Run a Successful Marketing Campaign with Pack Outs by Divvy

Franchisors need to run successful marketing campaigns to stay afloat. But a marketing campaign or promotion will hold no weight if the different franchisees vary. So each shipment will need to arrive at each store or franchisee simultaneously and contain the exact same pieces and materials. These are called pack outs. But these are difficult to do, especially in a timely manner. Though it may be easy to print all the necessary products, getting them organized and off to their destinations can be trickier.

That’s where Divvy steps in. Divvy easily creates quality marketing materials our franchises need to promote their products effectively.

Pack Out Products

Pack outs can consist of simply printed flyers, cards and envelopes, apparel, window clings, store graphics, menus, displays, and more. The franchisor may have any number of products necessary to make their promotion successful. It all depends on that franchise’s needs to run a successful marketing campaign.

Divvy excels at this. Using our on-site printers in Lindon, Utah, we create your marketing materials using your brand and your specifications. Each piece will be accurate to your company and its image, ensuring your franchises will all be able to succeed by using your brand.

How Divvy Succeeds

Printing is simple for Divvy by Alexanders. But getting those products to businesses like Port of Subs, Bahama Bucks, and others in a timely manner is where we really excel.

Other businesses might just deliver the printed products back to the franchisor for shipping to each location. This delays the marketing campaign severely. Plus, adding in those extra stops just allows more room for serious error.

Divvy, however, does it all for you.

Here’s how it works

Franchises order their promotional items via our web to print storefronts and API. Then, Divvy creates each product to your specifications on-site. This could even include variations to certain locations to suit their needs for this campaign. However the franchisor needs it to work, Divvy will fulfill it. We will then drop-ship each set directly to the store, meeting their time-sensitive needs.

Divvy has a great deal of experience doing this for large orders covering multiple stores. We help franchises meet their tight deadlines and pull off successful marketing campaigns and promotions by doing everything in one place, where others are at the mercy of multiple shops and their variable or unreliable deadlines. Divvy’s ability to perform these pack outs in one location and ship them out to each franchisee gives us the edge compared to our competitors.

Maintain Your Brand With Divvy

As a franchisor, you have many options for keeping your brand consistent among your franchisees. So what makes Divvy stand out above the rest? Divvy by Alexanders leaves little to no hassle for franchisors who want to maintain control over their company’s look. With Divvy, you can trust that your branded marketing stands out in the crowd.

On-site Printing

Divvy stands out from other web to print companies because the complete process is on our site. There’s no need for your franchisees to call or consult during their order. This saves you and them valuable time, such as over a weekend, after hours, or over a holiday.

Also, almost all of our printing and products are done in-house. Other automated web to print sites farm out their print and mailing to other locations and companies. This delays the process, and leaves more room for mistakes. But our in-house printing by Alexander’s gets you and your franchisees your products quickly. It only takes the amount of time to necessary to produce and ship to your location.

Plus, because it’s on-site, we know our printing is high-quality. We can print high-resolution photos from tiny postcards to large stands and signs. If you can dream it, we can print it!


For both franchisors and franchisees, Divvy is easy to use and hassle-free. We use your logo, brand colors, and standards over a wide variety of products, and help you set it all up.

Using our clean, white-label webstores, your franchisees can change hours of operation, dates, names, and numbers to customize signage or cards to their location. We also provide links for HTML tools, making it easy to add indentation, bullet points, and more into a text field without fuss.

Divvy portals also can include webinars for how-to videos, customer presentations, or training for each franchisee.


Franchisors can maintain complete brand control with Divvy. Too much franchisee customization may produce products with the wrong shades and hues, incorrect fonts, and unapproved pictures. These mistakes instantly damage your brand, and undermine your marketing efforts.

Divvy, however, lets you select approved brand colors and styles to prevent such damage. You can even allow franchisees to alter elements of their products based on their needs or desires, helping franchisees to feel like they also have creative control. At the same time, your stylistic control can prevent inconsistencies or mistakes that look less professional. This includes restricting hyphens, periods, or parentheses in a phone number for a business card or sign (e.g. (800)123-4567 or 800.123.4567).


