Divvy Systems

What You Get When You Use Divvy’s Print API

When you partner with Divvy, you get all the benefits of our unique printing technology. Our API (Application Programming Interface) makes it simple for you to print any file type, from any server configuration, for any printed product!

The Advantages of Divvy

Our technology offers us the flexibility to work with whatever a client needs printed. We want to make this easy on you and  the many other companies and franchises we partner with.

No matter what server configuration you use, we connect it to our servers for automatic batching. That means you don’t have to conform to our presets or technology, like other printers require. With this flexibility, we can serve more customers with many different needs.

Plus, our software can work with whatever print file types you use! No need to convert to a more common file type just to suit us. Divvy is made to help you, not the other way around.

Saving You Money

Our advantages don’t end at “ease of access.” The batching technology we use offers many benefits that any business finds appealing:

  • Higher accuracy
  • Fewer re-dos
  • Faster turnaround times
  • Competitive pricing
  • Consistent and dependable product delivery

With benefits like these, Divvy saves you money and time on your printing orders. You’ll be able to make a profit and meet your deadlines easily!

After Printing

Divvy fulfills all of your orders directly to your intended locations, no matter where they are. All of your franchisees will receive your products about the same time, allowing you to have a smoother startup to any campaign or promotion.

Because we fulfill and ship printed products in-house, we can provide better shipping rates and handle high-volume shipments. We also have partnerships with all the major mail carriers, getting you the best shipping deal possible for all of your orders.

Want to Switch?

Many of our potential customers already have printers that they work with. However, don’t let this stop you! Even if you switch printers, we can take what you already have and sync it easily to our system. The transition can take days or a couple of weeks, rather than months! Other printers take much longer to get your system synchronized to ours. With Divvy, it’s easy to switch!

Don’t have the technology? Our technology department can build the configurations for you!

Have we convinced you yet? It’s as easy as giving us a call today!

What Does Divvy Do for You?

Ever wonder how franchisors sustain their brand image and their business across numerous franchises? Maintaining brand consistency is one of the franchise industry’s biggest hurdles.  Restaurants need standardized logos, vinyl banners, fliers, signage, menu designs, and more. Other franchised businesses strive for uniformity through business cards and other marketing collateral. Divvy Systems, Alexander’s brand management software was designed specifically for the franchise industry, and specifically to help businesses maintain their brand.

Divvy software allows franchisors to meet their own specific needs whether that involves products, pricing or minimums. Divvy will build your business a personalized online portal where you can standardize all your marketing collateral, whether its signs, business cards, floor graphics or vinyl banners. Individual franchisees can then order, 24/7 and have materials delivered right to their door. Each order is fulfilled through Alexander’s print shop where we have top of the line printing capabilities.

Divvy also offers inbound marketing and social media engagement services. We live in a world where online content matters.  This takes time and effort to manage. With Divvy, you’ll be able to build your franchise by streamlining management of online brand content in a consistent matter. Divvy will also help your franchise fill those public relations needs, perform search engine optimization, and build the franchise’s social media platforms.

With Divvy’s automated brand management software, you’ll build your franchise, protect your brand, and leverage your strengths. Leaving the details to Divvy frees up both the franchisor and the franchisee to do what they do best.