How to Select the Best Franchisees

When you decide to franchise your business, you are making a very important and impactful decision. One of the hardest parts of the decision is knowing what to look for when you select franchisees. Your franchisees can either make your decision to franchise the best or worst decision of your life. Here are the top () characteristics to look for in a potential franchisee so that you will only select the best franchisees.

1) Health

You want to choose a franchisee who will be in it with you for the long run. If a potential franchisee has recurring health problems that will keep them from successfully run their franchise, they are not the right choice. You need franchisees who are in good health and can perform the necessary duties to be successful.

2) Financial Resources

Your franchisees need to have financial resources to cover any losses that might occur. This is a pretty typical grading criteria for businesses that franchise. You need to determine what the minimum net worth of an individual is so that you can effectively and easily filter out those who aren’t qualified financially.

3) Experience

Your best bet in selecting a franchisee who will be successful is in their work experience. You want someone who has business-related experience and have proved to be successful in their past. You will want to avoid franchising to somebody who has ever worked in business in relation to with finance, marketing, or accounting.

4) Management Skills

Franchisees are leaders, but even leaders sometimes need direction. You need to set up work standards and expectations to help guide them in the right direction. Your franchisee needs to be able to effectively lead a team of employees to be organized and efficient all while staying on top of the management side of the business by accurately bookkeeping the finances and other overhead of the business.

5) Independence

Your franchisee needs to be able to work independently from you. Don’t select a franchisee who you think will be too reliant on you for making business decisions. Choose franchisees who are confident that they can effectively run and business and succeed.

6) Integrity

Probably one of the most important characteristics to look for in a franchisee is integrity. You need to be able to trust all of your franchisees and especially trust that they will be honest and ethical in how they do business. All it takes is one bad apple to destroy a brand.

7) Compatibility

Lastly, you want your franchisees to be compatible with your business, industry, and company culture. Just as if you were going to hire a normal employee, you want to make sure they will fit in and compliment the business in every way. Avoid those people who have toxic attitudes…they usually end up being the bad apple for your business.

Looking For More?

There are a lot of good resources out there that can assist you in selecting the best franchisees. Here are some resources we found useful:

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