As a franchisor, you control what your franchisees see, and you see all their activity as well. If all your units in Texas need special contract wording or sign colors, but it won’t apply to a unit in Wisconsin, you can hide certain products and capabilities from other franchisees where these options won’t matter.

Divvy allows a reporting option where you can view the order history of specific franchisees. This is useful if a franchisee’s unit isn’t doing well compared to others in their area. using this data, you can check on their marketing tools, how frequently they use these tools, and whether they’re selecting the same as their fellow franchisees.

Divvy’s goal is to save you time and hassle so you can focus on what’s important: your business. We succeed when you succeed, so we’ll help you meet your branding needs. Join the many successful companies already partnering with Divvy. Contact us today!

How to Strengthen Your Franchise: Avoid These 7 Costly Mistakes

When investing in a franchise, you want to ensure that your business will continue to receive success. Strengthen your franchise by avoiding these 7 mistakes that could harm your brand and lead to franchisee failures:


As the franchise owner, you are in charge of making the major decisions that effect your entire franchise chain. However, don’t be so tightfisted that you’re unwilling to listen to the ideas your Franchisee owners have. You don’t have to agree with everything that they suggest, but be open to new ideas that can strengthen your franchise and brand.

Expanding Too Quickly

A franchise is meant to grow and succeed, but it doesn’t (and often can’t) happen all at once.  ooking back on its first four years of operation, admitted that one of its biggest early mistakes was leaving the markets of the Southeastern states before it was ready. It granted several franchises for locations in California, which, one after another, turned into nightmares for franchisees and franchisor alike. The franchisees were simply too far from the company’s headquarters. Support and training were difficult; regular monitoring and assistance were nearly impossible given the expense of travel. Small difficulties went unattended and grew into large problems that eventually led to costly restaurant closings.” Let your franchise grow comfortably at a rate that you, the Franchisor, can maintain.

Hiring the Wrong Franchisees

Along the same lines, when you do decide to add more franchisees, take the time to hire someone with a business ethic that matches your own. Andrew A. Caffey suggests that, “The best way to avoid this problem is to make sure the franchisor is adequately capitalized to allow for slower, more measured growth, and allow time for the company to identify the best prospective franchisees possible.” Remember, this business is supposed to last long term. Invest the necessary time it takes to hire the right people.

Forgetting Employees

Now that you’ve hired the right people, be sure to take care of them. Understand the reasons they are working for you so that you can ensure their needs are met. Do your employees enjoy the flexible hours? If so, applying stricter hours to all franchisees could be a big mistake that could loose future employees. Are they working for you because they believe in your product? Then changing the product too drastically might scare them away.

Remember, dedicated employees mean a thriving business. Be sure to care for them and meet their needs so that they can continue to meet the needs of your customers.

Cutting Costs that Compromise the Customer

Saving money on unnecessary costs is a good thing, but compromising the customer’s experience is not. Just like with your employees, be aware of what keeps your clients coming back again and again. Do you have special discounts or deals that they look forward to each month? Getting rid of them altogether may be a mistake. Is there a special item on your menu that your customers adore? Find what keeps your customers coming back, and give them the quality experience they have come to know and love. Remember, it is much easier (and cost affordable) to retain a loyal customer than entice a new one.

Not Sharing “Secret Sauce”

Each business has secrets to its success, whether its a special recipe, a method of training employees, or the attitude with which it receives potential clients. President of Osteo Strong Franchising, LLC, Kyle Zagrodzky, puts it this way: “Entrepreneurs are charismatic, and when they’ve built a successful business and start considering franchising, they often severely underestimate how much of their personal touch makes that business thrive. To win on a massive scale, a franchised company has to be duplicable, but you can’t replicate yourself. Franchisees have to feel connected to the spirit of the brand, and the best way to do that is through great educational resources. Offer franchisees immediate, easy access to a full suite of educational tools that will show them the recipe for your secret sauce so it can be recreated in every unit.”

