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3 Digital Media Solutions to Enhance Your Print Marketing

Digital marketing goes hand-in-hand with postcard marketing. At Divvy, we’ve always said that your marketing and advertising efforts will be stronger when you combine the two. They are incredibly powerful on their own, so imagine what you can accomplish with both!

Actually, you don’t have to imagine much longer. Here are three trends we think are most helpful for your digital and print marketing efforts.


Once someone has read your postcard, and had a positive response to it, they’ll visit your website. And, unfortunately for your ROI, that’s where it ends. Google Analytics reports that 96% of browsing people will leave a website without taking action if they’re visiting for the first time.

That doesn’t do much for your business, does it?

Digital marketing, however, helps your postcard retain its original effectiveness when you use follow-up. You can advertise to your intended clients across Google and other browsers by using cookies. Your customers will keep seeing reminders about your products until they’re ready to come back and buy something from you.


Much like the above, you can reach out on social media to make sure visitors to your site keep coming back. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest all allow advertising, which you can use for specific customers if they’ve looked at your site before. And since we’re on social media so many hours of the day, this is bound to be effective.


Wouldn’t it be nice to know roughly when your clients will be picking up their mail and seeing your postcard? You would be able to plan for phone calls wanting more information, targeted social media posts reinforcing that data, and more.

With mail tracking, you can do these things! Implementing such a feature into your system would let you see when mail is scheduled to arrive in mailboxes. You can better be able to staff customer service representatives at that time, plan on social media, and engage with the campaign.


These trends are most effective because of the way they combine social media and internet browsing to your print on both ends. It’s difficult to try just digital or print on its own. Keep on top of tracking and reminder systems by using these trends, and you’ll see your postcards pay off!

Pack-Outs for Your Print Marketing Campaigns

Businesses thrive on marketing campaigns–and what better way to market than signage? It’s visible, usually colorful, and meant to grab attention right away. What could go wrong with branded signage?

Unfortunately in franchises, a lot could go wrong. It’s often too easy for franchisees to create signs and other marketing materials that go off-brand. It might be a color, a font, or even a different offer. While it might not seem like a big problem, it can be devastating for campaigns. For example, if your food-based business needs to advertise a special deal or a new menu item, and one location doesn’t get the right signage, you could lose a lot of customers looking to participate in the offer!

Marketing campaigns and promotions hold no weight if your franchisees aren’t on the same page visually. But that is where Divvy steps in.

Pack-Outs for Your Promos

Divvy easily creates quality marketing materials our franchises need to promote their products effectively. We create print marketing shipments, referred to as pack-outs. You may also know them as:

  • Quarterly marketing build-outs
  • Promo packages
  • Marketing auto-shipments

In these shipments, we print any item you might need for your campaign. These could include flyers, cards and envelopes, apparel, window clings, store graphics, menus, displays, and more. One franchise might only need a shipment of window clings, while other campaigns require all of the above for a large-scale marketing promotion.

The best part about pack-outs is that each shipment arrives at each location simultaneously, with the exact same pieces and materials. Every franchisee will receive exactly what they need for their campaign. This saves each location from having off-brand signs, different offers, and unapproved images. Your campaign will run smoother than ever with every franchisee participating this way!

Shipping Your Pack-Outs

Though it may be easy to print all the necessary products, getting them organized and off to their destinations can be trickier. But not for Divvy! Getting those products to businesses like Port of Subs, Bahama Bucks, and others in a timely manner is where we really excel.

Divvy does not deliver your print collateral back to you (the franchisor) for you to ship. That would be a waste of your time! Instead, we send it out for you to every individual location, saving you time and stress–and making sure everything gets there in time for your promotion to begin.


How Pack-Outs Work

Franchises order their promotional items via our web to print storefronts and API. Divvy then prints every single product just the way you need it. Need one location to receive something different from the others? We can do that, too! We will then drop-ship each set directly to every location, meeting your time-sensitive needs.

Divvy has a great deal of experience doing this for large orders covering multiple stores. We help franchises meet their tight deadlines and pull off successful marketing campaigns and promotions by doing everything in one place, where others are at the mercy of multiple shops and their variable or unreliable deadlines. Divvy’s ability to perform these pack outs in one location and ship them out to each franchisee gives us the edge compared to our competitors.

Jedi mind tricks for greater online attention

The world is buzzing with anticipation for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, and we are as excited as anyone to see our favorite heroes–the Jedi Knights–in action once again.

There are so many honorable attributes to a Jedi: their lightsaber skills, their acrobatics, their discipline and self-sacrifice. Probably their most envious is their ability to influence peoples minds through the force. With that kind of power, sales would be the easiest job in the world!

But the truth is, Jedi mind tricks do exist, and anyone can develop this ability! But these Jedi mind tricks are less about forcing your way into the minds of others, and more about forming mental and emotional connections with your target audience, which then helps you gain greater online attention.

yoda jedi mind tricks

Use the force

Yoda is historically the smallest Jedi Knight, but he wields tremendous power within his small frame. You may be a small company, but you can unlock your true potential by mastering these social media skills.

Optimize your social channels

Google has started a bidding war on their front page, and companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to obtain a spot on it. Smaller companies cannot compete with that kind of fire power, but rather than accept defeat, start a rebellion on your social media channels.

While the big companies are spending their time and money getting SEO for their website, you can be loading your Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn page with keywords so that your page will rank higher.

For detailed instructions on how to do this, read the Word Stream blog.

Start the conversation

Post thought provoking articles on your Twitter feed. Share your opinions and ask for your audiences insight. Even if you have a small amount of followers, these types of conversations can quickly spread across the internet.

Automate your social media posts

Maintain an active presence on social media by using automation software such as Sprout Social or HootSuite. This allows you to schedule content ahead of time, so even on days when you forget to post or don’t have time, you can feel confident that something is going out.

Be a leader

Establish a reputation for being the first person to share your opinion on industry trends, or things you notice could be improved. Share what others are saying in your community, and encourage your audience to speak up. You will find that people will come to you, and that will greatly improve your business.

If you need help with your social media or would like to try a free Divvy Demo solution, fill out the contact form below.


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