Make Your Ads Stand Out with 3D Signs

Divvy by Alexander’s has the capability to create amazing signage for your business needs. However, it gets better than just brilliant printing or a spectacular finish. Divvy can also create eye-catching and beautiful 3-D signage for your brand, product, or event. Your designs can literally pop off the wall!

However creative the design, two-dimensional promotions risk becoming static. Flat images without texture or extra dimension are more easily ignored, unless they’re enormous. But not everyone will have the budget for massive wall banners to seize their customers’ attention.

Letting clients and customers interact with your signs and advertisements, however, helps your brand and message stick in their memories. 3-D signs stand out above the rest with eye-catching oomph you need to showcase your product at its best.

Layered 3-D Signage

Sometimes the most striking three-dimensional signs are also the simplest. For example, this design for Port of Subs uses black foam core to make images and text more noticeable.

Each piece here is laminated to keep the whole image high-quality. Plus, the foam core is light but sturdy enough to last once it reaches the franchise location, no matter the length of this promotion. Every layer in the design keeps your eye on the sign, which keeps the customer engaged–unlike regular, static signs.


Similarly, this sign created for Divvy prints right onto a second, textured layer to help our name stand out above the rest of the image. You can’t help but notice the way a name pops on a sign like this!

Space-saving Design

Plus, as always, Divvy’s products are easily applied and easily removed for every individual franchise. Divvy makes it easy for your franchisees to make a 3D design like this fit their location and needs.

Tight on space? During events or in small franchise units, you can also use our 3D designs to combine stability with creativity and practicality. This sign hides a surprise behind its design: falconboard shelves! Here, you might store fliers or forms, handouts, and giveaway prizes.

Whether for an event or for your office space, 3D signage is far more engaging to your customers than flat, static boards or prints. Choose an extraordinary advertisement for your product or company today! We’d love to hear from you. Contact us for a free consultation.

Engaging customers through the power of print

“How do I get more customers/leads?”

Most businesses have one questions on their mind. How do you reach your target market? There are numerous answers, but how do you know which one is best for your business?

If you’re looking for a solution that will get people to act, consider the power of print.

Many businesses are discovering the power of print advertising. Even though print advertising has been around for centuries, recent studies show that audiences prefer print over digital, and here is why:

Print engages the senses

One of the many powers of print is its ability to engage our senses and form strong emotional connections. If you want people to know about your business then your first step should be…

Putting it in their hands

the power of print

Studies show tangible advertising helps assist memory and recall. By simply printing your advertisements, you are helping your potential customers form a connection to your business; a connection that will keep you at the forefront of their mind.

Appealing to the sense of touch is also accomplished through texture. Consider printing your ads on a material with a unique texture. We’ve printed on everything imaginable: cloth, plastic, wood; get creative with the texture and you will solidify yourself in your audiences mind.

Appeal to the sense of smell

This may seem like a difficult sense to engage through print, but smell is one of the reasons people prefer print. Do you know the smell of an old book? The crisp scent of new books? Newspaper? Of course you do. We have formed memories around those familiar smells. Likewise, you can form memorable bonds with your audience by appealing to their sense of smell.

the power of print

Some companies have developed scented inks to give their ads an advantage and to help bind their ad to the memory of their audience, but you don’t have to develop your own brand of ink to appeal to your audience, you can give your ads a unique scent by spraying them with perfume or any other pleasant odor.

Show them, don’t tell them

Sight is still the most accessible sense to print advertising. To appeal to this sense it is important to use as few words as possible, and focus on creating the right look.

Colors can affect the success of your ad. Choose the right colors to show your message. Colors have a strong psychological effect on your audience. If you want to convey excitement, use reds and oranges. If you are promoting health and happiness, use yellows and greens.

the power of print

Read more about the psychology of colors in advertising here.

Creative print projects are our specialty at Divvy. If you want to stand out and make an impression in your market, contact us and let us help you create the perfect ad.

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25 Business Cards Your Customers Will Keep

You’ve heard it before: “Business cards are a thing of the past.”


But the truth is, people are still successfully using business cards to sell, market and connect with customers and prospects. Each month we print and ship hundreds of sets of business cards, and some are extremely creative and eye-catching.


The key to a good business card is creating something that sends the right message about you and your brand. Don’t just think of a business card as a means to deliver your contact information. A business card is like any other piece of marketing collateral — it conveys a brand message and helps the recipient draw conclusions about your brand.


A while ago we had a new client come to us wanting to create business cards in the shape of waffles, because that was their product. So we designed and produced a textured, square card that resembled a waffle, except for the delicious smell.


We see a lot of creative business cards like this. We also see sleek, simple and elegant designs that are just as effective.


Keep in mind that your business card should represent the culture of your business or brand.


To help get your creative juices flowing, and open your mind to the many business card possibilities, we’ve compiled a gallery 25 imaginative business cards. To view where each card originated visit the links here.


To work with us on your next business card project, please get in touch via the contact form below.



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