Client Case Studies




Amy Smith

Assistant Brand Manager / TCBY

“It’s great to work with a team we can trust– people who will do the job and do it well. Divvy is a great partner.”


Christian Faulconer

CEO / Franchise Foundry

“Our franchisees know that we have a reliable partner who delivers high-quality marketing materials to them on-time and for a reasonable price. Divvy is a tremendous partner that we count on.”


Brock Reese

Sales & Marketing Director / Techna Glass Inc.

“Working with Divvy has not only helped us cut costs significantly on our printed materials, but it makes order fulfillment much easier and convenient.”

Jim Cavale

President / Iron Tribe Fitness

“Divvy has standardized and streamlined the way we’re able to provide marketing collateral to our 40 plus franchisees. This helps Iron Tribe Fitness maintain brand integrity by equipping our owners with what they need. Their system is easy to use and their customer service is second to none. It has been a very positive relationship and one we look forward to furthering.”