Trust your Franchisees with the secrets to your success so that your brand can continue to thrive.

Brand Inconsistency

Your brand is how your customers recognize you. If your logo or brand colors are changing from location to location, it will confuse customers, and make some of your Franchisees start to look like cheap knock-offs. Keeping consistency is especially important when rebranding your business.

It’s not all just about logos, however. Are you updating your franchise menu? Offering a new discount? Branded marketing materials should be consistent across your brand, and for that to happen, they need to be easy for your franchisees to access. Here at Divvy by Alexanders, we specialize in helping Franchiees keep branding consistent over all of their social media and print marketing materials. Find out more about Divvy here, or contact us in the form below for additional information.

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Likes vs. Reach: Social Media Engagement

In today’s world of Web 2.0, social media engagement is essential to successfully developing and cultivating an online presence. With the vast change of technological improvements, however, truly understanding social media engagement is ever changing. With that said, there is a huge difference between “Likes” and “Reach”.


With the addition of Page Insights to Facebook, users can now analyze their business’s page activity better than ever. However, Facebook uses jargon that the typical Facebook admin doesn’t know. Divvy knows how important social media engagement is to your business and we’re here to help you understand the hard stuff.

Reach & Impressions

According to the Facebook help page, reach and impressions are two very different analytic measurements.


Reach refers to how many unique people have seen your post in their newsfeeds – this is why paid support can increase your reach dramatically. Reach tells you the exact number of people that viewed that specific content.

Impressions refers to how many times a post from your page is displayed in people’s newsfeeds. The catch? One person may see the same content two different times. Impressions tells you the total number of times that content was in people’s newsfeeds.

Engagement (Likes)

Engagement refers to the interactions beyond reach and impressions, meaning the clicks, comments, likes and shares. As such, high reach doesn’t mean there is high engagement. You can reach more than 100 people and only have 10 likes. With that said, it is possible to have low reach (15 unique users) and high engagement (8 likes, 3 shares).

In sum, engagement measures how compelling your content is to your target audience.

Social Media Engagement Applied

It is important to recognize how to use these analytical measuring tools. Remember these 3 things:

  1. Reach measures how well you are getting your content, product, or business name into people’s newsfeeds. If you have a high reach, you are doing a good job of being seen. If you don’t, you should measure your impressions.
  2. Impressions help you determine what content is catchy and interesting enough to be viewed by the most people the most times. Like the example above, those with low reach can use impressions to determine what posts are interesting to their audience. From there, you can increase your reach and your impressions, too.
  3. Engagement measures how well you’re connecting with your target audience. The more people that engage with your posts, the more likely your post will appear in your engaged user’s friend’s newsfeed. Aim for engagement, not for reach.


Bottom line: Likes are better than Reach/Impressions. Next time you’re analyzing your social media, focus on your post engagement rather than your post reach. If you need help with social media marketing or engagement, Divvy can help! Call our office or fill out the contact form below. Otherwise, happy analyzing!


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How to Write A Good Blog Outline

Just like writing a great paper, writing a great blog post starts with a solid outline. Outlines are the vehicles that drive the writing process. It is essential to have a working outline before writing a blog post to avoid confusion and disorganization. Follow these 6 simple steps to write a good blog outline:

What’s the Big Idea?

The big idea of a blog post is similar to the thesis of a paper. It is the central point and unique angle to the post. You need to determine what it is that you are trying to do for your audience. Remember this when determining your big idea: you want to either motivate, educate or inform your audience. Deciding which of these you will do will guide your outlining and writing.

How did you come up with the idea for the blog post? Did you feel inspired on the topic or did you read an article online or in print? Whichever it is, make sure you back up your points with a solid understanding of the information you are presenting. Make yourself credible by adding in statistics, quotes, or other related information.

Title it.

Next you need to create a working title. The most important rule with creating a great title is to be as specific as possible. You can always come back and reword the title, but for now you need to have a good idea of what you will be writing about specifically. For more information on writing a blog title your viewers will love, click here.

Write it Out.

