What’s So Special About Direct Mail?

At Divvy’s we are proud to provide marketing solutions for our clients. While a large part of our focus is on social media, we won’t hesitate to suggest the many benefits of offline marketing pieces, most specifically, direct mail. However, you may be asking yourself, “What’s so special about direct mail?”

Overall, the number one thing that makes direct mail so special is that it has the power to engage all five senses, granting your customer a lasting impression.


Whether your direct mail piece includes a package, or a simple envelope, it is guaranteed to engage your viewer’s sense of touch as they pull the package out of the mailbox. By applying one of the variety of textures available, such as velvet laminate, gloss, parchment, etc. you can set your direct mail campaign apart and earn your viewer’s attention because they can literally feel the difference.


While colorful ads abound online, the mailbox presents a different way to reach your viewer’s eyes with less creative competition. Consider how your customer will feel when they open the mailbox and spot a direct mail piece inside with their name on it written in gold foil.

Additionally, direct mail pieces can offer viewers visual depth. Unlike a 2D screen where people simply click from page to page, 3D tactile mail can be explored and opened. By designing creative packaging, your company can leave a profound effect.


Ripping open a package or letter in and of itself engages the sense of sound, but that isn’t all. Messages take on additional meaning when sound clips included share music or a recorded message.


Magazines, newspapers, catalogs; they all have a distinct smell, and those smells link to our memories and form emotional connections. Not to mention, have you ever received a letter scented with perfume? Though most direct mail pieces do not include this sense, it is a possibility, and a great way for companies whose product relies heavily on scent to reach their audience. Even consider the benefits of providing free samples of scented products.


And speaking of samples, we are not suggesting that you eat your direct mail piece. However, it is possible to include candy, chap stick, or other product samples that show what your company is capable of. With our Divvy direct mail campaign, we promised to buy our clients lunch when they set up a free demonstration with us.

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