Pack-Outs for Your Print Marketing Campaigns

Businesses thrive on marketing campaigns–and what better way to market than signage? It’s visible, usually colorful, and meant to grab attention right away. What could go wrong with branded signage?

Unfortunately in franchises, a lot could go wrong. It’s often too easy for franchisees to create signs and other marketing materials that go off-brand. It might be a color, a font, or even a different offer. While it might not seem like a big problem, it can be devastating for campaigns. For example, if your food-based business needs to advertise a special deal or a new menu item, and one location doesn’t get the right signage, you could lose a lot of customers looking to participate in the offer!

Marketing campaigns and promotions hold no weight if your franchisees aren’t on the same page visually. But that is where Divvy steps in.

Pack-Outs for Your Promos

Divvy easily creates quality marketing materials our franchises need to promote their products effectively. We create print marketing shipments, referred to as pack-outs. You may also know them as:

  • Quarterly marketing build-outs
  • Promo packages
  • Marketing auto-shipments

In these shipments, we print any item you might need for your campaign. These could include flyers, cards and envelopes, apparel, window clings, store graphics, menus, displays, and more. One franchise might only need a shipment of window clings, while other campaigns require all of the above for a large-scale marketing promotion.

The best part about pack-outs is that each shipment arrives at each location simultaneously, with the exact same pieces and materials. Every franchisee will receive exactly what they need for their campaign. This saves each location from having off-brand signs, different offers, and unapproved images. Your campaign will run smoother than ever with every franchisee participating this way!

Shipping Your Pack-Outs

Though it may be easy to print all the necessary products, getting them organized and off to their destinations can be trickier. But not for Divvy! Getting those products to businesses like Port of Subs, Bahama Bucks, and others in a timely manner is where we really excel.

Divvy does not deliver your print collateral back to you (the franchisor) for you to ship. That would be a waste of your time! Instead, we send it out for you to every individual location, saving you time and stress–and making sure everything gets there in time for your promotion to begin.


How Pack-Outs Work

Franchises order their promotional items via our web to print storefronts and API. Divvy then prints every single product just the way you need it. Need one location to receive something different from the others? We can do that, too! We will then drop-ship each set directly to every location, meeting your time-sensitive needs.

Divvy has a great deal of experience doing this for large orders covering multiple stores. We help franchises meet their tight deadlines and pull off successful marketing campaigns and promotions by doing everything in one place, where others are at the mercy of multiple shops and their variable or unreliable deadlines. Divvy’s ability to perform these pack outs in one location and ship them out to each franchisee gives us the edge compared to our competitors.

Marketing Like the Big Brands

Whether it’s McDonald’s Golden Arches or the signature look of a Coca-Cola bottle, we know what brands we trust. Even though off-brand or local products may seem better, they can struggle because they aren’t easily recognized. The trust isn’t there. So how do you build that trust? Here are some tips big, successful brands use to stay successful and to grow their audience.

Color Branding

The most successful brands stand out from the rest not just for their product, but for their recognizable colors and logo. Color creates a response in customers that marketers and designers can use to a company’s advantage. Choosing brand colors can make or break the look of your brand. This also goes for your logo choice and how you design it, especially with fonts.

Big brands have done their research and choose colors that help their product stand out from their competitors while still evoking the right emotions to create trust or excitement.

Choosing Where to Advertise

Not all advertising venues are created equal. Depending on your brand and your audience, you may choose different types of advertisements. For example, Amazon advertises heavily with search engines–suiting their audience as they search online for items they need. However, Home Depot and home improvement stores focus on cable TV advertisements. Because people will be at home when viewing the ads, they’ll think of improving their home and garden, and be more likely to visit one of these stores.

Focus on your audience, and determine where and how they’ll best react to your product. Will it be at home? At a brick-and-mortar store? On social media as they’re keeping up with family and friends? Or on a search engine as they look for specific items to buy?


Repeating messages makes them more effective. So, many companies will use a slogan over many years to share their message. Little, easy-to-remember catchphrases can greatly boost brand recognition. Just think of “I’m Loving It,” “Just Do It,” and “Because You’re Worth It.” These slogans evoke positive feelings and confidence, which translates to confidence in the brand. It sets them apart from their competitors. Plus, their short-and-sweet nature makes them easy to remember.