This is where you are creating a basic understanding for the body of the post. This can be done in sentences, bullets, or headings and subheadings. Try one of each until you figure out which is most comfortable for you. Either way, you need to create main points, and then sub points (and if necessary, points for sub points). Always check to make sure each point is supporting the big idea, and change accordingly.

You can also add in any specific details you want to address in your post when you’re completing this step. Make a not of where it will fit, and you can work it in when you’re officially writing your post.

Revise and Reorganize.

Now that you’ve written the main ideas down for your post, you need to step back and make sure it flows coherently. Rearrange as necessary, and check for spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes as you go.

Links, Links, Links.Links, links, links

If you can, look for links that relate to other posts you’ve written. You can also link to other sources with similar topics that may help your audience gain a better understanding of the topic you are writing about.

Fill in the Blanks.

Now that you’ve created the body of your outline, it’s time to go fill in the blanks. This is where you will write your main ideas in one word for both the introduction and conclusion of your post. You can also think about ways to transition between main points, if necessary. Lastly, remember to include a call to action in your conclusion.


If you follow these 6 simple steps when writing a blog outline, you are sure to write a smooth and straightforward blog post. If you need help with social media management and blogging, Divvy can help! We provide personalized service and help in these areas, as well as other areas of digital and print marketing. Find more about Divvy here or fill out the contact form below.

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What’s So Special About Direct Mail?

At Divvy’s we are proud to provide marketing solutions for our clients. While a large part of our focus is on social media, we won’t hesitate to suggest the many benefits of offline marketing pieces, most specifically, direct mail. However, you may be asking yourself, “What’s so special about direct mail?”

Overall, the number one thing that makes direct mail so special is that it has the power to engage all five senses, granting your customer a lasting impression.


Whether your direct mail piece includes a package, or a simple envelope, it is guaranteed to engage your viewer’s sense of touch as they pull the package out of the mailbox. By applying one of the variety of textures available, such as velvet laminate, gloss, parchment, etc. you can set your direct mail campaign apart and earn your viewer’s attention because they can literally feel the difference.


While colorful ads abound online, the mailbox presents a different way to reach your viewer’s eyes with less creative competition. Consider how your customer will feel when they open the mailbox and spot a direct mail piece inside with their name on it written in gold foil.

Additionally, direct mail pieces can offer viewers visual depth. Unlike a 2D screen where people simply click from page to page, 3D tactile mail can be explored and opened. By designing creative packaging, your company can leave a profound effect.


Ripping open a package or letter in and of itself engages the sense of sound, but that isn’t all. Messages take on additional meaning when sound clips included share music or a recorded message.


Magazines, newspapers, catalogs; they all have a distinct smell, and those smells link to our memories and form emotional connections. Not to mention, have you ever received a letter scented with perfume? Though most direct mail pieces do not include this sense, it is a possibility, and a great way for companies whose product relies heavily on scent to reach their audience. Even consider the benefits of providing free samples of scented products.


And speaking of samples, we are not suggesting that you eat your direct mail piece. However, it is possible to include candy, chap stick, or other product samples that show what your company is capable of. With our Divvy direct mail campaign, we promised to buy our clients lunch when they set up a free demonstration with us.

Interested in building creative marketing pieces that really stand out? Contact us in the form below.


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Crafting A Winning Social Media Campaign Strategy

*By guest post contributor: Nick Rojas

At the time of this article, Facebook boasts 1.6 billion accounts. Twitter has 305 million accounts.. Add LinkedIn, Tumblr, and YouTube, and you have the potential to reach billions of people through multiple avenues. Social media connects people – and you want them to connect to you.

social media campaign

Before you launch your campaign, you need a plan of action. What kinds of things are people attracted to on each particular platform? Which platforms will best support the marketing styles of your business? What are your company’s objectives in this venture? Read on to discover the three rules of executing your campaign effectively.

