Which one lands the biggest catch? Print vs Digital Advertising

It may seem obvious, but print and digital advertising are very different. Why make the distinction? Because businesses need to understand that they each come with a unique set of advantages.


Print advertising is similar to fishing with a fishing pole. You find a place you’re fairly confident will attract a few fish; plop the bait into the water and wait to see if you’ll get any bites. There may be a lot of fish that see that tasty bait, but only a few that seize it. At the end of the day, all of your patience may only get you a few fish, but that’s the risk you take when you fish with bait.

Print ads are like your bait. You put them in a high traffic area and hope it will inspire your audience to act. The right ads will get a good response, and most print ads do because people like the gentle enticing’s of print advertising.

While digital ads are invasive and inconvenient, print ads gently guide your audience to the product or service. They are most effective in and around stores where they can capitalize on impulse buyers who jump at a good offer.


Now imagine you have a net, and you’ve found a school of fish. You lower your net into the water and start to pull up a massive catch. You’re certain that you’ve caught them all, but as the net breaks the surface, you realize that you only have a fraction of what you predicted. You didn’t realize that most of the fish avoided the net in the first place, and then more than half of the fish in the net escaped as you were heaving them out of the water.

Digital advertising can bring in a lot of new business, but new customers can be elusive. Like fish dodging a net, many online advertisements are ignored. Those that do click on the advertisement may still change their mind, but there are always at least a few who end up making a purchase.

What kind of fish do you want to catch?

With digital advertising you will almost always make a sale. It may be just a few, but the statistics are in your favor. Print advertising cannot compete with the masses online, but when it does lead to a sale, those new customers are typically more loyal to that business.

Which one lands the biggest catch? That’s really not up to us to decide. It can vary from business to business. If you need help developing a print or digital advertising strategy, contact us at Divvy.