How to Destroy Negative Thinking

In the business world, there is nothing worse than negative thinking. Negative thoughts can be crippling to not only yourself as a leader or employee, but to your inner self. Whether it stems from another’s comments, your own self-doubt, etc, negative thinking can be stopped. Follow these tips the next time you are divulging in negative thoughts:


The Scientific American reported on a study that suggests people who smile more – rather than frown – tend to be happier. This is because there is a connection between our body and our emotions, and our brain isn’t always in charge of how we feel. Our bodies can influence how we feel. So next time you are thinking negatively, trick your emotions! Are you smiling yet?

List 5 Things You are Grateful for.

“Those who are the happiest never did have everything. But rather, they are thankful for everything they do have.” – Unknown

And it’s true! Harvard Medical School studied the relationship between gratitude and happiness, and found that those who feel grateful have more positive emotions, relish good experiences, deal with adversity better, and build stronger relationships.  What better way to destroy negativity than recognize the positivity? Write down 5 things you are grateful for and why. Do it with a positive attitude and you will walk away feeling more thankful and happy.

Don’t Pull the Victim Card.

Some negative thoughts need to be kicked in the shins, and this is the way to do so. You hold the power to change your thoughts, no matter the origin of the negativity.

Your thoughts have a tendency to match your actions. If you have a habit of playing the victim card… STOP.  You cannot be a victim of yourself or your negative thoughts. Allow yourself to recognize that you are the one allowing negative thinking – and act by stopping them in their tracks.

Change Your Surroundings.

Sometimes negative thinking stems from your environment. If you are surrounded by negative people all day every day, it’s likely that your attitude will adapt to your environment and you will become a negative person. Look closely at your friends and family and make sure they are surrounding you with the positivity you deserve.

Ask Yourself, “What Can I do to Make this Better?”

It’s possible that you may need to simply adjust your attitude. If the reason for the negative thinking is simple, such as “I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning,” ask yourself what you can do to make the day better. Maybe you can pick up a drink on the way to work or school, stop for lunch at your favorite restaurant, or promise yourself a nap when you get home.

The Dreaded Cliche: Transform Negative Thinking into Positive Thinking.

When all is said and done, you may need to buck up and recognize that your negative thoughts aren’t getting you anywhere and the only way to move forward is to change. When you have a negative thought, transform it into something positive. For example: “I am so late for work, I can’t believe I slept in” can be transformed into “I got to sleep in a few minutes more than usual, that’s nice.”


These are cheesy examples and you are more than likely reading this post looking for deeper answers to a bigger problem but sometimes it’s better to take baby steps. In this case, negative thinking doesn’t change overnight so baby steps are just what you need. We recognize that negative thinking is inherent in businesses and franchises, but Divvy can help! Divvy specializes in making business easier for business owners and employees. For more information call us or fill out the contact form below.


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