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Innovative Print Marketing: Printing Beyond Postcards

Postcards are great, and we know how useful they can be at Divvy. But for some campaigns, a postcard just isn’t enough. They can easily get lost on a desk or under a pile of other papers. That is not where you want your valuable marketing information to end up! Think outside the postcard with innovative print collateral like a marketing kit, a brochure, and more!

Interactive Pieces

With a postcard, all you have to do is flip it over, and the interaction with the piece is complete. People quickly lose interest after that. But with a brochure you have to unfold, you can engage a customer much longer.

Giving your mail pieces a little more interactivity can make that information valuable and ensure that it sticks in the minds of your recipients. While you’re at it, make sure you include a call to action that keeps your recipients interacting with your products and marketing even after they’ve put the mail down.

Marketing Kits

A marketing kit combines all of this into one piece of mail that you can send to special clients. Want to see one in action? Check out the pizza kit we created and sent out to potential Divvy clients!

The important part of these boxes is that they require interaction. They hold far more than a single piece, which requires handling to access all the information. With each piece, even a casual reader will be able to absorb and use more information than a recipient with a postcard.

Is a marketing kit right for you? It depends on how much information you have to share. If your pitch is short and sweet, or you need your piece to be transportable (such as a coupon for a sale), postcards are okay! You don’t need to ditch what works. But if you’re trying to get the attention of a big new client, a postcard simply isn’t enough.


If you want to get started creating a top-notch marketing kit like the ones we’ve created for clients like Franklin Covey, BYU, and our potential partners, call or contact us today! We’re excited to help you make the most of your marketing efforts across your whole franchise.

Paper Marketing vs. Digital: How Paper Beats Online Ads

Because we get the majority of our data from cell phones, computers, and tablets, digital marketing seems to run the advertising world. However, the advent of digital ads do not mean paper marketing has no power. In fact, paper marketing actually has several advantages over digital.

Here are many benefits of paper vs. digital marketing.


Tangibility immediately creates a stronger psychological response in the reviewer than digital can. It triggers brain activities in areas tied to value and desire. More interesting textures such as foil and varnish or type of paper can also heighten a sense of ownership.

Engages Other Senses

For example: paper rustles, engaging sound, and can carry its own scent to stimulate memory later. Also, touch marketing uses textures and various finishes to engage this sense for a company’s benefit. Thus, the brain will automatically interpret paper marketing as more “real” and give it greater meaning. Paper marketing will also be better connected to memory by using these senses.

Memory and Recall

A study performed by neuromarketing firm TrueImpact proved that physical marketing better engages memory. When naming a brand, the participants who had seen the paper marketing for that company had 75% recall rather than 44% from the subjects who had seen a digital ad.


Paper and physical marketing has a higher review time than digital marketing. Hanging onto a postcard or catalog stimulates the brain, and if the content is engaging, it will be harder for the recipient to pull away.

Also, paper has the benefit of not being as obnoxious as many pop-up video or audio ads. These can make a viewer close them down as quickly as they appear on-screen. Handling paper won’t make a reader want to put it down just because the colors are too bright.

Boosting Other Media

Combine print ads with television or digital advertisements during a campaign. People will be better able to recall these other messages if exposed to a postcard or newspaper ad as well. They will also be able to associate your brand better between the messages.

The Best of Both Worlds

Though print marketing may be most effective for your business, don’t neglect your digital advertisements just yet. Using print ads effectively for brand marketing and strengthening memory will ramp up your digital sales. Many viewers will hang onto a catalog or card more, but place the order on their computer or mobile phone. They’ll also use their devices to search for items or deals not included on the paper marketing. Paper and physical marketing can do more for your brand and business than you might expect, if you only let it.

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