pieces? Want us to help you automate and ship them? Just fill out the contact form below! You’ll find there’s nothing we can’t do with a direct mail piece.

Paper Marketing vs. Digital: How Paper Beats Online Ads

Because we get the majority of our data from cell phones, computers, and tablets, digital marketing seems to run the advertising world. However, the advent of digital ads do not mean paper marketing has no power. In fact, paper marketing actually has several advantages over digital.

Here are many benefits of paper vs. digital marketing.


Tangibility immediately creates a stronger psychological response in the reviewer than digital can. It triggers brain activities in areas tied to value and desire. More interesting textures such as foil and varnish or type of paper can also heighten a sense of ownership.

Engages Other Senses

For example: paper rustles, engaging sound, and can carry its own scent to stimulate memory later. Also, touch marketing uses textures and various finishes to engage this sense for a company’s benefit. Thus, the brain will automatically interpret paper marketing as more “real” and give it greater meaning. Paper marketing will also be better connected to memory by using these senses.

Memory and Recall

A study performed by neuromarketing firm TrueImpact proved that physical marketing better engages memory. When naming a brand, the participants who had seen the paper marketing for that company had 75% recall rather than 44% from the subjects who had seen a digital ad.


Paper and physical marketing has a higher review time than digital marketing. Hanging onto a postcard or catalog stimulates the brain, and if the content is engaging, it will be harder for the recipient to pull away.

Also, paper has the benefit of not being as obnoxious as many pop-up video or audio ads. These can make a viewer close them down as quickly as they appear on-screen. Handling paper won’t make a reader want to put it down just because the colors are too bright.

Boosting Other Media

Combine print ads with television or digital advertisements during a campaign. People will be better able to recall these other messages if exposed to a postcard or newspaper ad as well. They will also be able to associate your brand better between the messages.

The Best of Both Worlds

Though print marketing may be most effective for your business, don’t neglect your digital advertisements just yet. Using print ads effectively for brand marketing and strengthening memory will ramp up your digital sales. Many viewers will hang onto a catalog or card more, but place the order on their computer or mobile phone. They’ll also use their devices to search for items or deals not included on the paper marketing. Paper and physical marketing can do more for your brand and business than you might expect, if you only let it.

Let Divvy quality printing help you create the most effective marketing tools! Contact us below for a free bid.

Web to Print: Benefit Your Business with Automation

Divvy’s web to print API makes it easy to print on-demand from our manufacturing and fulfillment system. No matter how big the job, you and your company can trust that Divvy’s high-quality service and technology will help your business stand out.

What is Web to Print?

Web to print, also known as Web2Print, opens up new possibilities for printing. Using Divvy’s online, white-label webstore portals, you can submit print jobs for your business. Because we use your logo, we keep your brand consistent and let you maintain creative control over your design.

How Does Web to Print Work?

Clients submit a form through Alexander’s easy-to-use storefronts and API, populated with details necessary to print your product. Franchisees and customers can choose pre-approved designs from the corporate offices of your company. Your employees or franchisees can select add-ins or details from drop-down lists. This makes it easy to allow some customization without risking any unapproved changes. Divvy will then print your products in-house and even ship them out for you!

Case Study: Dentrix

Divvy can also use your invoice databases or email lists to send reminders, promotions, and thank-you cards. Our service automates this process, and sends out any postcard or note for you. Here is what we did for Dentrix, one of the world’s leading practice management software providers for dentists.

Text messages and email reminders work for many dental patients. However, thousands of people still prefer print reminders. In an effort to help dentists reduce costly missed appointments, Dentrix turns to Divvy by Alexander’s.

Through Divvy’s web-to-print solutions, these dentists’ patients receive personalized, full-color dental appointment reminders that are automatically printed and mailed. Integrating Dentrix’s database with Divvy’s sophisticated data-driven technology makes automatic mailing possible.

For dental practices, this means faster turnaround, better tracking and fewer intrusive reminder calls. Plus:

  • Personalized, automated printing and fulfillment for up to 12,000 postcards daily
  • Intuitive software for optimal patient responses
  • Real time automation and tracking
  • Reduction in staff costs by an estimated $1 million per month throughout Dentrix users.

Divvy’s web to print services help make your printing and fulfillment easier. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn what we can do for you and your business.

Easy Marketing Guidelines for Postcards

When you’re planning a marketing campaign for your small or independent business, postcards stand out as a proven and cost-effective way to engage your audience. Well-designed postcards are easy for your clients to hang onto, unlike emails that can get trapped in a spam folder or deleted. Plus, according to the USPS, recipients are more likely to read or scan postcards than many other marketing materials.

Here are a couple of simple guidelines to help your postcards be as effective as possible for your audience!


Give a call to action

Some postcards fail because they do not include any sense of urgency or create a call to action for the recipient. Without a call to action, your audience will have only information—which can quickly be forgotten. Include a “next step” for your audience, and watch your sales improve! This should go beyond simply “call us now!”—be specific for maximum effect. Tell them why they need to contact your business today, rather than in a week. If you can, include an invitation to an upcoming event, such as a grand opening or sale. Or, you can use a promotion like a coupon to encourage your audience to engage with your business in a certain time frame.

Pay attention to the details

Recipients often associate imprinted postage, or indicia, with spam or junk mail, and your postcard may be thrown out before it can deliver your message. Take that extra step to purchase a first-class stamp, which will look better and more personable.

Remember also to check over your copy for any grammar or punctuation-related errors. Mistakes such as these come across as incautious or unprofessional, and can drive away your customers. Even if you have run it through a spell-check, it’s good practice to check for awkward phrasing or unnecessary repetition. Before printing your postcard, read it aloud and/or send it to someone else for a review. The more eyes, the better—someone may catch something that you have missed!

Also, though it may seem obvious, but double-check your postcards for phone numbers, website URLs, and physical addresses. Make sure that your card contains the contact information necessary for recipients to act on your call to action. This removes the recipients’ need to look you up and possibly lose interest in the meantime.

Maintain consistent branding

While it’s good to change up the design to keep it from getting stale, you’ll need to use similar colors, fonts, or taglines on all your postcards to create an association between your business and your audience. It’s important to maintain consistency and frequency so that when a recipient of your postcard campaign thinks of a certain type of business, they picture yours. Changing your branding without warning or otherwise being inconsistent may generate some confusion, especially with new clients.

Invest wisely

Along with checking details, it will be worth your while to invest in good design and copy writing. Though not every recipient will know the nuances, they may notice that something is off, and you’ll lose credibility. Those who do may not respond well to mistakes, and you risk losing their business.

Postcards are easy to print and cost-effective, so don’t skimp on these important factors! Your postcards deserve the very best efforts, as does your audience.

With these simple tips, you’ll soon have an excellent and engaging marketing campaign!