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Trade Show Booth Design

In a crowd, you’ll need to stand out. There are few places where this is truer for your franchise than at a trade show booth. Among so many others, look of your booth can speak far louder than your product or even your staff. Since your trade show booth’s design is the base for success at a show or convention, we’ve got a few tips to help you win the crowd even surrounded by your competition.

Stay on-brand

Match your logo and colors, top to bottom of your booth. Every item should represent your business–even the chairs, if you can. Brand your pens and giveaway items, too. Even at large events, you’ll be able to maintain recognition among the crowd.

Be informative

At a glance, you’ll need to show exactly what your company does. Don’t assume that people will know what you do by your name and colors alone. You can put information about your product or services on a large banner, or somewhere else people will see it.

Have fun

At a trade show, you don’t only have to focus on business. That’s what less memorable booths will be doing–leaving their area static and without anything interactive. Turn your booth or product into a game or a venue, and let your visitors play. For example, at RootsTech 2017, one memorable booth had a device similar to an Oculus Rift for guests to play with. Their setup was both history lesson and game, letting guests put on goggles that let them see Renaissance-era Europe at any angle. This was a fun way to tie in their emphasis on access to historical data around the world.

Having some fun with your booth will help make it more memorable in a sea of booths.

Hold a giveaway

We don’t mean the kind of junk that ends up forgotten at the convention or worse, in the trash. Give away something your visitors will use! Give away food and drinks with your name and logo on them. Your visitors may not hang onto them forever. But they’ll appreciate a pick-me-up, and associate your booth with that positive feeling of relief from exhaustion or hunger.

Maximize your space

Whether you have a tiny 5×8 foot booth or a spacious block, use every square foot! You can show off your product with a banner in  a small space. And remember that you can use height as well! Use balloons or banners from a high ceiling to draw visitors’ eyes–even from a distance.

In a large booth, it’s important to keep it uncluttered. Large walls and presentation areas can quickly overwhelm with too much design. Remember here that less is more, and work on sleek but attractive looks for your large space.

Your booth is not the only thing on display. Remember that you and your staff members will be as well! These etiquette tips can help you appear as professional as your booth design.

Divvy can help you create a trade show booth to fit your needs, whatever they may be. Plus, we’ll create it in such a way that it’s easy to put together yourself. You won’t have to hire anyone or struggle with clunky pieces. Then, it’ll be easy to disassemble and return to your corporate offices.

Want us to design it for you? We can do that too! We’ll use your brand colors and design it to fit any space at any convention. If you’re looking for help with a trade show display or booth, contact us. We’d love to help.

Trade Show Booth Etiquette Tips

One of Divvy and Alexander’s most popular products is the disposable trade show booth solution. Whether you’re a franchisor, franchisee or a small business vendor, you’re probably attending a few trade shows each year, which can get pretty expensive. If you’re going to spend the money on flights and registration fees, we figure you might as well make the most of your time at that convention or show—-this includes highlighting an affordable yet impressive booth. To make sure your booth is extraordinary and effective, click here.

But aside from wowing your crowd with creativity and clear messaging, you also need to present yourself well at a trade show. Your booth may attract people to your space, but you’re in charge of verbally communicating your message and closing in on leads. We’d like to share some tips in conjunction with this great infographic about trade show booth etiquette.

1. Appearance

Of course you plan on showering and ditching the flip flops when you’re on the convention floor, but planning your appearance ahead of time is crucial. You don’t want to be the guy who forgot to pack his razor, leaving you unshaven and less approachable, do you? Take a few minutes as you pack to plan your outfit and double check that you have all the hygiene and grooming items you need to present your best self to potential clients.

2. Make sure you and your staff know your brand

Hold a planning meeting the morning you and your co-workers are presenting. Make sure you and every other person on your team has a steady grasp on branding and the product or service you’re trying to sell. Make sure everyone’s message is consistent.

3. Engage people

Maintain eye contact, be confident, and exhibit enthusiasm. You want to be sure that your body language is helping your accomplish your goals. Even small things like folding your arms in front of you can prevent people from approaching you in your booth.

4. Avoid Distractions

You may have a lull in booth visitors but don’t slack off and start talking on your cell phone or with co-workers. Give off an inviting vibe at all times so that people won’t walk right past your trade show booth.

If you could use some help preparing for your next trade show, we’d love to help. We can design, print and ship your booth and any other collateral you may need.