Frequency and Consistency

The big brands never stop advertising. And it’s not just about posting several times a day; it’s about consistency. Big and successful businesses know their customers and brand, and plan their marketing schedules to fit their audience’s needs. They fill a need with their content at the time and date their customers need it most.

Social Media Care for Customers

Many of your customers will engage with your brand via social media. Since so many of us are on social media for a large chunk of the day, it’s a great platform to build your community and to reach out when your customers experience a problem. Southwest Airlines uses this trick to great advantage. Their 3 million Facebook fans receive outstanding customer service–all through social media platforms.


Looking for more tips on improving your brand? We’ve got blogs for that! Or, contact us today! We’d love to help you and your brand succeed.


Maintain Your Brand With Divvy

As a franchisor, you have many options for keeping your brand consistent among your franchisees. So what makes Divvy stand out above the rest? Divvy by Alexanders leaves little to no hassle for franchisors who want to maintain control over their company’s look. With Divvy, you can trust that your branded marketing stands out in the crowd.

On-site Printing

Divvy stands out from other web to print companies because the complete process is on our site. There’s no need for your franchisees to call or consult during their order. This saves you and them valuable time, such as over a weekend, after hours, or over a holiday.

Also, almost all of our printing and products are done in-house. Other automated web to print sites farm out their print and mailing to other locations and companies. This delays the process, and leaves more room for mistakes. But our in-house printing by Alexander’s gets you and your franchisees your products quickly. It only takes the amount of time to necessary to produce and ship to your location.

Plus, because it’s on-site, we know our printing is high-quality. We can print high-resolution photos from tiny postcards to large stands and signs. If you can dream it, we can print it!


For both franchisors and franchisees, Divvy is easy to use and hassle-free. We use your logo, brand colors, and standards over a wide variety of products, and help you set it all up.

Using our clean, white-label webstores, your franchisees can change hours of operation, dates, names, and numbers to customize signage or cards to their location. We also provide links for HTML tools, making it easy to add indentation, bullet points, and more into a text field without fuss.

Divvy portals also can include webinars for how-to videos, customer presentations, or training for each franchisee.


Franchisors can maintain complete brand control with Divvy. Too much franchisee customization may produce products with the wrong shades and hues, incorrect fonts, and unapproved pictures. These mistakes instantly damage your brand, and undermine your marketing efforts.

Divvy, however, lets you select approved brand colors and styles to prevent such damage. You can even allow franchisees to alter elements of their products based on their needs or desires, helping franchisees to feel like they also have creative control. At the same time, your stylistic control can prevent inconsistencies or mistakes that look less professional. This includes restricting hyphens, periods, or parentheses in a phone number for a business card or sign (e.g. (800)123-4567 or 800.123.4567).


As a franchisor, you control what your franchisees see, and you see all their activity as well. If all your units in Texas need special contract wording or sign colors, but it won’t apply to a unit in Wisconsin, you can hide certain products and capabilities from other franchisees where these options won’t matter.

Divvy allows a reporting option where you can view the order history of specific franchisees. This is useful if a franchisee’s unit isn’t doing well compared to others in their area. using this data, you can check on their marketing tools, how frequently they use these tools, and whether they’re selecting the same as their fellow franchisees.

Divvy’s goal is to save you time and hassle so you can focus on what’s important: your business. We succeed when you succeed, so we’ll help you meet your branding needs. Join the many successful companies already partnering with Divvy. Contact us today!

Top 6 Brand Consistency Tips for Franchises

Why Your Business Needs Multimedia Marketing

Businesses need multimedia marketing in order to survive in today’s fast-paced world. Consumers are not solely reading newspapers anymore. They are listening to the radio, watching television, driving by billboards, reading direct mail and surfing the web, too. This developmental change has made it harder for businesses to reach consumers on only one platform. This is why multimedia marketing is essential in today’s marketing and content strategy.

What is Multimedia Marketing?

Multimedia marketing is not as intimidating as it sounds. “Multi” means many and “media” stems from the word medium, creating the phrase that simply means “many medium(s) marketing”. That’s all it is!

Multimedia marketing is sharing one consistent message on multiple channels. One message needs to be supported by multiple channels in order to reach more consumers.

