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Innovative Print Marketing: Printing Beyond Postcards

Postcards are great, and we know how useful they can be at Divvy. But for some campaigns, a postcard just isn’t enough. They can easily get lost on a desk or under a pile of other papers. That is not where you want your valuable marketing information to end up! Think outside the postcard with innovative print collateral like a marketing kit, a brochure, and more!

Interactive Pieces

With a postcard, all you have to do is flip it over, and the interaction with the piece is complete. People quickly lose interest after that. But with a brochure you have to unfold, you can engage a customer much longer.

Giving your mail pieces a little more interactivity can make that information valuable and ensure that it sticks in the minds of your recipients. While you’re at it, make sure you include a call to action that keeps your recipients interacting with your products and marketing even after they’ve put the mail down.

Marketing Kits

A marketing kit combines all of this into one piece of mail that you can send to special clients. Want to see one in action? Check out the pizza kit we created and sent out to potential Divvy clients!

The important part of these boxes is that they require interaction. They hold far more than a single piece, which requires handling to access all the information. With each piece, even a casual reader will be able to absorb and use more information than a recipient with a postcard.

Is a marketing kit right for you? It depends on how much information you have to share. If your pitch is short and sweet, or you need your piece to be transportable (such as a coupon for a sale), postcards are okay! You don’t need to ditch what works. But if you’re trying to get the attention of a big new client, a postcard simply isn’t enough.


If you want to get started creating a top-notch marketing kit like the ones we’ve created for clients like Franklin Covey, BYU, and our potential partners, call or contact us today! We’re excited to help you make the most of your marketing efforts across your whole franchise.

Divvy Pizza Box Marketing Campaign: Wave 1

The best marketing campaigns come in waves. We’d like to introduce you to the first wave of a marketing campaign from Divvy by Alexander’s.

First Look: The Box

We’ve put a lot of effort into this design. If you look at the box, you’ll notice fake grease stains, as if it had really carried a freshly baked pizza. That kind of attention to detail is enticing enough to get just about anyone to open up the box and see what’s inside.

Each box also uses variable data. The recipient’s name is right there on the top, helping it feel extra personal–like we bought you a pizza and delivered it to your office.

Which is exactly what we’re promising! All our recipients have to do is sign up for a quick demo to see what Divvy can do for their business or franchise. Lunch for the demo will be on us, in the shape of 10 pizzas brought straight to their office.

Check out this video to see everything we’ve included in the box.

What’s Inside: Brochures and Surprises

Once a recipient has opened up the box, right away they can see how we’re getting them hungry for our special offer. Our brochure looks just like a real pizza, ready to go. You can almost smell the sauce and melted cheese, can’t you?

The brochure gives a quick overview of what Divvy does to stoke the recipient’s interest. Of course, we’ve also included plenty of spot varnish on both the front and back! It’s not just to make the pizza design look tastier; again, it’s to keep our customers engaged with the print piece. Spot varnish or foil are great ways to do that.

A personalized, laminated letter with more information comes beneath the brochure. The letter not only offers a direct call to action, but offers information in return so that the recipient can get in contact with a sales representative.

Divvy identified other decision-makers within each company to send a box to, rather than sticking with just one per company. Then, we’ve linked the people within the organizations in the letters with more variable data. That gives each person an opportunity to connect with someone they already work with and collaborate regarding our campaign.

Finally, we’ve included a pizza cutter. We want to make this fun, not just in the design but in the actual items inside. This keeps us in the recipient’s mind every time they use that pizza cutter.

The interesting challenge in this campaign came from designing a setting that could hold the pizza cutter. It had to hold it snugly, but not so snugly that recipients couldn’t get the pizza cutter back out. Naturally, though, our talented design department was able to find a solution that looks amazing.


This is just one example of what Divvy could create as part of a marketing campaign. Stay tuned for wave two of our three-wave campaign. IF you’re interested in seeing what Divvy can do for your business, call or contact us today!

Making the Most of Your Marketing Calendar

You already know you need a marketing calendar for your business to succeed. But it’s not enough just to create one; you’ll need to use it right to make it truly effective for your business. We’re sharing our tips on how to utilize your marketing calendar for top-notch marketing campaigns.

Pair It With Tools

Sprout Social and other media management software put your calendar into action. Software like this schedules your messages across a variety of social media platforms and brands.

