Types of Printed Signage for Your Franchise

There’s more to your store signage than the neon sign over the door. Divvy can print a wide variety of signage for every one of your franchise locations using your branded designs and colors. If you’re looking for ways to expand the types of printed signs in your franchise, look no further!

Window Clings and Decals

The windows to your location are the first thing your customers passing by will see, possibly excluding your sign. This is your chance to show your brand’s colors, style, and overall message!

Use reusable window clings and permanent or semi-permanent adhesive decals to draw attention and advertise before visitors even enter your store. These are some of the easiest ways to get branded, consistent signage to dozens of your franchise locations to cover a single campaign or event.

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POP Signs

Set up point of purchase signs at the entrance, at the check-out counter, or near an item you want to advertise. It’s a great way to remind customers of deals, or to sign up for your rewards program and receive those deals. Without reminders like this, it can be much harder to increase your loyal customer base! POP signs can also help if your business has self-serve elements, like a self check-out counter or self-serve food. It’s an excellent advertisement that speaks where a cashier or server might not be able to.

Print POP signs through Divvy using materials like foamcore, falconboard, posters, and more to suit your business!

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If you’re trying to attract customers from off the street, small signs and text are a waste of your time and money. Grab attention right away with bold banners! Large, colorful text or images can help draw in impulse customers or just help them find your store. You can also use your banners in-store to draw attention to a certain section, fill up dead ceiling space, or announce an event or sale!

We print our banners on durable vinyl. We can get as big as you need by attaching sections together. We’ll also provide grommets (shown in the photo) to install it by hanging it wherever you need!

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Wall Decor

Every store or restaurant needs something to spice up its appearance. Not only is it good branding; it helps your location from feeling bland or without personality. Fill your store with branded materials that evoke feelings your target audience wants to connect to. These might be posters of people wearing your brand’s clothing or accessories, vinyl decals listing ingredients or menu items, or just fun art that fits your message.

We can print these on heavy-weight paper products or on gatorboard, a sturdy mounted material that is easy to install.


Of course, Divvy can do even more! It all depends on what your franchise needs for your brand. Contact us today to learn what other options we can create for your business.

What Can You Do with Signage by Divvy?

Divvy has excelled in signage and large format from the beginning. When we started, local stores and restaurants came to us for the variety of signage options and capabilities that we offered. Today we supply multiple franchise brands throughout the United States with full in-store displays including window vinyls, table tents, wall and floor graphics, and various pop-up and fabric tension displays. See what you can do for your business!

Trade Shows

Catching attention at a trade show or convention is essential. Thousands of potential clients walk by hundreds of other booths, and if you blend into the crowd, you’ll have wasted your time. Using banners, POP signs, and three-dimensional signs grabs attention right away and helps you stand out from other businesses.

You can also turn your booth into one big advertisement! Divvy’s large format printing capabilities can help you build an attention-grabbing booth perfect for any space at a convention.

In-Store Marketing

Putting up signs and ads is the best way to share promotions with customers already in or near your store. Within a store, you can use a variety of sign types for promotions and product advertisements. This could be small stands throughout a store, POP (point of purchase) signs for special member deals, and window clings to attract passersby.

Store Decor

While the primary use of signage may be to promote products and services, it has another valuable purpose: decoration. A bland store or office may leave visitors feeling underwhelmed. And they may transfer that feeling onto your products, whether or not they’ve already bought them.

Office signage can dress up your restaurant, store, or office, whether or not it’s a direct promotion of a product. It strengthens your brand and, in the case of restaurants, might get patrons’ appetites going for your food. It sets the mood you most want to convey in your brand, and makes your company a better place to work.

Printing Large Format with Divvy

Divvy by Alexander’s excels in all things large format! We’ll help your signs and advertisements stand out above the rest, no matter your needs. If you need signage for your next promotion or just to dress up your building, come to us! Even better, if you need signage across your whole franchise, we can keep your brand on point across every store. Contact us today to find out how!

Common Outdoor Signage Mistakes

Designing for the great outdoors–like on the outside of your building or near a freeway–is very different from the design on interior signage. Because of the difference, sometimes designers and businesses make some crucial mistakes. They forget to account for the fact that these designs are outdoors. And because of that, their marketing efforts go to waste. Here are some big mistakes you can avoid making when you create outdoor signage.

4. Sticky Fingers and Vandals

Depending on your area or how long you need to leave up your signs, you may need to add security measures. Many signs become subject to graffiti or vandalization. While you can’t prevent all vandals (think of graffiti under bridges!), you can make your signs easier to clean. Use a laminate to make spray paint come off easily.

3. Even Signs Need Sunscreen

Just as the sun can damage your skin without sunscreen, it can ruin your signs! Outdoor signs need UV-resistant inks to keep from fading. If your design won’t be outside longer than a day, you can continue using water-based inks. However, if you intend long-term marketing, you need those special inks!

2. Weather? What Weather?

Similarly, some printers or designers forget to create signs to be weather-proof! It’s obvious that paper and paper substrates won’t stand up in a rainstorm. But that’s not the only thing to consider. For example, some inks might suffer under moisture. Your sign itself might be vulnerable to extreme temperatures, melting or cracking under certain kinds of weather. Or, a powerful storm might carry away a banner or break a hard sign in two. Again, if you need your sign to be outside for more than a day, create it to survive the weather–whatever that may be.

