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5 Advantages of Using Online Print Portals

Divvy thrives on web-to-print made specifically to benefit your franchise. We accomplish our automation through web-to-print print portals, made specifically for each franchise we work with. Franchisees can place orders of products designed by corporate to get branded kits, campaign pieces, and promotional material delivered straight to their business. Here’s what sets using web-to-print portals apart from traditional ordering methods.


Using web-to-print processes streamlines the ordering process, saves time, and reduces waste. Divvy handles large orders on a regular basis, meaning we’re prepared to deliver quality, timely orders no matter the size.

Online previews allow the owner of each portal to check the design, variable data, and layout of each order piece. This saves you time as you plan the elements of your campaign.

We allow you to duplicate previous orders as well! This makes it easy to repeat elements of a campaign or send repeat pieces to recipients. If you need to create an element again, this saves you and your franchisees time.

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The efficiency of online portals continues to benefit our clients by reducing costs. Saving time on our end–whether in design, printing, or shipping–means we can pass those savings on to you. That gives you more leeway to make your marketing campaigns even more spectacular for your audience.

As always, Divvy focuses on keeping your branding uniform. We use your colors, fonts, and designs. Down the road, this will save you money by avoiding the misrepresentation of your brand as well as potential reprints.

Monitor Orders Online

With Divvy’s portals, franchisors can keep an eye on everything their franchisees order. Our web portals let you track everything about an order, as well as shipping once the items have been completed and sent out. Track orders by date range, product, item, companies, or in-process orders.

Corporate admins can even simulate their franchisees’ accounts and add items to their cart, if necessary. For some franchisors, this is a vital part of maintaining their brand, giving Divvy an advantage over other web-to-print portals.

Automated Shipping

Because of our online portals, we can send your products, direct mail, and campaign material directly to recipients. Each item will arrive in a recipient’s hands right when they need it. This might involve sending packouts to individual franchise locations at the same time to begin a promotion, or making sure your client base gets a piece of direct mail in time for your special offer.

Remember, with our monitoring system, you can track shipping for your orders.


On top of all this, Divvy portals are easy to use! It’s simple to place orders, keep an eye on franchisees’ orders, and prepare products for printing all in one place. Plus, we have one final feature for corporate admins: easy-to-assemble kits! Franchisors can add as many products as they need in a single kit, uniquely packaged for store openings, campaigns, or holidays. Franchisees order this kit, which we receive and produce right away.


Ditch your old methods of ordering printed franchise material! Join the many companies who automate and maintain their branding through Divvy’s online portals.

Port of Subs: How Divvy Made a Difference

Port of Subs is a quality sandwich chain that has been in business for over 40 years, beginning in Sparks, Nevada, in 1975. Since that time, they have established over 140 locations in seven Western states, drawn by the demand for quality and unique taste. Divvy by Alexander’s has recently provided Port of Subs with beautiful window clings to promote their business and services. Our high-end and top-notch printing complements the same care Port of Subs puts into creating fresh, made-to-order sandwiches.

Port of Subs’ Quality Window Clings

These window clings take front and center at this Port of Subs’ storefront. A variety of shapes and sizes showcases their designs. Divvy’s easy-to-use web-to-print API helps businesses like Port of Subs use the same image in different locations depending on window size or shape.

Window clings are easy to customize to specific marketing needs such as color, branding, and target audience. The Picnic Pack cling complements the look of the building and the colors of the logo. The flexibility of the design and the cling itself make this look great anywhere!

Another major benefit of window clings is that they are easy to move. Not only is it simple to remove and store, or to adjust for optimal traffic, but to place in more locations than just the front of the business. Window clings’ bold colors stand out against any environment, making them a flexible marketing tool for businesses like Port of Subs—or for your business!


Interested in printing window clings to promote your brand and services? Contact us! We would be happy to give you a free estimate.


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Web to Print: Benefit Your Business with Automation

Divvy’s web to print API makes it easy to print on-demand from our manufacturing and fulfillment system. No matter how big the job, you and your company can trust that Divvy’s high-quality service and technology will help your business stand out.

What is Web to Print?

Web to print, also known as Web2Print, opens up new possibilities for printing. Using Divvy’s online, white-label webstore portals, you can submit print jobs for your business. Because we use your logo, we keep your brand consistent and let you maintain creative control over your design.

