Avoid These 5 Obnoxious Business Tactics

Marketing is necessary to make businesses successful. But there’s a big difference between successfully promoting your business, and annoying your customers. Here are 5 ways you can tell if your business is scaring away clients:

Not Listening

If you’re constantly interrupting or talking over your customers, they’ll fill disrespected. Not only that, but they’ll be unable to communicate their needs to you. Remember, the whole point of selling a product is not to sell the product, but to meet the needs of your client. Let your customers do the talking so that you can find out what your customer needs, and provide it. This will help sales happen naturally, rather than scaring potential customers away by stuffing unwanted products down their throats.

Not Knowing About Your Product

A business can’t make recommendations unless they fully understand the benefits of their product and how it’s different from the competition. An American Express survey found that 78 percent of consumers have abandoned a purchase because they had a bad experience with the company’s representative where, often, they knew more about the product than the representative did.

Cold Calling

Phone calls can be a beneficial marketing tactic for the right business, but too often business call at inappropriate times. Do your research, and don’t attempt to call your clients early on a Saturday morning, or  during the family dinner hour.

Additionally, if you do cold call, make sure you don’t do it aggressively. Though charities and donation agencies all have a great cause to support, particularly as the holiday season gets closer, no one will want to support your agency if you call once a week or more. Honor your do-not-call lists.

Email Spamming

In a similar vein, everyone loves a good discount, but not everyone needs a new discount in their mail everyday. Sending weekly deals and specialty announcements about unique promotions are a great way to keep your customers informed and help encourage purchases. However, urging your customers everyday to come back and buy something new is going to get you nowhere but the spam folder.

Inconsistent Quality

Your customer service and product quality must be consistently good. Otherwise, customers will stop trusting you and your brand, and stop purchasing. Don’t scare away your loyal customers by giving them poor quality service or products.

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