Engaging customers through the power of print

“How do I get more customers/leads?”

Most businesses have one questions on their mind. How do you reach your target market? There are numerous answers, but how do you know which one is best for your business?

If you’re looking for a solution that will get people to act, consider the power of print.

Many businesses are discovering the power of print advertising. Even though print advertising has been around for centuries, recent studies show that audiences prefer print over digital, and here is why:

Print engages the senses

One of the many powers of print is its ability to engage our senses and form strong emotional connections. If you want people to know about your business then your first step should be…

Putting it in their hands

the power of print

Studies show tangible advertising helps assist memory and recall. By simply printing your advertisements, you are helping your potential customers form a connection to your business; a connection that will keep you at the forefront of their mind.

Appealing to the sense of touch is also accomplished through texture. Consider printing your ads on a material with a unique texture. We’ve printed on everything imaginable: cloth, plastic, wood; get creative with the texture and you will solidify yourself in your audiences mind.

Appeal to the sense of smell

This may seem like a difficult sense to engage through print, but smell is one of the reasons people prefer print. Do you know the smell of an old book? The crisp scent of new books? Newspaper? Of course you do. We have formed memories around those familiar smells. Likewise, you can form memorable bonds with your audience by appealing to their sense of smell.

the power of print

Some companies have developed scented inks to give their ads an advantage and to help bind their ad to the memory of their audience, but you don’t have to develop your own brand of ink to appeal to your audience, you can give your ads a unique scent by spraying them with perfume or any other pleasant odor.

Show them, don’t tell them

Sight is still the most accessible sense to print advertising. To appeal to this sense it is important to use as few words as possible, and focus on creating the right look.

Colors can affect the success of your ad. Choose the right colors to show your message. Colors have a strong psychological effect on your audience. If you want to convey excitement, use reds and oranges. If you are promoting health and happiness, use yellows and greens.

the power of print

Read more about the psychology of colors in advertising here.

Creative print projects are our specialty at Divvy. If you want to stand out and make an impression in your market, contact us and let us help you create the perfect ad.

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