10 Ways to Get Ahead at Work

The best way to stand out and build a strong reputation is to get ahead at work. So what does that mean exactly? To get ahead at work is to not only do your job duties, but to go the extra mile in doing them. Here are a few things you can start doing to get ahead at work, and really, your life:

Be well-rested and clean.

Don’t be that guy. Don’t be the co-worker that falls asleep because they went to a late-night movie or the one that stinks because he/she didn’t shower. Do your best to presentable. When you’re in a professional environment, you should be doing your part to look and feel like a professional. Sleep 7-8 hours a night, take a shower, brush your teeth and do your hair.

Do your best!

Not only do you need to look and feel good, but you need to put your heart in all that you do. No matter the project, whether it be vacuuming crumbs on the floor or helping your team with a project, give 110%. You know that feeling you get when you finish a project? The one where you feel total satisfaction and accomplishment? That’s the feeling you should aim for in everything you do because that means you did your best. That way, when it comes time to revise or present, you will stand out based off of your hard work.

Make a to-do list and schedule, if necessary.

It can be hard to do your best when it seems like there are million things to do and no time to do them. In that case, make a prioritized list for the top five things you need to accomplish. Then, create deadlines for each of them. Schedules are not signs of weakness or distraction, rather they are signs of strength and productivity. Make them and use them as your job duty road map.

Build relationships with everyone.

Now that you’re focused on your job duties you can feel relaxed enough to be personable with everyone around you. Make an impression and create a relationship.

Use your downtime wisely.

It can be tempting to hop on social media or run to the break room when you are in between projects. Instead, use this downtime to better your skills. Search engines are full of tips, advice columns and business blogs. If you’re uncomfortable or know you can get better in an area – and there should always be an area – use your downtime to learn more.

Destroy negative thinking and comments.

Negative thoughts and comments are just that – negative. Learn how to overcome negative thinking patterns and stick to Mom’s favorite rule: If it’s not a nice thing to say, don’t say anything.

Tackle new changes or challenges, or at least TRY.

When a new change or challenge arises, STEP UP and tackle it. It’s okay if you fail and if you do, ask for help. Your boss will notice your effort, even if you are struggling, and is there to help you succeed.

Don’t forget to have FUN.

If you are constantly thinking about work or working, you’ll get caught up in professional atmosphere. Don’t forget about your personal life. Go on a drive over the weekend or treat yourself to the new movie you want to see. Make sure that you have a healthy balance between work life and personal life.


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