1. Find your target audience.

Where does your audience spend time when they’re online? Look for them, find them, and set up camp there. If your product is geared toward business professionals, you’re going to want to start an account on LinkedIn. Younger people tend to have shorter attention spans, so they might respond best to the condensed updates you share on Twitter or Snapchat. People who are looking for a business that requires trust (e.g. an investment company), so they’ll gravitate toward a place that contains all kinds of information in one place, like a Facebook page. Consider where your people are, and follow them.

2. Start planning.

You want to make a great impression when you launch, so make it as perfect as possible! No social media campaign ever reached its potential without adequate and thorough planning. Some things to consider in your plan:

○ Who is going to be responsible for maintaining your social media account? Make sure that person or team becomes familiar with how businesses on each platform work. Decide how often the account will be maintained; how often new content or announcements will be added; who will handle customer questions, etc.

○ What are you trying to achieve? Of course, your goal is to use this method to gain customers, but how do you plan to do it without saying “Welcome to our page! You should buy our product.” You could offer discounts to customers; announce sales, promote your product using giveaways, or share news and updates from your business.

○ What tone do you want to convey? Perhaps your audience will respond to a professional-sounding post. Or maybe posts with plenty of exclamation points and hashtags will catch their eye. Depending on your platform, you can also convey your tone with multiple types of media , like relevant photos and video.

3. Get engaged.

If a viewer or reader asks you a question, jump on it immediately! Let them feel like they are part of a conversation, not an ad. Whoever maintains your campaign must have excellent people skills and be fantastic at conveying messages through writing. Be prepared, however: Sometimes customers with complaints would prefer to air them publicly. Put out that fire immediately by directing them to whatever your protocol is – calling customer service, emailing, etc. When I see complaints or poor reviews on a business, I always look to see if the business has addressed them in the comments. If they have, my opinion on the company changes drastically. In fact, responses to complaints are evidence that the company does, in fact, want to provide a quality service/product and cares about what its customers think.

social media campaign

Of course, one of the main difficulties is converting social visitors into paying customers. As you craft your social campaign, this needs to be at the forefront of your strategy. Research the best way to transform online conversations into sales. Remember that social media is at the top of the funnel, so how you reach them has to be dependent on where they are in the funnel.

Divvy” serves franchisees who are often looking for ways to promote their franchises through social media. Divvy’s marketing team has a long list of success stories when it comes to transforming marketing communications through print and digital channels. So if the whole idea of a social media campaign makes you nervous, you might want to start with the experts. Contact Divvy below for more information.

Good luck, and enjoy your social media campaign!


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What is Divvy by Alexander’s?

With Divvy by Alexander’s, franchise companies can easily keep branding consistent throughout every location, all with little to no hassle on the part of the franchise owner. Learn how our Webstore, Marketing, and Social options can increase your brand’s reach.


Having problems keeping branded materials consistent across all of your franchises? Divvy is here to help.

Using your logo, brand colors and standards, we’ll build and customize a company webstore for you—an online portal where the Divvy team uploads all the marketing collateral you want to make available for franchisees to order. It’s a simple 5-step process:

  1. We consult with you to understand your needs.
  2. We create a custom web store for you using Divvy software.
  3. You add items you want your locations to be able to order: Apparel, signage, brochures, banners, x-stands, displays, stationary, business cards, and much, much more.
  4. Your locations log in, order and pay for the collateral, customizing certain fields to fit their location.
  5. We fulfill and print all orders right from our headquarters (Alexander’s Print Advantage). The items are printed and shipped to the locations directly, without you lifting a finger.

It’s that easy.


Divvy by Alexander’s offers marketing consulting, SEO, and other digital marketing packages designed for the franchise system or single franchises and businesses.

We partner with franchises to deliver consistently branded social media updates. Whether our client is the individual franchisee, or the whole system of franchisees, we’ll connect your social platforms to our software, updating your Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other channels that fit in with your social strategy. We help create and publish branded content so you don’t have to. Our platform also allows for minimal or maximum involvement from the franchisee, allowing each franchise owner to maintain control or sit back and let Divvy leverage the power of social media.


We regularly manage marketing campaigns within clients’ ideal target markets that include cross-media.

