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5 Secrets to Creating Eye-Catching Business Cards

If you need a business card you’ll want one that, not only represents your brand, but that catches attention. Consider these five ways to create eye-catching business cards.


2 inch by 3 1/2 inch is the standard business card size because they fit perfectly into wallets. However, that standard size can also get lost in the shuffle of credit cards and coupons. By using a unique shape, your business card can stand out. Is there something about your brand that translates into a unique business card cut?



If you want to keep the standard card size, but still cause a stir when you pull out a card, consider printing them on a unique substrate. What sort of material matches your company? Wood? Clear plastic? Metal? Something else? One of the companies featured below stamped their bakery information into an edible biscuit!



Nothing will convince someone to keep your business card on hand like making it useful! Get creative with your card by finding a way to turn your business card into a literal tool that fits your brand.



You don’t have to go extreme to stand out in a cluttered wallet. Something as simple as bold colors and an asymmetrical design, can draw attention.



Nothing is more eye-catching than something that shimmers. Colored foils, used as the main design or as an accent, add class to any business card.



It’s fun to design business cards. Be sure, as you do though, to avoid these common mistakes.

Looking for more ideas for creative business cards? Check out our Pinterest board.


Cards on the Table – Business Card Mistakes to Avoid

Business cards are a great way to introduce your company, brand, and yourself – but with great power comes great responsibility. Make sure you are avoiding these common business card mistakes.

Poor or Cheap Design

Your business card is meant to leave an impression, don’t let it be the wrong one by passing out a card that isn’t top quality. Otherwise, people will get the impression that your business (and even you) aren’t top quality either. Invest in a unique design that identifies with your brand.

Too Much Pressure

Once you have your professionally designed business card, make sure to keep your tone and attitude professional as well. Avoid forcing people to take your card. Your card will create a first impression, but so will you, and you don’t want it to be that you were pushy or overbearing. Instead, give out your card upon request, or when exchanging numbers. Otherwise, it’ll more than likely end up in the trash.

No Engagement

Business cards are a tool to opening conversations, continuing conversations, or closing conversations. They are not meant to be used solely as a conversation. Be sure to take the time to get to know the people you are giving your card to. This might mean stepping out of your comfort zone. Too shy for marketing? Consider these alternatives.

Assuming People Will Call You

A business card gives people a chance to call you, but that doesn’t mean they will. If you feel like you and a potential client really have the same goals, be sure to ask for their information (or business card) in return.

Need Help?

If you’re struggling to design your ideal business card, or need help with your marketing approach, contact us. We’ll help you develop your business cards and strategies.


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Do I Need a Business Card?

If you work at a business or have recently started your own, you may find yourself asking, “Do I need a business card?” With so many things digital now, and so much easy to find online simply by typing it into Google, are business cards necessary? Take a look at the benefits of business cards:

Cover all Areas of the Market

Consider this – would you only market your business through print media and completely ignore social media avenues such as Facebook or Twitter? No! Social media has so many unique benefits that can’t be achieved through print. Well, the reverse is true. Printing can access areas of the market that social media doesn’t, extending your business reach to more places.

Gives Correct Information

Sometimes phone batteries die, and not everyone will have a pen on them. If people ask for your information, this is a great way to ensure that they get that information – and correctly. No need to worry about typos or bad handwriting. With a well designed business card, your information is received correctly every time.

Talks for You

If you are attending networking events such as conferences, trade shows, or more, you’ll need a business card. Why? Not only will everyone else have them (and so if you don’t, you’ll stand out – and not in a good way) but business cards left accessible on booths or tables allow people who are too shy or too busy to talk with you to receive your information, providing them a way to contact you later.

Creates an Impression

Everything, from your clothes to your words, will create an impression when a potential client first meets with you. A business card extends that impression. The way the business card is designed will say a lot about you and your business, so create a unique card that best expresses what you do. Business cards come in a variety of shapes and sizes (and can even be made on different substrates). When choosing your fonts, cut, colors, and layout, keep in mind the impression you’ll be creating and make sure it matches your brand.


Looking for more ways to expand your business? Contact us! We’ll help guide you through the different avenues of marketing.


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