For easy access to the marketing calendar, use a spreadsheet in the cloud. At Divvy, we like to use Google Spreadsheets. Live updating and easy sharing make it simple for everyone to stay up-to-date on the latest information. Whatever you use, make sure it’s accessible, clear, and updates easily. Your users, whether only in the marketing department or across various parts of your company, will appreciate it!

Schedule Production Timelines

Use your marketing calendar with other departments in your company. Sharing access to the marketing schedule means your products and advertisements can be ready to go by the time the online content and campaigns are ready to go. A coordinated, company-wide effort between production (including design), marketing, and sales helps everyone stay on track. When the final product is ready to go, it’ll be easier to get out on time, and will be more successful to your clients.

Time Your Campaigns

Using your marketing calendar from year to year can help you target the best times of year to run campaigns. While it might seem like the best idea to be constantly running a campaign, your clients may not agree. If your products and services are always on sale, customers may either find the emails/ads annoying or believe you’re hard up, whether you are or not. Space out your sales and big promotions. Leaving that gap between campaigns keeps customers hooked for when there is a sale or new item.

Having some space between your campaigns also can help your production and marketing teams gear up for the next one more easily. This can make your new promotion an even bigger success.

Encourage Accountability

Create accountability by adding due dates for each person responsible. You could try doing this by adding columns if you’re using a spreadsheet, or by sending automated reminders and follow-up to each person responsible. You’ll be sure that everything from product creation to advertisement design to actual posting is done on time. This can help a campaign run much more smoothly.

Make Your Calendar Flexible

Remember: the best marketing calendars are flexible! This lets others contribute, or allows for when an idea doesn’t work out. It also makes it easy to change gears and incorporate what does if you turn out to have a wildly successful campaign. There is no real right or wrong way to build a marketing calendar. Its success comes from shaping it to fit your business!


Want to make your marketing efforts succeed? Call us today or fill out the contact form below.


5 Reasons to Create a Marketing Calendar

Marketing calendars are essential tools for any business. They’re fluid but organized, there to help you manage your campaigns through a month, a year, or even longer. Whether you use Excel, Google Spreadsheets, or another program, these turn your hours of marketing planning into a simple, coordinated resource. Here’s why you should be creating an updated, widely-used marketing calendar in your business!

1. Unified Messages

Creating a marketing calendar allows your team to stay on top of your branded messages during a campaign. You may have an overall product or service you want to push for a month or a quarter. Organizing and unifying your messages through a calendar can help your social media posts, blog posts, and advertising materials to work together on this goal.

2. Promotions

Along with promoting particular products, using a marketing calendar can synchronize your offers, like discounts and special deals. This allows you to space them out as you need for your business, rather than risking all of them becoming clumped together in one part of the year.

3. Organizing Team Members

From project managers and content writers, to creative team members, everyone will need to stay on top of their job and what must be done to proceed with the project. Coordinate their efforts through the calendar. This helps everyone see what their tasks should be, and how they contribute to each marketing campaign or project. This is not only good for keeping track of who does what; it’s good for helping your employees feel and stay productive.

4. Accountability

Marketing calendars helps managers–both at the franchisor and franchisee level–stay on top of all that work. Creating a marketing calendar holds each team member accountable for thier piece of marketing tasks. You can use the calendar to establish deadlines for each member and piece of the project as well. With the help of this tool, you’ll be able to make sure your projects, posts, and advertisements go out on time.

5. Trends

Each marketing calendar helps you plan for the consecutive year. What worked and what didn’t? While trends come and go year by year, there will be some that resurface. For example, you might see what worked on holiday campaigns, and build on that in coming years. Using a marketing calendar can help you keep better track of how to use this to your advantage.

Put your marketing calendar to use with Divvy! We can help you schedule your marketing campaigns and print projects. Call or contact us today.

Marketing and Sales Tips for a Successful Black Friday

With November so close, it’s time to begin preparing for Black Friday! This unofficial holiday is vital to many businesses. That extra boost helps keep us all “in the black.” However, it’s important to do it right! Here are our tips for how to make your Black Friday successful.

Thanksgiving: Open or closed?

This has become rather controversial in recent years. On one hand, those customers who choose to work off their Thanksgiving dinners by shopping will be out regardless. On the other hand, it’s excellent for PR purposes to show that you do care about giving your employees a holiday to spend with their families.

If you decide to close your physical locations, make sure you still provide online deals on your website! Some of your buyers might be interested in taking advantage of these while everyone else is napping.