1. Indoor vs. Outdoor Design

Outdoor signage needs to be seen from a distance. Especially if your target audience is driving, you have to get your message across quickly. Not everyone will have time or the inclination to come up close and read dozens of words on your banner. Plus, a driver trying to catch a complicated message on your billboard or banner can become a distracted danger on the road in seconds.

Make sure your words are few and very large. Not only that, make sure someone can easily read them in a hurry. Don’t use difficult-to-read fonts or complex ideas. If you can, let a picture and a brief tagline speak for you.


When it comes to marketing for your business, Divvy can create signage on a wide variety of substrates meant to withstand the great outdoors. You’ll successfully promote your business or event in any weather!

Standees: Your Most Effective Event Signage

When holding an event, you’ll want to grab your customers’ attention as quickly as possible. Wherever you are and whatever the event, a lot of people could walk by without paying much attention to your storefront or booth. Unless you use three-dimension signage–namely, standees! Standees help catch the attention of people passing by and immediately show off your brand. They are far more interesting to look at than regular, flat signage. And best of all, with Divvy, you don’t need to accept printing limitations on your standee!

Designing a Standee

Every standee begins with an eye-catching design. These displays are your chance to think outside the box. Don’t just go for the standard rectangular shaped sign. Incorporate odd shapes and colorful images. Make this design 100% yours. Using more creative shapes and brand elements strengthens the overall look of your business, particularly in a storefront.

When preparing to design, examine your space–whether in an individual store or at a trade show. Consider where you can place the standee to create the most drama, and design your display to fit that specific area.

What Materials Do We Use?


With Divvy, you don’t need to worry about altering your design to fit our print capabilities. We can print whatever you need on a wide variety of materials! This leaves you free to design as you wish to fit your business, not ours.

We choose light but sturdy materials to help the standee last once it reaches the franchise location. We want your piece to look good through the length of the whole promotion! Depending on our customers’ needs, we can print on any rigid, non-fragile material. For instance, we might create a three-dimensional piece for a client out of foamcore or falconboard. Both materials are good for layered, 3D images and for putting a display in front of a trade show booth.

Most often, we print on coroplast, a corrugated plastic material that holds up well, but also allows for bending and is easy to cut. Coroplast is a great material for outdoor signage, or for standees that need to handle a little wear-and-tear.

How to Best Use Standees

Remember: design a standee for the area it’s in. You’ll want the most eye-catching display possible without eating up a walkway or creating some other hazard.

Depending on your material, you can move a standee in and outdoors to catch the eyes of passersby on the street. Dynamic signage, after all, tends to seize attention, which will lead to customers and clients entering your store to learn more. Standees work far better than regular, flat signage. After all, even with a great design, flat images can lose a person’s attention quickly, or fail to grab it in the first place. But three-dimensional signs stand out (literally) in the physical world, not just on glass. That demands attention right away!



Tight on space? During events or in small franchise units, our standees combine stability with creativity and practicality. This sign hides a surprise behind its design: falconboard shelves! Here, you might store fliers or forms, handouts, and giveaway prizes.

We also make three-dimensional signage for any occasion or style. Every layer in the design keeps your eye on the sign, which keeps the customer engaged–unlike regular, static signs. Imagine how effective this might be on your standee!


See how Divvy can help your business grab and keep your customers’ attention today. Call us for a consultation or to share your ideas!

Make Your Ads Stand Out with 3D Signs

Divvy by Alexander’s has the capability to create amazing signage for your business needs. However, it gets better than just brilliant printing or a spectacular finish. Divvy can also create eye-catching and beautiful 3-D signage for your brand, product, or event. Your designs can literally pop off the wall!

However creative the design, two-dimensional promotions risk becoming static. Flat images without texture or extra dimension are more easily ignored, unless they’re enormous. But not everyone will have the budget for massive wall banners to seize their customers’ attention.

Letting clients and customers interact with your signs and advertisements, however, helps your brand and message stick in their memories. 3-D signs stand out above the rest with eye-catching oomph you need to showcase your product at its best.

Layered 3-D Signage

Sometimes the most striking three-dimensional signs are also the simplest. For example, this design for Port of Subs uses black foam core to make images and text more noticeable.

Each piece here is laminated to keep the whole image high-quality. Plus, the foam core is light but sturdy enough to last once it reaches the franchise location, no matter the length of this promotion. Every layer in the design keeps your eye on the sign, which keeps the customer engaged–unlike regular, static signs.


Similarly, this sign created for Divvy prints right onto a second, textured layer to help our name stand out above the rest of the image. You can’t help but notice the way a name pops on a sign like this!

Space-saving Design

Plus, as always, Divvy’s products are easily applied and easily removed for every individual franchise. Divvy makes it easy for your franchisees to make a 3D design like this fit their location and needs.

Tight on space? During events or in small franchise units, you can also use our 3D designs to combine stability with creativity and practicality. This sign hides a surprise behind its design: falconboard shelves! Here, you might store fliers or forms, handouts, and giveaway prizes.

Whether for an event or for your office space, 3D signage is far more engaging to your customers than flat, static boards or prints. Choose an extraordinary advertisement for your product or company today! We’d love to hear from you. Contact us for a free consultation.