When Are The Best Times to Post on Social Media?

Think of your personal social media pages. Many of your friends and followers post content whenever they want. It could be that they have a moment then, or something share-worthy just happened. But more often than not, unless they have many, many followers, they don’t get optimal responses. At least, not of the kind they need to build stronger followers. You’ll need to try something different to help build your community, get views, and get responses.

Your updates, blogs, and posts receive a lot of marketing care to make sure they adequately convey your message and brand. So give them the best posting times to really help them compete!

The Best Times for All Platforms

Generally, you should post when your audience is awake and willing to check on their phone. For the most part, this rules out nighttime in your audience’s time zones. Sometimes this means you can post during work hours, but even then, you should choose those times wisely.

Not every social media platform has the same posting times, due to very different audiences using them. This may meant adjusting your marketing and posting schedules. But believe us, it’ll be for the best.


Best times:

Weekdays 6-8 am, 2-5 pm.

Facebook users like to check their phones early in the morning, before leaving for work or during their commute. They likely won’t check during work, at least not in the morning.

Worst times:

Weekends, 10 pm-4 am.

Facebook is generally a site to spend a lot of time on or to glance at when users aren’t busy. So weekends, especially among adults, won’t have high engagement for your posts.


Best times:

Weekends, 1-3 pm, just after work

Shorter tweets tend to get higher responses and engagement than longer tweets (over 100 characters). You should also use at least 2 hashtags, and ask occasionally for retweets when you’re looking to build your following.

According to Sprout Social, Thursday at noon is the best time to post on Twitter.

Worst times:

8 pm – 8 am; Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings

No matter when you post, however, Twitter absolutely requires engaging and clickable content. Some companies can get away with posting in these dead hours if what they have to say is important enough.


Best times:

8 am – 5 pm, with optimal responses at 12 and 5 on Tuesday and Thursday

Since LinkedIn often thrives with B2B (business to business) posts, you’re safe posting during work hours on weekdays. You’ll still want to aim for that lunch hour and just-after-work hour, though.

Worst times:

Weekends, every day from 7 pm – 6 am

LinkedIn’s target audience isn’t likely to check or browse this site during off-hours and weekends. So it’s best to avoid those times when your followers won’t be thinking about work.


Pinterest is unique among other social media platforms because its content tends to last longer on your follower’s feeds. Still, there are both optimal and terrible times to upload content.

Best times:

Weekends, late nights, 2 and 9 pm on Saturday

Your pins will also do better overall if you take the time to write a detailed, searchable description to help your audience find your content.

Worst times

Weekdays 4 am – 7 pm

Unusual for social media, Pinterest studies show that you shouldn’t post during normal work days and hours.


Best times:

Weekdays, with the most engagement on Monday; 2 am, 8 am, 5 pm

You can and should also post any time  on Monday through Thursday, excluding 3 pm

Worst times:

3 pm every day

Though most days and times are excellent for Instagram, this mid-afternoon hour tends to do poorly for content and engagement.