One alternative is to open very, very early on Black Friday or very late on Thursday. Think opening around 11 pm or midnight. This allows you to give your employees a holiday and capitalize on those sales!

With November so close, it’s time to begin preparing for Black Friday! This unofficial holiday is vital to many businesses. That extra boost helps keep us all “in the black.” However, it’s important to do it right! Here are our tips for how to make your Black Friday successful.

Online Offers

While plenty of shoppers show up in person to get the best doorbuster deals, remember that there are also many people who avoid the long lines! For electronics or other high-demand items, these customers turn to online shopping all weekend.

Take advantage of this trend! Make sure to share exclusive, online-only offers to your fan base. Now is the time to begin utilizing social media as well to generate hype for your most important items and sales.

While you’re at it, you should also make sure your site is optimized for mobile. Shopping through apps or on mobile sites has become very popular in previous years!


Encourage online shoppers with special discounts. A survey by Inc. Magazine shows that customers buy online more if they’re offered:

Free shipping (80% of buyers)

Fast shipping (54% of buyers)

If you can, offer these special deals for higher online traffic!

Hold an Event

Make your big sale a party in-store! This can keep customers in the store or bring them back if they’re window-shopping. Spice up your event with prizes and drawings (another great way to get returning customers back to your store). If you can, offer food, drinks, or snacks. It’s going to be a long day for everyone, and the lure of free food can help draw people into your location.

Don’t Discount Everything

Huge retailers and franchises can afford to discount most of their merchandise. For smaller franchises, however, this may hurt far more than it can help on Black Friday.

Create levels in your discounts. Use your highest price cuts on more expensive, hot-ticket items. You’ll be sure these will sell fast without hurting your sales.


See what Alexander’s can do for your business this year! Call or contact us today to learn how our printing and marketing technology can make your Black Friday successful!

5 Advantages of Using Online Print Portals

Divvy thrives on web-to-print made specifically to benefit your franchise. We accomplish our automation through web-to-print print portals, made specifically for each franchise we work with. Franchisees can place orders of products designed by corporate to get branded kits, campaign pieces, and promotional material delivered straight to their business. Here’s what sets using web-to-print portals apart from traditional ordering methods.


Using web-to-print processes streamlines the ordering process, saves time, and reduces waste. Divvy handles large orders on a regular basis, meaning we’re prepared to deliver quality, timely orders no matter the size.

Online previews allow the owner of each portal to check the design, variable data, and layout of each order piece. This saves you time as you plan the elements of your campaign.

We allow you to duplicate previous orders as well! This makes it easy to repeat elements of a campaign or send repeat pieces to recipients. If you need to create an element again, this saves you and your franchisees time.

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The efficiency of online portals continues to benefit our clients by reducing costs. Saving time on our end–whether in design, printing, or shipping–means we can pass those savings on to you. That gives you more leeway to make your marketing campaigns even more spectacular for your audience.

As always, Divvy focuses on keeping your branding uniform. We use your colors, fonts, and designs. Down the road, this will save you money by avoiding the misrepresentation of your brand as well as potential reprints.

Monitor Orders Online

With Divvy’s portals, franchisors can keep an eye on everything their franchisees order. Our web portals let you track everything about an order, as well as shipping once the items have been completed and sent out. Track orders by date range, product, item, companies, or in-process orders.

Corporate admins can even simulate their franchisees’ accounts and add items to their cart, if necessary. For some franchisors, this is a vital part of maintaining their brand, giving Divvy an advantage over other web-to-print portals.

Automated Shipping

Because of our online portals, we can send your products, direct mail, and campaign material directly to recipients. Each item will arrive in a recipient’s hands right when they need it. This might involve sending packouts to individual franchise locations at the same time to begin a promotion, or making sure your client base gets a piece of direct mail in time for your special offer.

Remember, with our monitoring system, you can track shipping for your orders.


On top of all this, Divvy portals are easy to use! It’s simple to place orders, keep an eye on franchisees’ orders, and prepare products for printing all in one place. Plus, we have one final feature for corporate admins: easy-to-assemble kits! Franchisors can add as many products as they need in a single kit, uniquely packaged for store openings, campaigns, or holidays. Franchisees order this kit, which we receive and produce right away.


Ditch your old methods of ordering printed franchise material! Join the many companies who automate and maintain their branding through Divvy’s online portals.