Through a combination of pictures, videos, graphics, social media and the more traditional methods, such as direct mail, press releases, and advertisements, businesses can reach more past, current, and potential customers. An increase in reach leads to an increase in brand awareness, and an increase in brand awareness leads to an increase in website traffic.


Because a business is sending one message through multiple channels, it is reaching more people. Sending out a piece of direct mail, for example, will only reach those who receive the mail. If you combine that marketing strategy with an infographic shared through social media, you will reach the people who receive the mail and all those who see the graphic online through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Brand Awareness.

The business that masters multimedia content strategy is the business that masters brand awareness. If you are doing it right, you know that each medium has a characterized user. For example, those who read newspapers are typically older, and those who are on Instagram are typically between the ages of 18 and 29. Knowing this, a business can tweak its message to appeal to the different consumers. When a business is able to share a consistent message on multiple platforms, it is able to increase brand awareness.

Website Traffic.

What does an increase in reach and an increase in brand awareness lead to? An increase in website traffic, and thus an increase in leads and potential customers.


Do you need help creating a cohesive multimedia marketing strategy? Fill out the contact form below or call us at 801-224-8666. Divvy specializes in maximizing your business or franchise’s marketing efforts.

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Why is My Business Failing and How Do I Save it?

80% of new businesses fail within their first 18 months.

Don’t let yourself be one of them by avoiding these common mistakes that lead to a business failing.

No Niche

Check out the local competition, and investigate the market. If you’re trying to sell your product in a market already saturated with similar products, it will be difficult to gain traction. Build your brand, and show how your product differs from the competition. Do you provide better service? Lower prices? Higher quality? Find out what the competition is doing, and see if you can fulfill the need in a different, better way.

Poor (or Nonexistent) Business Plan

A business plan identifies what the company’s goals are, and how to achieve them in a realistic manner over a realistic period of time. If your business is struggling because there is no plan, or because the plan is not working, it’s time to reevaluate it. Remember, markets change. More likely than not, your business will have to adapt to survive. Travis Thorpe, CEO and Co-founder of Boostability, puts it like this,  “Perhaps your initial business model can produce a certain level of activity, but if you are not perpetually studying your market and evolving accordingly, you run the high risk of being left behind.” Readjust to the market and create a new plan.

Investing in the Wrong Things ($$$) –

Money is one of the big cripplers of new businesses. Be aware that in the beginning, it may take time for your business to start turning a profit., a business news resource, offers this infographic which states that 40% of small businesses make a profit, 30% come out even, and the remaining 30% lose money. Avoid loosing money in your business by being smart with finances. Use professional business accounting software to keep records of all financial transactions, including all money that comes in as well as all the money that goes out.

Not Connecting with Customers

Communicate with people in the way they are trying to communicate with you. Remember, you are providing a service for your client. Your job is to listen to them. Capitalize on feedback forums, and listen to customer concerns. When you speak directly with clients, give information in a clear, concision, compelling matter, and be sure to address their needs.

Of course, communicating with customers is only possible if your customer can find you. Be sure to connect with your clients, be it by print, social media, direct mail campaigns, etc. Travis Thorpe puts it like this, “In order for your business to thrive, your business must be visible to consumers doing their online research and shopping. SEO work, social media marketing, and cross-selling between all communication channels are all absolutely crucial to increasing online visibility.” Avoid making common mistakes on both your website, and social media. Remember to keep tabs on the attention your website gains so you can harness this information and use it to create an even more successful business plan.


Is your business failing because you are distracted with family matters? Does your anger get the better of you when talking to employees? Are you directing your company with confidence, or are you listening to your own self-doubts? For your business to succeed, you must act the part of a leader.

If you are running a business solo, consider hiring a partner (or, if you are just getting started, get a co-founder). The reason? A business partner may see flaws in your business plans that you don’t. Having someone you trust to provide a second perspective is incredibly useful to paving the path to success. Invest in a partner that is willing to tell you when you are wrong in order to do what is best for the business.

If you have business partners, work with them in unity. Leaders who are constantly contradicting each other can lead to fractures within the company, frustrated employees, and ultimately, failure.