For example:

Divvy’s digital marketing services help business owners with everything from their Internet presence to managing communications with customers who are increasingly mobile and on digital platforms.

How can I get started?

Divvy’s goal is to save you time and hassle so you can focus on growing your business. We at Divvy succeed when you succeed, so we’ll work with you to get you exactly what you need. Join the multitude of successful companies already using Divvy. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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Franchise Marketing Ideas

Local Business Listings

Before we go to far into this series, let’s ask ourselves a question:”What’s the first thing you do when you are looking for a business?” If you are anything like 93% of America, you use some sort of a search engine. There should at least be a Google+ page for your location but we suggest you investigate a few other postings like Facebook (which you probably already have) Yelp, Foursquare and any other geo-local-listings.

Hint: The more you add to these platforms (services, products, etc.) the more your business will feel the effects.

Email Marketing and SMS Marketing

This is not as hard as it sounds. Simply incentivize your customers to sign up for your text and/or email marketing programs by offering electronic or printable coupons, preferred customer specials and discounts, and notices of this-day-only deals they can only receive by signing up. This strategy allows you to do two things (1) Gather more information about your customer base and (2) facilitate remarketing through thank-you emails and texts.

Hint: Help grow your franchise’s email and SMS marketing by training employees on the program, include it in your signage or talk about it on social media.

Social Media

It’s hard to say which should come first but without question, your business should have a social media presence. Franchisees should consult with their corporate brand when it comes to what channels to use and how to best use them for local franchise marketing. If the corporate marketing department wants each location to have a more local content, it will be harder to fix a strategy but they will most likely see better results.

Whatever the situation may be for your organization, the key to social media is consistency. If you pick two social media platforms to publish content from, do so EVERY day (if it’s Twitter, several times a day). Once you feel you can manage that, go ahead and branch out onto other platforms.

Hint: Create a calendar that allows you to publish out a week or even a month in advance.

Direct Mail

I hope you haven’t glanced over this section because the idea of a direct mail campaign is boring or somehow old fashioned. 76 percent of small businesses say their ideal marketing strategy includes a combination of both print and digital communication. The key here is to take this traditional style of marketing and make it more targeted. Take direct mail and blend it with whatever current social media or community outreach campaigns you might be running.

Hint: Direct mail campaigns are slowly becoming THE solution for targeting millenials.

Community Outreach

The best way to find a loyal new customer is by word-of-mouth. Our final tip this evening is to be involved in the community. Find out what businesses you could team up with to put on a really spectacular event. Whether you a running a cross-promotion campaign with another business or sponsoring a local sports team, working with the community is a great way to spread goodwill.

Hint: Answer the question: “How could my location be an asset to the community”

Franchise Marketing Ideas by Divvy

Sometimes the issue with new marketing campaigns is finding new inspiration. Once you know your target market, call us up at Divvy. We have helped a number of companies with their direct mail campaigns. The benefit from calling us, we can see the project through from concept to completion. We also assist a number of organizations with email campaigns and social media brand management. Give us a call if you are ready for some truly unique ideas.


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Marketing Assets for Precision Time from Divvy

Precision Time is a watch retailer that opened up shop in 1982. From that small start with a single store, they’ve expanded to 60 locations across the United States. With that growth, it became paramount that they have the marketing assets necessary to ensure their brand messaging was consistent. Divvy provided them an easy-to-use solution. With Divvy, franchisees across the nation are able to log into the online portal and order the marketing assets they need for their kiosk or store.

marketing assets from divvy for precision time

Recently, Precision Time made a large order of wall posters, business cards, fliers, and coupons. Divvy seamlessly fulfilled their order and shipped the assets to the respective locations. Precision Time doesn’t need to worry about opening up new locations without the necessary branded marketing collateral. All stores give a consistent message of to their customers anytime they visit Precision Time locations.

Fore more information about how Divvy can help your franchise with the printing and shipment of marketing assets visit Divvy Online. Or, talk to our Marketing Director, Charlie Alexander, and see if you can’t stump him with your franchise marketing need. Just e-mail charlie [at] divvyonline.com 801-224-8666.