Screen Printing for Events

Screen printing is a good way to create buzz about your event. Fabric, more than paper, is likely to stick around in a client’s desk or at home. And it’s far more interactive than most pieces of paper or card stock. Just that texture of the fabric and ink invites handling! These ideas can help you get started on screen-printing for your next event or campaign!


Send your attendees away with something to remember you by, or entice them in with T-shirts! With prices ranging from a couple dollars to a couple cents depending on the style, it’s an inexpensive, simple solution!

Shirts give more than they take because of that ROI. Whether you sell them or give them away, be prepared to get your money’s worth out of a well-done event shirt.

Make your shirt successful with more than just a logo slapped on it somewhere. You don’t want all your effort going to waste if the shirt ends up forgotten or given away! Find a design your clients, attendees, and even employees will want to wear again that still speaks to your brand. This one belongs to Alexander’s and is versatile enough that any of our Utah-based team can wear it every day! Using creative, versatile designs like this keeps your marketing efforts going long after the event.


We usually think of printing our physical invitations on paper–but did you ever think to do it like this? This invitation for Franklin Covey comes on a cleverly-done napkin. It perfectly matches the theme and feel of their Meet and Eat events, and serves as a great reminder just with its form. Similar ideas are especially effective for your event if it’s themed around food, weddings, or decor. Print an invitation on something small and easy to use again–especially if your event is annual or part of an ongoing campaign!

Event Collateral

You can use something like the napkin from above at your event, too! Printed collateral for your event can be useful giveaway items and, like T-shirts, continue to work after the event has ended. These might include:

  • Tablecloths
  • Napkins
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Bags
  • Shorts or sweatpants
  • Pillows
  • Art prints

Make your printed event ideas a reality! Contact us today to learn more about our screen-printing process and how you can use it for your event or franchise.


5 Offline Marketing Strategies for Introverts

It can be difficult to market your business if you are introverted or shy,  but it’s not impossible. A few weeks ago, we shared some marketing tips for introverts that focus mostly on social media. However, marketing offline is just as obtainable for introverts. So here are five introvert-friendly ways for the shy marketer to, well, market.

Business Cards

A business card tells about you or your company in a nutshell. While it shouldn’t be the sole aspect of communication between you and a potential client, there’s nothing wrong with using one to start (or finish) a conversation. Or, additionally, leaving a small pile of business cards at the edge of the snack table. Make sure your business card grabs the right kind of attention by following these guidelines.

Business Pens/Pencils

How often have you been asked if you have a pen or pencil someone can borrow? By putting your company’s name and/or website on the writing instrument, you can spread the word about your business without saying anything. And if you “accidentally” leave one or two behind, well, that’s just a great opportunity for more people to discover your business.

Car Magnets

For easy on-the-go advertisements, consider using car magnets to promote your brand or business. These can draw potential clients to you (either as they type in your website, or approach you at the super market to ask about your company). As a bonus, when you aren’t in a marketing mood, simply remove the magnet, and reapply when the mood strikes.

Business T-Shirts/Bags

Approaching people to talk about your business can be intimidating. However, it’s much easier to hold a conversation when the person approaches you already showing interest. By putting your brand (or snazzy company-related quote, etc) on a T-shirt, hand bag, or backpack, you can advertise your company without feeling like a social shark. Additionally, these make great merchandise to give to friends, family, and clients to help market your brand for you.

Meaningful Interactions

Not every conversation you start has to be about how someone should be using your company. Instead, allow conversations to flow naturally, and if you realize your company could really help the person you are talking to, mention it. But if that’s not possible, it’s okay to instead find other common interests with potential clients. Just because there wasn’t an oppertuinty to share your business instantly, doesn’t mean there won’t be one later during a game of golf.


Still looking for introvert-friendly marketing solutions? Contact us. We can help direct your marketing efforts.


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