Still wondering why most businesses fail? Check out this video from Forbes:

Are you determined to save your stuggling business but aren’t sure where to begin? Contact us. We’ll help you identify your problem, and find a solution.


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How Superheroes Teach Us About Business

Superheroes keep the world safe, and help keep people happy. Consequently, there’s quite a bit we can learn from superheroes about the world–particularly on the business side of things.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes, from big as a boulder, to small as a bug. Not only that, but heroes can be big and buff, or lean and nerdy. Superheroes don’t have to be big to be successful. The same is true for business. Whether your business is big or small, dense or slender, you can be successful. After all, it’s not the size of the hero that matters, it’s the size of their heart.

Consistent Branding

In all the old superhero stories, the moment the hero puts on their mask or cape, people instantly recognize them as the hero they can trust to save the day. Take off the costume and put on the glasses, however… suddenly superheroes are lost in the crowd.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you have to look different. And, if you want to be recognized, your brand must be consistent. Consistent branding will help spread the word about how your company can save the day.


Superheroes are powerful. Yet each and every one of them uses those extreme powers to look out for people who don’t have the strength to do so for themselves. Here’s aren’t in it for their own gain. They do what they do because they love to help others. This selfless sense of responsibility makes the world a better place. The same is true for business. When you market to your target audience, and sell products they can trust, you can make their world a better place.


Though plenty of superheroes can save the day by themselves, it never hurts to have a solid team of people you can trust at your back. Working together with people within your organization will make it stronger from within, while keeping good contacts with other businesses on the outside makes it easier to save the world. By working together, more can be accomplished than by working alone.

Failure is Not an Option

Even when the going gets rough, superheroes never get going. Though they may want to, in the end, they know it’s their responsibility to save the world. The same is true for business. Even when things get rough, it’s necessary to get out there and provide people with quality products that they need.


If you would like a sidekick to help you save the day and ensure that failure is not an option, contact us. We’ll team up with you to make the world a better place.


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All about that BRAND: 3 Meghan Trainor lyrics that perfectly describe branding

Meghan Trainor’s message was quite clear in her 2014 pop hit, “All about that bass.” She wanted to promote equality and fairness for women of any shape and size. Her message was clear, clever and directed to a targeted market. The result was a wildly popular radio hit with hundreds of viral threads.

Well we’ve taken the lyrics to her song and turned them into lessons about branding and marketing collateral, so that we too can be popular and viral. So let’s go!


Lyric: “Yeah it’s pretty clear, I ain’t no size two”

Lesson: Declare your brand early and clearly

Megan does a great job of making sure her message is clear right away in the first verse. She’s doesn’t have the typical female pop star physique, but she knows it and she’s fine with it.

We must be sure in our marketing messages that our brand’s position and ideals are expressed clearly and quickly to our audiences. This means in printed material, on social media or even in your employees’ uniforms, your look, your message, your aura, your ideals, should be expressed.

Take In N’ Out for example. Their uniforms perfectly show their brand: An old-timey hamburger restaurant, brought back out of the fifties and sixties.



Lyric: “If you got beauty beauty, just raise ’em up”

Lesson: Be bold and make your qualities stand out


red bull website

Even if you understand everything about your brand, your customers might not unless you make it obvious to them.

A good way to understand this is by thinking about the “Curse of Knowledge.” This curse is “a cognitive bias that leads better-informed parties to find it extremely difficult to think about problems from the perspective of lesser-informed parties,” (Wikipedia). Basically, it means that you might have so much knowledge about your brand, your product and your services from sitting in countless brainstorming meetings, writing copy, giving pitches or simply just working at your company, that you can’t remember what it’s like to be someone who has never heard of your product before. Or even someone who’s never been in the industry. Those people exist, and sometimes it takes being really bold with your branding in your social, advertising and marketing collateral to make sure they totally get it.

Red Bull is a great example. Their brand is all about being extreme, daring and adventurous. Their landing page for their energy drink perfectly shows how they boldly declare that in their message and imagery. They definitely raise up their, “beauty beauty,” to be sure that their brand is understood.

Lyric: “You know I won’t be no stick-figure, silicone Barbie doll, So, if that’s what’s you’re into, Then go ahead and move along”

Lesson: You can’t, and don’t need to, capture everyone

When considering your current branding and marketing, you need to realize that you just can’t please everyone. There are going to be people who really love your message and resonate with it, and others that will pass it by. That’s OK.