Five Tips for Effective In-Store Displays

Putting up signs and ads is the best way to share promotions with customers already in or near your store. Research suggests that:

  • 82% of buying decisions are made in store
  • 62% of shoppers make impulse buys in store
  • 16% of impulse purchases were made in response to in store displays

These numbers show how vital it is to have effective in-store displays for your business! Here’s how we suggest using your displays in your store.

1. Brand Your Design

Large format displays are no place to be generic! This valuable marketing real estate should convey your branding and lure in your target audience–especially if you’re sharing that space with your competitors, such as a supermarket or mall.

In this example, Dove has chosen Valentine’s colors and shapes to draw attention at the point of sale. And it’s not just because the display itself is tall! There’s more to a POP display than that. Everything here is heart-shaped or wrapped up like a fancy gift. Plus, it’s pink, red, or gold–colors of romance and luxury. This may remind their target audience at checkout that they need to buy chocolate for their special someone–or just for themselves.

2. Check Your Placement!

Even the best signage will do you no good if it can’t catch your customers’ eye. Make sure you situate your large format displays and signage where people will see them, both to draw them into the store and to hang onto their attention at checkout.

POP displays should be near your checkout lines and counter. If you’re using a display of products that is small but attention-getting–like the candy and magazine stands in grocery stores–then use it directly in the line. If your products or display are too large, it should be at the start of the line, where people can still see it as they pass and make that impulse purchase.

3. Use Brief, Specific Offers

You have only a few seconds to get customers’ attention at the point of sale! Even when your customers are waiting in long lines during the holidays, attention spans might be short, or divided between multiple distractions.

Rather than using a lot of information like a menu of options during checkout, make the choice easy with a single offer with only as much information as you actually need to entice them. Then, make sure that you give clear, unique offers at the point of purchase. Don’t stick to generic messages or reinforcing your brand! Your customer is in your store already; they know who you are. This is the moment to capitalize on impulse purchases or getting a customer to join a mailing list.

4. Pair Products and Displays

Even if you can put your products right behind the glass, it won’t stand out without signage! Are your products on sale? Are they new–and more importantly–are they necessary?  At the same time, some signage displays–like for clothing–fall flat without the product to go with them. How can someone see how the fabric drapes in real life without that display?

Products and displays are stronger together. Use careful color branding and designs to draw attention to your store and to the products within. Excellent window dressing design along with the actual appeal of what you’re selling can help draw someone into your store for a closer look.

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5. Time Your Offers

Everyone runs large format displays and big sales during the holidays. While they’re certainly still effective this time of year, few designs will stand out among all the other stores. Try out big, attention-grabbing displays during the rest of the year, too!


Want the most effective in-store signage for your business? Contact Divvy today to create the most effective signs for your franchise.

Creating Dynamic Product Packaging

Packaging your product will make or break its sales. Regardless of how high-quality, useful, or important your product is, its wrapper or box gives its first impression. There’s a reason specific brands have higher appeal than generic imitations, no matter how good or bad one or the other is. Make your products stand out from the rest! Use your packaging to its fullest effect with these tips.

Get the Message Right

The packaging needs to support the product. Your company has a story and your products are the characters. Tell your story through the packaging. Explain your mission, vision and promise. Give the viewer insight into what they will experience through buying your product.

This chocolate packaging stands out quite a bit from a typical plastic-wrapped Hershey’s bar, doesn’t it? Its fonts and copy speak to a more sophisticated, maybe more health-conscious audience. But that’s not the only thing that makes it stand out; the earthy-toned cardboard box uses texture and color that also appeals to consumers looking for a healthy sweet without the bright, loud, fake frills of other brands.

What does your box say about what’s inside?

Sneak Peeks

Where you’re able, let consumers get a glimpse of your product in creative ways. People like to see what they’re getting. But it’s not enough just to show your product; you’ll need to show it in a way that reinforces your branding.

Trident did just that with this packaging. It immediately shows not only what their product is for, but serves as a reminder for their brand. Trident gum bases its marketing around being better for teeth than other brands of gum. Showing white, clean teeth with their packaging in this way shows, not just tells, how their brand is all about teeth.

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The Power of Touch

If your product isn’t about food or other edible items, you may also allow buyers to touch it. This applies to items like clothing, yarn or fabric, or other items with weight and texture. This lets your customers see the quality of it right away.

Can’t let someone touch the product before buying? Want to spice up a food package? You can still use the power of touch on your packaging! At Divvy, we can create branded packaging with digital foil or spot UV varnish to create texture that makes almost any package that much more interesting to hold.