How Does Web to Print Work?

Clients submit a form through Alexander’s easy-to-use storefronts and API, populated with details necessary to print your product. Franchisees and customers can choose pre-approved designs from the corporate offices of your company. Your employees or franchisees can select add-ins or details from drop-down lists. This makes it easy to allow some customization without risking any unapproved changes. Divvy will then print your products in-house and even ship them out for you!

Case Study: Dentrix

Divvy can also use your invoice databases or email lists to send reminders, promotions, and thank-you cards. Our service automates this process, and sends out any postcard or note for you. Here is what we did for Dentrix, one of the world’s leading practice management software providers for dentists.

Text messages and email reminders work for many dental patients. However, thousands of people still prefer print reminders. In an effort to help dentists reduce costly missed appointments, Dentrix turns to Divvy by Alexander’s.

Through Divvy’s web-to-print solutions, these dentists’ patients receive personalized, full-color dental appointment reminders that are automatically printed and mailed. Integrating Dentrix’s database with Divvy’s sophisticated data-driven technology makes automatic mailing possible.

For dental practices, this means faster turnaround, better tracking and fewer intrusive reminder calls. Plus:

  • Personalized, automated printing and fulfillment for up to 12,000 postcards daily
  • Intuitive software for optimal patient responses
  • Real time automation and tracking
  • Reduction in staff costs by an estimated $1 million per month throughout Dentrix users.

Divvy’s web to print services help make your printing and fulfillment easier. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn what we can do for you and your business.

Maintain Your Brand With Divvy

As a franchisor, you have many options for keeping your brand consistent among your franchisees. So what makes Divvy stand out above the rest? Divvy by Alexanders leaves little to no hassle for franchisors who want to maintain control over their company’s look. With Divvy, you can trust that your branded marketing stands out in the crowd.

On-site Printing

Divvy stands out from other web to print companies because the complete process is on our site. There’s no need for your franchisees to call or consult during their order. This saves you and them valuable time, such as over a weekend, after hours, or over a holiday.

Also, almost all of our printing and products are done in-house. Other automated web to print sites farm out their print and mailing to other locations and companies. This delays the process, and leaves more room for mistakes. But our in-house printing by Alexander’s gets you and your franchisees your products quickly. It only takes the amount of time to necessary to produce and ship to your location.

Plus, because it’s on-site, we know our printing is high-quality. We can print high-resolution photos from tiny postcards to large stands and signs. If you can dream it, we can print it!


For both franchisors and franchisees, Divvy is easy to use and hassle-free. We use your logo, brand colors, and standards over a wide variety of products, and help you set it all up.

Using our clean, white-label webstores, your franchisees can change hours of operation, dates, names, and numbers to customize signage or cards to their location. We also provide links for HTML tools, making it easy to add indentation, bullet points, and more into a text field without fuss.

Divvy portals also can include webinars for how-to videos, customer presentations, or training for each franchisee.


Franchisors can maintain complete brand control with Divvy. Too much franchisee customization may produce products with the wrong shades and hues, incorrect fonts, and unapproved pictures. These mistakes instantly damage your brand, and undermine your marketing efforts.

Divvy, however, lets you select approved brand colors and styles to prevent such damage. You can even allow franchisees to alter elements of their products based on their needs or desires, helping franchisees to feel like they also have creative control. At the same time, your stylistic control can prevent inconsistencies or mistakes that look less professional. This includes restricting hyphens, periods, or parentheses in a phone number for a business card or sign (e.g. (800)123-4567 or 800.123.4567).


As a franchisor, you control what your franchisees see, and you see all their activity as well. If all your units in Texas need special contract wording or sign colors, but it won’t apply to a unit in Wisconsin, you can hide certain products and capabilities from other franchisees where these options won’t matter.

Divvy allows a reporting option where you can view the order history of specific franchisees. This is useful if a franchisee’s unit isn’t doing well compared to others in their area. using this data, you can check on their marketing tools, how frequently they use these tools, and whether they’re selecting the same as their fellow franchisees.

Divvy’s goal is to save you time and hassle so you can focus on what’s important: your business. We succeed when you succeed, so we’ll help you meet your branding needs. Join the many successful companies already partnering with Divvy. Contact us today!