the power of print

Innovative Print Marketing: Printing Beyond Postcards

Postcards are great, and we know how useful they can be at Divvy. But for some campaigns, a postcard just isn’t enough. They can easily get lost on a desk or under a pile of other papers. That is not where you want your valuable marketing information to end up! Think outside the postcard with innovative print collateral like a marketing kit, a brochure, and more!

Interactive Pieces

With a postcard, all you have to do is flip it over, and the interaction with the piece is complete. People quickly lose interest after that. But with a brochure you have to unfold, you can engage a customer much longer.

Giving your mail pieces a little more interactivity can make that information valuable and ensure that it sticks in the minds of your recipients. While you’re at it, make sure you include a call to action that keeps your recipients interacting with your products and marketing even after they’ve put the mail down.

Marketing Kits

A marketing kit combines all of this into one piece of mail that you can send to special clients. Want to see one in action? Check out the pizza kit we created and sent out to potential Divvy clients!

The important part of these boxes is that they require interaction. They hold far more than a single piece, which requires handling to access all the information. With each piece, even a casual reader will be able to absorb and use more information than a recipient with a postcard.

Is a marketing kit right for you? It depends on how much information you have to share. If your pitch is short and sweet, or you need your piece to be transportable (such as a coupon for a sale), postcards are okay! You don’t need to ditch what works. But if you’re trying to get the attention of a big new client, a postcard simply isn’t enough.


If you want to get started creating a top-notch marketing kit like the ones we’ve created for clients like Franklin Covey, BYU, and our potential partners, call or contact us today! We’re excited to help you make the most of your marketing efforts across your whole franchise.

Printed Custom Business Cards with Divvy

Imagine your business without marketing tools. Chances are, internal working would probably run the same as ever. But face-to-face meetings with clients would likely stumble or shatter. So a lot of businesses seek out the best possible marketing tools to establish connections with clients, send information, and maximize sales. We at Divvy believe that among the most effective of those tools are business cards. Business cards are powerful, even in today’s digital world. Even salespeople and other face-to-face representatives of your company work better with physical print.

Why Choose Business Cards?

The adage that a picture says a thousand words applies to business cards as well! Business cards do a lot of your talking and marketing for you–more than people realize. Paper automatically has more power in today’s digital world than an email or a LinkedIn invite alone. Touch marketing shows that paper has greater recall power. People who handle a card with texture also tend to associate it with more positive feelings. Why wouldn’t you want that for a marketing tool?

Finally, business cards are often a silent marketing tool. This is especially true at networking events. If you don’t have one at your event, whether on your person or at your booth, you’ll stand out–and not in a good way. Cards also are effective when left on your booth or table. This lets people connect with your company even when they don’t stop to talk to you. Whether they’re too shy or too busy, they’ll have a way to contact you later.

Make Them Memorable!

The design of a business card can make it stand out as well. We’ve found several out-of-the-box designs for absolutely stunning, unforgettable cards. Even if you don’t opt for this route, the look of your card can still speak volumes about your company. A card can show that you’re utilitarian or fun, that you know what you’re doing or that you might still have something to learn. Design carefully, and let your card speak for you!

One way you can incorporate fantastic design and touch marketing into your card is with foil or UV spot varnish. Both of these create a great texture and shine that makes your card irresistible to touch and hold. Remember those positive feelings? Adding foil or varnish only increases those. Plus, the “special” look of these cards ensures that your clients will want to hold onto them. You’ll worry a lot less about lost information!


Are you looking for creative ways to connect with your clients and customers? Need to run some ideas by a printer to see if they are even possible? Divvy’s web to print API makes it easy to print business cards on-demand from our manufacturing and fulfillment system. Using our storefronts, you can print to your brand’s standards using corporate-approved colors and designs to keep your cards consistent throughout the company.

Need a lot of cards printed? Divvy can take out the hassle for you! Our variable data makes it simple to create an individual card for every employee in your company.No matter how big the job, you and your company can trust that Divvy’s high-quality service and technology will help your business stand out.


For more tips on how to make your business cards more effective, check out these important mistakes to avoid when using business cards.

Engaging customers through the power of print

“How do I get more customers/leads?”

Most businesses have one questions on their mind. How do you reach your target market? There are numerous answers, but how do you know which one is best for your business?

If you’re looking for a solution that will get people to act, consider the power of print.

Many businesses are discovering the power of print advertising. Even though print advertising has been around for centuries, recent studies show that audiences prefer print over digital, and here is why:

Print engages the senses

One of the many powers of print is its ability to engage our senses and form strong emotional connections. If you want people to know about your business then your first step should be…

Putting it in their hands

the power of print

Studies show tangible advertising helps assist memory and recall. By simply printing your advertisements, you are helping your potential customers form a connection to your business; a connection that will keep you at the forefront of their mind.

Appealing to the sense of touch is also accomplished through texture. Consider printing your ads on a material with a unique texture. We’ve printed on everything imaginable: cloth, plastic, wood; get creative with the texture and you will solidify yourself in your audiences mind.

Appeal to the sense of smell

This may seem like a difficult sense to engage through print, but smell is one of the reasons people prefer print. Do you know the smell of an old book? The crisp scent of new books? Newspaper? Of course you do. We have formed memories around those familiar smells. Likewise, you can form memorable bonds with your audience by appealing to their sense of smell.

the power of print

Some companies have developed scented inks to give their ads an advantage and to help bind their ad to the memory of their audience, but you don’t have to develop your own brand of ink to appeal to your audience, you can give your ads a unique scent by spraying them with perfume or any other pleasant odor.

Show them, don’t tell them

Sight is still the most accessible sense to print advertising. To appeal to this sense it is important to use as few words as possible, and focus on creating the right look.

Colors can affect the success of your ad. Choose the right colors to show your message. Colors have a strong psychological effect on your audience. If you want to convey excitement, use reds and oranges. If you are promoting health and happiness, use yellows and greens.

the power of print

Read more about the psychology of colors in advertising here.

Creative print projects are our specialty at Divvy. If you want to stand out and make an impression in your market, contact us and let us help you create the perfect ad.

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