Giving: Why It’s Good for Business

Building a reputation as a giving business will affect you all year long. Customers are attracted to businesses that give, and starting even simple traditions will leave a lasting impression on your market.

Helps Your Community

If you’re looking to give this year, look to your own community. This could be with service or a local charity who’ll help those in your area. You’re helping your own community grow, which can make your service meaningful. Plus, you may be directly or indirectly helping your employees! That is an excellent way to show them and their friends or families in the area that your business cares.

Boosts Employee Morale

Even if you’re not helping them or their friends and family, your employees will appreciate the gesture of giving back. Making a corporate donation will generally make your workplace attitude positive. Everyone likes the feeling of giving back! And that’s a good feeling to have at work, when the holidays can be especially stressful.

Attracts Millennials

With a $2.75 trillion spending power, Millennials represent an important and growing part of your market. Millennials tend to support brands that give to a cause. You’ll also encourage those employees who are Millennials to feel better about your business. After all, Millennials like knowing that they–and the business they work for–are making a difference.


Humanitarian and charity efforts look great on social media. Sharing videos, photos, and other stories from your business’s efforts to help people around you will attract plenty of attention. They’ll know you’re a business invested in people. This makes newcomers more willing to trust in your service and product.

It’s the Right Thing to Do

Most of all, give because it is right. There are many people in need in your community. Take action yourself or partner up with a charitable organization and make the season merry and bright.


Any reason that motivates you to give back is a good one! Giving back has a powerful impact on your work, your business, and your community.