Remember that your packaging includes more than just the box! Your brand can be a sort of package, encompassing everything about your marketing campaign. Using the brand and the story your company needs to tell will help you get the most out of your packaging, whatever medium you choose.

If you’re interested in a partner to help you tell your brand story, contact Divvy today. We create branded print materials for your franchise and marketing campaigns, automatically ordered and shipped to every location.

Screen Printing for Events

Screen printing is a good way to create buzz about your event. Fabric, more than paper, is likely to stick around in a client’s desk or at home. And it’s far more interactive than most pieces of paper or card stock. Just that texture of the fabric and ink invites handling! These ideas can help you get started on screen-printing for your next event or campaign!


Send your attendees away with something to remember you by, or entice them in with T-shirts! With prices ranging from a couple dollars to a couple cents depending on the style, it’s an inexpensive, simple solution!

Shirts give more than they take because of that ROI. Whether you sell them or give them away, be prepared to get your money’s worth out of a well-done event shirt.

Make your shirt successful with more than just a logo slapped on it somewhere. You don’t want all your effort going to waste if the shirt ends up forgotten or given away! Find a design your clients, attendees, and even employees will want to wear again that still speaks to your brand. This one belongs to Alexander’s and is versatile enough that any of our Utah-based team can wear it every day! Using creative, versatile designs like this keeps your marketing efforts going long after the event.


We usually think of printing our physical invitations on paper–but did you ever think to do it like this? This invitation for Franklin Covey comes on a cleverly-done napkin. It perfectly matches the theme and feel of their Meet and Eat events, and serves as a great reminder just with its form. Similar ideas are especially effective for your event if it’s themed around food, weddings, or decor. Print an invitation on something small and easy to use again–especially if your event is annual or part of an ongoing campaign!

Event Collateral

You can use something like the napkin from above at your event, too! Printed collateral for your event can be useful giveaway items and, like T-shirts, continue to work after the event has ended. These might include:

  • Tablecloths
  • Napkins
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Bags
  • Shorts or sweatpants
  • Pillows
  • Art prints

Make your printed event ideas a reality! Contact us today to learn more about our screen-printing process and how you can use it for your event or franchise.


Types of Printed Signage for Your Franchise

There’s more to your store signage than the neon sign over the door. Divvy can print a wide variety of signage for every one of your franchise locations using your branded designs and colors. If you’re looking for ways to expand the types of printed signs in your franchise, look no further!

Window Clings and Decals

The windows to your location are the first thing your customers passing by will see, possibly excluding your sign. This is your chance to show your brand’s colors, style, and overall message!

Use reusable window clings and permanent or semi-permanent adhesive decals to draw attention and advertise before visitors even enter your store. These are some of the easiest ways to get branded, consistent signage to dozens of your franchise locations to cover a single campaign or event.

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POP Signs

Set up point of purchase signs at the entrance, at the check-out counter, or near an item you want to advertise. It’s a great way to remind customers of deals, or to sign up for your rewards program and receive those deals. Without reminders like this, it can be much harder to increase your loyal customer base! POP signs can also help if your business has self-serve elements, like a self check-out counter or self-serve food. It’s an excellent advertisement that speaks where a cashier or server might not be able to.

Print POP signs through Divvy using materials like foamcore, falconboard, posters, and more to suit your business!

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If you’re trying to attract customers from off the street, small signs and text are a waste of your time and money. Grab attention right away with bold banners! Large, colorful text or images can help draw in impulse customers or just help them find your store. You can also use your banners in-store to draw attention to a certain section, fill up dead ceiling space, or announce an event or sale!

We print our banners on durable vinyl. We can get as big as you need by attaching sections together. We’ll also provide grommets (shown in the photo) to install it by hanging it wherever you need!

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Wall Decor

Every store or restaurant needs something to spice up its appearance. Not only is it good branding; it helps your location from feeling bland or without personality. Fill your store with branded materials that evoke feelings your target audience wants to connect to. These might be posters of people wearing your brand’s clothing or accessories, vinyl decals listing ingredients or menu items, or just fun art that fits your message.

We can print these on heavy-weight paper products or on gatorboard, a sturdy mounted material that is easy to install.


Of course, Divvy can do even more! It all depends on what your franchise needs for your brand. Contact us today to learn what other options we can create for your business.