Types of Printed Signage for Your Franchise

There’s more to your store signage than the neon sign over the door. Divvy can print a wide variety of signage for every one of your franchise locations using your branded designs and colors. If you’re looking for ways to expand the types of printed signs in your franchise, look no further!

Window Clings and Decals

The windows to your location are the first thing your customers passing by will see, possibly excluding your sign. This is your chance to show your brand’s colors, style, and overall message!

Use reusable window clings and permanent or semi-permanent adhesive decals to draw attention and advertise before visitors even enter your store. These are some of the easiest ways to get branded, consistent signage to dozens of your franchise locations to cover a single campaign or event.

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POP Signs

Set up point of purchase signs at the entrance, at the check-out counter, or near an item you want to advertise. It’s a great way to remind customers of deals, or to sign up for your rewards program and receive those deals. Without reminders like this, it can be much harder to increase your loyal customer base! POP signs can also help if your business has self-serve elements, like a self check-out counter or self-serve food. It’s an excellent advertisement that speaks where a cashier or server might not be able to.

Print POP signs through Divvy using materials like foamcore, falconboard, posters, and more to suit your business!

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If you’re trying to attract customers from off the street, small signs and text are a waste of your time and money. Grab attention right away with bold banners! Large, colorful text or images can help draw in impulse customers or just help them find your store. You can also use your banners in-store to draw attention to a certain section, fill up dead ceiling space, or announce an event or sale!

We print our banners on durable vinyl. We can get as big as you need by attaching sections together. We’ll also provide grommets (shown in the photo) to install it by hanging it wherever you need!

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Wall Decor

Every store or restaurant needs something to spice up its appearance. Not only is it good branding; it helps your location from feeling bland or without personality. Fill your store with branded materials that evoke feelings your target audience wants to connect to. These might be posters of people wearing your brand’s clothing or accessories, vinyl decals listing ingredients or menu items, or just fun art that fits your message.

We can print these on heavy-weight paper products or on gatorboard, a sturdy mounted material that is easy to install.


Of course, Divvy can do even more! It all depends on what your franchise needs for your brand. Contact us today to learn what other options we can create for your business.