How to Utilize Franchise Social Media Marketing


Social media is a great marketing platform for any business type, including franchises. The sad fact is that most franchises in America do not utilize the effective reach to gain potential customers. Franchise social media marketing can be a great asset and tool for any franchise as long as you use it correctly. Here are a few tips that will help any business increase their social media presence.

Use Other Platforms With Facebook

Facebook is the most used platform for marketing in the world of business, but it’s not the only profitable platform. Businesses who have been successful with social media almost always utilize multiple platforms to increase their social media presence and promote their brand.

For example, Twitter can be used to update your followers on new locations, products/services, and general information about the business. LinkedIn can be useful for building a professional network, soft selling, and franchise information. Pinterest is great for branding, developing a strong customer following, and sales.

That is just a few possibilities with some of the other platforms. Consider the possibilities when you include Instagram, Snapchap, and other useful platforms. You can really up your franchise social media marketing game by starting to get involved online.

Actively Communicate with Customers

More than 60% of all franchises do not respond to any sort of social media communication from their customers. That does not help business in any way. Most customers expect that they receive a response on social media within 60 minutes of a comment or complaint according to Edison Research. It is definitely a recommended best-practice for any franchiser or franchisee who wants to strengthen their franchise social media marketing efforts to always respond. Responding to anything directed towards you will instantly give you a strategic advantage over other franchises and competitors.

Get All of the Franchises Involved

A lot of franchisers don’t allow their franchisees to manage their own social media account or page. Depending on your strategy or industry, that could really be harming your bottom line. It is good to have management control the branding and messaging that goes out as official company messaging or promotions, but it is also very good to have a local presence. Customers trust locals more than corporate, that is just a fact. By giving your franchisees an opportunity to specialize their promotions for the local environment, you can expect to have more social media engagement, better branding, and more loyal customers that will add to your revenue.

Need Help With Your Franchise Social Media?

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