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Printed Custom Business Cards with Divvy

Imagine your business without marketing tools. Chances are, internal working would probably run the same as ever. But face-to-face meetings with clients would likely stumble or shatter. So a lot of businesses seek out the best possible marketing tools to establish connections with clients, send information, and maximize sales. We at Divvy believe that among the most effective of those tools are business cards. Business cards are powerful, even in today’s digital world. Even salespeople and other face-to-face representatives of your company work better with physical print.

Why Choose Business Cards?

The adage that a picture says a thousand words applies to business cards as well! Business cards do a lot of your talking and marketing for you–more than people realize. Paper automatically has more power in today’s digital world than an email or a LinkedIn invite alone. Touch marketing shows that paper has greater recall power. People who handle a card with texture also tend to associate it with more positive feelings. Why wouldn’t you want that for a marketing tool?

Finally, business cards are often a silent marketing tool. This is especially true at networking events. If you don’t have one at your event, whether on your person or at your booth, you’ll stand out–and not in a good way. Cards also are effective when left on your booth or table. This lets people connect with your company even when they don’t stop to talk to you. Whether they’re too shy or too busy, they’ll have a way to contact you later.

Make Them Memorable!

The design of a business card can make it stand out as well. We’ve found several out-of-the-box designs for absolutely stunning, unforgettable cards. Even if you don’t opt for this route, the look of your card can still speak volumes about your company. A card can show that you’re utilitarian or fun, that you know what you’re doing or that you might still have something to learn. Design carefully, and let your card speak for you!

One way you can incorporate fantastic design and touch marketing into your card is with foil or UV spot varnish. Both of these create a great texture and shine that makes your card irresistible to touch and hold. Remember those positive feelings? Adding foil or varnish only increases those. Plus, the “special” look of these cards ensures that your clients will want to hold onto them. You’ll worry a lot less about lost information!


Are you looking for creative ways to connect with your clients and customers? Need to run some ideas by a printer to see if they are even possible? Divvy’s web to print API makes it easy to print business cards on-demand from our manufacturing and fulfillment system. Using our storefronts, you can print to your brand’s standards using corporate-approved colors and designs to keep your cards consistent throughout the company.

Need a lot of cards printed? Divvy can take out the hassle for you! Our variable data makes it simple to create an individual card for every employee in your company.No matter how big the job, you and your company can trust that Divvy’s high-quality service and technology will help your business stand out.


For more tips on how to make your business cards more effective, check out these important mistakes to avoid when using business cards.

5 Secrets to Creating Eye-Catching Business Cards

If you need a business card you’ll want one that, not only represents your brand, but that catches attention. Consider these five ways to create eye-catching business cards.


2 inch by 3 1/2 inch is the standard business card size because they fit perfectly into wallets. However, that standard size can also get lost in the shuffle of credit cards and coupons. By using a unique shape, your business card can stand out. Is there something about your brand that translates into a unique business card cut?



If you want to keep the standard card size, but still cause a stir when you pull out a card, consider printing them on a unique substrate. What sort of material matches your company? Wood? Clear plastic? Metal? Something else? One of the companies featured below stamped their bakery information into an edible biscuit!



Nothing will convince someone to keep your business card on hand like making it useful! Get creative with your card by finding a way to turn your business card into a literal tool that fits your brand.



You don’t have to go extreme to stand out in a cluttered wallet. Something as simple as bold colors and an asymmetrical design, can draw attention.



Nothing is more eye-catching than something that shimmers. Colored foils, used as the main design or as an accent, add class to any business card.



It’s fun to design business cards. Be sure, as you do though, to avoid these common mistakes.

Looking for more ideas for creative business cards? Check out our Pinterest board.


5 Offline Marketing Strategies for Introverts

It can be difficult to market your business if you are introverted or shy,  but it’s not impossible. A few weeks ago, we shared some marketing tips for introverts that focus mostly on social media. However, marketing offline is just as obtainable for introverts. So here are five introvert-friendly ways for the shy marketer to, well, market.