The old adage, “Jack of all trades; master of none,” seems to fit well here. You don’t have to do it all, or appeal to everyone. In fact, the key to successful business is all about finding your niche, or the group that you fit. You don’t have to win everyone over. Do enough market research to understand who best fits with your product offering and target them.

Take Taco Bell for example. They are geared strongly towards millennials and 18-and-youngers, which make up only a small part of the buying spectrum, but they’re OK with that. And they do very well with it.

Here’s an example of a Vine obviously geared towards the young generation.



It’s easy to see that Meghan gets it: marketing materials should be “All about the BRAND” if you want no troubles.

We at Divvy are branding and marketing specialists as well. We help companies ensure that all of their marketing, no matter how big or complex their company is, stays consistent. Learn about our online webstore and social offerings to get an idea of how we work.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments.


How is your business marketing measuring up?

It’s easy to measure success in the finance department–are this months numbers bigger than last months numbers. However, focusing solely on financial growth blinds your eyes to areas where your business may be excelling. Areas like marketing optimization, customer experience and innovation frequently go overlooked, but they are some of the most influential factors benefiting your business.

Broaden your view and you may realize that your business is performing well, or could be performing better in some of these areas.

Brand Health

Are people reviewing your business online, and are the reviews favorable? Reviews are just one way to measure brand health; Twitter and Facebook are equipped with insightful measurement tools that can help you gauge public perception. Are people “sharing your voice” by retweeting or reposting? Look at your social media insights and find out.

Marketing Optimization

Are your marketing efforts going unnoticed by your target audience? The most common answer why this happens is because you’re not speaking their language. Research your audience. Talk to them face-to-face. Learn their likes and dislikes. Once you truly understand them as people, you will know exactly how to get them to act.

Revenue Generation

This seeks to answer what percentage of revenue is generated by marketing. Google Analytics can show you in detail which paths your customers are taking online to reach your site. Tallying how many online sales were referred by your social media content is the most effective way to measure revenue generation.

Operational Efficiency

Have your marketing team answer this one question — did we make more than we spent? Did you design an expensive direct mail piece that was widely ignored? Are you paying for SEO or PPC but generating less revenue online? Finding effective and inexpensive solutions is the key to improving operational efficiency. Many successful companies accomplish this by getting their product featured in the news, or talked about by influential bloggers.

Customer Experience

Marketing isn’t only about making money, it should find ways to save it too. Accomplish this by answering your customers questions before they even ask. Last year, Sony was having a troubleshooting problem with one of their products, and noticed that one of their customers was providing answers online. They published their answers on their website and avoided hours upon hours of phone calls from confused customers; saving the company $350,000.


Another money saving technique for improving products is to have your customers innovate it for you. Domino’s asked their consumers to submit their own pizza topping combinations and recipes, and agreed to compensate successful recipes with a percentage of sales. One of their customers made over $27,000 last year for their recipe, while Domino’s made many more thousands from their innovation.

Finally, to answer the question, how is your business marketing measuring up? If it’s not where you expected, we’ve highlighted some important areas where you can improve.

Let us help you get started. Contact us below.


Marketing Assets for Precision Time from Divvy

Precision Time is a watch retailer that opened up shop in 1982. From that small start with a single store, they’ve expanded to 60 locations across the United States. With that growth, it became paramount that they have the marketing assets necessary to ensure their brand messaging was consistent. Divvy provided them an easy-to-use solution. With Divvy, franchisees across the nation are able to log into the online portal and order the marketing assets they need for their kiosk or store.

marketing assets from divvy for precision time

Recently, Precision Time made a large order of wall posters, business cards, fliers, and coupons. Divvy seamlessly fulfilled their order and shipped the assets to the respective locations. Precision Time doesn’t need to worry about opening up new locations without the necessary branded marketing collateral. All stores give a consistent message of to their customers anytime they visit Precision Time locations.

Fore more information about how Divvy can help your franchise with the printing and shipment of marketing assets visit Divvy Online. Or, talk to our Marketing Director, Charlie Alexander, and see if you can’t stump him with your franchise marketing need. Just e-mail charlie [at] 801-224-8666.