Business Cards

A business card tells about you or your company in a nutshell. While it shouldn’t be the sole aspect of communication between you and a potential client, there’s nothing wrong with using one to start (or finish) a conversation. Or, additionally, leaving a small pile of business cards at the edge of the snack table. Make sure your business card grabs the right kind of attention by following these guidelines.

Business Pens/Pencils

How often have you been asked if you have a pen or pencil someone can borrow? By putting your company’s name and/or website on the writing instrument, you can spread the word about your business without saying anything. And if you “accidentally” leave one or two behind, well, that’s just a great opportunity for more people to discover your business.

Car Magnets

For easy on-the-go advertisements, consider using car magnets to promote your brand or business. These can draw potential clients to you (either as they type in your website, or approach you at the super market to ask about your company). As a bonus, when you aren’t in a marketing mood, simply remove the magnet, and reapply when the mood strikes.

Business T-Shirts/Bags

Approaching people to talk about your business can be intimidating. However, it’s much easier to hold a conversation when the person approaches you already showing interest. By putting your brand (or snazzy company-related quote, etc) on a T-shirt, hand bag, or backpack, you can advertise your company without feeling like a social shark. Additionally, these make great merchandise to give to friends, family, and clients to help market your brand for you.

Meaningful Interactions

Not every conversation you start has to be about how someone should be using your company. Instead, allow conversations to flow naturally, and if you realize your company could really help the person you are talking to, mention it. But if that’s not possible, it’s okay to instead find other common interests with potential clients. Just because there wasn’t an oppertuinty to share your business instantly, doesn’t mean there won’t be one later during a game of golf.


Still looking for introvert-friendly marketing solutions? Contact us. We can help direct your marketing efforts.


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Do I Need a Business Card?

If you work at a business or have recently started your own, you may find yourself asking, “Do I need a business card?” With so many things digital now, and so much easy to find online simply by typing it into Google, are business cards necessary? Take a look at the benefits of business cards:

Cover all Areas of the Market

Consider this – would you only market your business through print media and completely ignore social media avenues such as Facebook or Twitter? No! Social media has so many unique benefits that can’t be achieved through print. Well, the reverse is true. Printing can access areas of the market that social media doesn’t, extending your business reach to more places.

Gives Correct Information

Sometimes phone batteries die, and not everyone will have a pen on them. If people ask for your information, this is a great way to ensure that they get that information – and correctly. No need to worry about typos or bad handwriting. With a well designed business card, your information is received correctly every time.

Talks for You

If you are attending networking events such as conferences, trade shows, or more, you’ll need a business card. Why? Not only will everyone else have them (and so if you don’t, you’ll stand out – and not in a good way) but business cards left accessible on booths or tables allow people who are too shy or too busy to talk with you to receive your information, providing them a way to contact you later.

Creates an Impression

Everything, from your clothes to your words, will create an impression when a potential client first meets with you. A business card extends that impression. The way the business card is designed will say a lot about you and your business, so create a unique card that best expresses what you do. Business cards come in a variety of shapes and sizes (and can even be made on different substrates). When choosing your fonts, cut, colors, and layout, keep in mind the impression you’ll be creating and make sure it matches your brand.


Looking for more ways to expand your business? Contact us! We’ll help guide you through the different avenues of marketing.


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25 Business Cards Your Customers Will Keep

You’ve heard it before: “Business cards are a thing of the past.”


But the truth is, people are still successfully using business cards to sell, market and connect with customers and prospects. Each month we print and ship hundreds of sets of business cards, and some are extremely creative and eye-catching.


The key to a good business card is creating something that sends the right message about you and your brand. Don’t just think of a business card as a means to deliver your contact information. A business card is like any other piece of marketing collateral — it conveys a brand message and helps the recipient draw conclusions about your brand.


A while ago we had a new client come to us wanting to create business cards in the shape of waffles, because that was their product. So we designed and produced a textured, square card that resembled a waffle, except for the delicious smell.


We see a lot of creative business cards like this. We also see sleek, simple and elegant designs that are just as effective.


Keep in mind that your business card should represent the culture of your business or brand.


To help get your creative juices flowing, and open your mind to the many business card possibilities, we’ve compiled a gallery 25 imaginative business cards. To view where each card originated visit the links here.


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